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Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less download Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, read online Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, kindle ebook Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less b63e1e312922 I Recommend Rest Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, By Alex Soojung Kim PangThe Title Says It All If You Re Prone To Burnout Or Still Believe That Overwork Actually Works, This Book Will Set You Straight Arianna Huffington In An Interview With Lifehacker Pang Writes With An Admirable Focus On Balance, On Pleasure As Well As Success In The End, It S Difficult To Argue With His Conclusions Kate Tuttle, Boston Globe Consider This A Much Needed Guide For The Overworked A Credible, Factual Case For Chilling Out And Getting Rest, By A Well Known Silicon Valley Consultant VanityFair Whether By Making Space For Daily Naps, As Winston Churchill Did During World War II Going On Hours Long Strolls Like Charles Darwin Or Spending A Week Alone In A Cabin Like Bill Gates, Pursuing What Pang Calls Deliberate Rest Is The True Key To Fulfillment And Creative SuccessBizTimes Blending Scientific Research With Examples Of Writers, Painters And Thinkers, From Darwin To Stephen King, The Author Exposes How We Have Underestimated The Power Of Rest For Our SuccessDaily ExaminerAustraliaFinally, A Full Throated, Exhaustively Researched Argument For Why We Should All Work Less And Restnot Just Because We Ll Feel Better No Small Thing But Because We Ll Actually Becreative And Productive As A Result Mason Currey, Author Of Daily Rituals How Artists Work Alex Pang Wants Us To Treat Work And Rest As Equals In His Fascinating, Well Researched And Highly Readable New BookRest, He Makes An Excellent Case For The Critical Importance Of Rest In Our Lives, Drawing From The Rest Habits Of Some Of Our Most Famous Scientists, Writers And Creatives From History, From Neuroscience Research As Well As Examples From Some Of The Most Productive People Working Today You Will Consider How And Why You Rest In A Completely New Light After Reading This Book Wendy Suzuki, PhD Professor Of Neural Science And Psychology At New York University And Author Of Healthy Brain Happy Life Finally, Indisputable Proof That To Raise Happy, Healthy, And Productive Adults, Parents And Educators Must Teach The Next Generation How To Practice Intentional Resthow To Partner Work With Play, Exercise, And Sleep Nanci Kauffman, Head Of Castilleja School I Love This Book Rest Weaves Fascinating Research And Captivating Stories Into A Wise Prescription For A Healthier,creative, Andfulfilling Life In A Technology Saturated World At Heart, It Is Rest, In The Many Ways Pang Describes, That Contributes To Our Ability To Be The Best Of What We Can Be Linda Stone, Former Executive, Apple And Microsoft You Re Holding Some Terrific Advice In Your Hands On The Virtues Of Walking, Napping, And Playing Pang Has Written A Delightful And Thought Provoking Book On The Science Of Restful Living Clive Thompson, Columnist For Wired Magazine And The Author Of Smarter Than You Think How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The BetterRest Is Such A Valuable Book If Work Is Our National Religion, Pang Is The Philosopher Reintegrating Our Bifurcated Selves Arianna Huffington, New York Times Book ReviewOverwork Is The New Normal Rest Is Something To Do When The Important Things Are Done But They Are Never Done Looking At Different Forms Of Rest, From Sleep To Vacation, Silicon Valley Futurist And Business Consultant Alex Soojung Kim Pang Dispels The Myth That The Harder We Work The Better The Outcome He Combines Rigorous Scientific Research With A Rich Array Of Examples Of Writers, Painters, And Thinkers From Darwin To Stephen King To Challenge Our Tendency To See Work And Relaxation As Antithetical Deliberate Rest, As Pang Calls It, Is The True Key To Productivity, And Will Give Usenergy, Sharper Ideas, And A Better Life Rest Offers A Roadmap To Rediscovering The Importance Of Rest In Our Lives, And A Convincing Argument That We Need To Relaxif We Actually Want To Getdone