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    Chuck Swindoll did a great job of dissecting the Book of Job I love this book because it helps us understand that no matter what your trials are you must know that God is still on the Throne Job never disrespected the Sovereignty of God but was allowed to question why especially since he knew that his life represented God This is a great book to read to enhance growth and maturity in ones walk with the Lord The evil one came for Job on every side but Job did not give in No matter what his circumstances was, he never denied the Greatness of God something the whole world need to understand so that life can be lived to the fullest in Christ Jesus

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    It s been a little while since I read this book till now, when I m writing the review But, this is one of my very favorite of Swindoll s books It really shows how God is in control of our lives in ways we don t fully appreciate The book makes a contentious postulation that God was directly responsible for causing Job s ailments and calamities The argument is well formedeven if many people don t go along with it.There s no fluff or platitudes in Swindoll s writing And his love of Christ always shines through in his books.

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    Any Biblical based biographies by Charles Swindoll are incredible I have read several and can hardy put them down I wanted to read Job as I read through the Bible every year and as mant times as I have done it, I always want to know about what the friends are talking about It is an awesome read and I highly recommend it as well as the ones about Paul, Joseph etc.

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    I ve been trying to learn about the characters of the old testament and I love the Charles presents it It discusses the book of Job and all the circumstances in his life, but then he does a cool thing he applies it modern time and YOUR life I love that I have become a big fan of Charles and bought many of his books this year This book of Job was my 2nd of his I read I read Elijah first which was awesome too I m on Ester right now and love that book too.

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    Analysis shallow and repetitive If you want to hear in endless detail how insensitive Job s counselors were, this is the book for you From this you would think the main purpose of the Holy Spirit in inspiring this book was to teach how not to do grief counseling Anecdotes innocuous to offensive Chuck is a much better preacher than a writer, and this book looks like a slapdash job put together from sermon notes Not my cup of tea.