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The Strain Book One chapter 1 The Strain Book One, meaning The Strain Book One, genre The Strain Book One, book cover The Strain Book One, flies The Strain Book One, The Strain Book One d5751dd8ea117 David Lapham Adapts The Popular Horror Book Series With His Signature Style Of Grit, Terror, And Tension IGN Huddleston Brings Every Single Character To Life In A Way That Aids The Text To Make You Care Dan Jackson S Colors Superbly Bring Each Locale A Specific Feel Comic Book ResourceWhen A Boeing Lands At JFK International Airport And Goes Dark On The Runway, The Center For Disease Control, Fearing A Terrorist Attack, Calls In Dr Ephraim Goodweather And His Team Of Expert Biological Threat First Responders Only An Elderly Pawnbroker From Spanish Harlem Suspects A Darker Purpose Behind The Event An Ancient Threat Intent On Covering Mankind In Darkness In One Week, Manhattan Will Be Gone In One Month, The Country In Two Months The World This Horrifying First Chapter Introduces An Outbreak Of Diabolical Proportions That Puts A Terrifying Twist On The Vampire Genre Collects Issues Through

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    It is always hard to review comic adaptations, particularly since Lapham is adapting a book that was paired with a television show Del Toro s book, with Chuck Hagan, and the television show are all marked with his aesthetic, but often prosaic flaws are in the source material as the characters are somewhat predictable for the genre As an adaption and an addition to the television show, this works very well, and can be enjoyed as such As a comic in it s own right, the narrative pacing is good, the art is interesting but not quite arresting, but the character s don t pop Further, some of the strangeness of the aesthetic seems muted or lost on the comic page.The backstory set up and the slow reveal feel of television than a comic, and lots of the elements are somewhat tried vampirism as virus, bits of Dracula lore, Romania and Nazis, affairs between doctors in an epidemic This could be engaging in and of itself, but even in blending these different things together, the plot moves like you would expect it to move and comes together how one would expect it to come together Lapham does good work with what he was given as does Mike Huddleston but the limitations build up I do think fans of the show will enjoy it, and there is just enough to keep me interested in later volumes.

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    I am a HUGE fan of the show and found out recently they have also produced a GN of it Seeing as the original story is bulletproof in its creativity, I figured odds were pretty good that this would be an enjoyable read I wasn t disappointed the story runs along the same lines of the show, but cuts loose the filler parts Fets girlfriend is not included THANK YOU and is so unfettered by unneeded sub plot lines I actually learned MORE about the story then from the FX series.The art work is great and lends well with the vibe of the story I bought the hardcover at a deal which I HIGHLY recommend and now I HAVE to pick up the 2nd one because its was SOOOO good This work only cements Del Toro cool creditability in my eyes.

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    THE STRAIN is a solid vampire thriller and is excellent in graphic novel form Some reviewers have complained that the story is cliche, and to some extent they are right in that THE STRAIN is not completely original it is a story clearly in the tradition of Stoker s DRACULA.The tale begins with a plane landing in at the JFK with its crew and passengers mysteriously dead and a coffin full of dirt stowed away in its cargo hold a scene that pays homage to Count Dracula s infamous landing in London The rest of the story proceeds similarly, the scenes and characters repeatedly tying back to Stoker s classic tale of vampirism including a vampire slayer professor while still remaining refreshingly modern.Although good, THE STRAIN, VOLUME 1 is not without its flaws The story itself is strong, but most of characters including the lead are somewhat bland however, since this volume is just the beginning of the tale, hopefully they ll be fully fleshed out in future volumes Additionally, the artwork takes some getting used to the covers are fantastic, but Huddleston s work is a bit inconsistent Mostly the characters and figures are relatively detailed and well drawn, but sometimes panels feature oddly distorted figures that seem out of place This distracted me at first, but by the end of the book I scarcely noticed.THE STRAIN is perhaps not the best vampire comic out there that would probably be Snyder s AMERICAN VAMPIRE , but it is nonetheless solid, entertaining, and horrific enough to be a welcome break from sparkly vampire fiction.

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    Bought this as a Kindle book All of these books are high quality My comic Kindle library is substantial and I keep buying

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    Adapted from a the trio of novels by the same name, this comic book series is fantastic The art is amazing and the story is well intact from the novels Way way too many book snobs are looking down at this comic series simply because it is a comic series It retains the same great story from the novels and adds in fantastic comic book art.If you love a great story, fantastic art and awesome horror you won t be let down.Buy all the additional volumes as well All are 5 stars