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About the Author: Matt Haig

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Reasons to Stay Alive , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Matt Haig auteurs dans le monde.

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    Warning privileged white male author completely unaware of his privilege yet using it to spew untruths and stereotypes about mental illness.Actual sentences from a book that s meant to destigmatize depression Writing, reading, talking, traveling, yoga, meditation, and running were some weapons for the war And, I am happy that I largely mended myself without the aid of medication, and feel that having to experience the pain minus any anesthetic meant I got to know my pain very well SO MUCH NO The first list assumes money, privilege, and time, and also underscores the gross notion that yoga and exercise can cure depression The second sentence is a disgusting insult to people who need medication in order to LIVE They are not taking anesthetics And they know their pain plenty well Just as well as you, Mr Haig.Other grievances 1 Mr Haig does not attempt talk therapy.2 He references white male authors with disgusting reverence but respectful titles while referring to female writers by their first names, as if they re coffee buddies I loved Jeanette s writing, he says of Jeanette Winterson.3 He nowhere acknowledges that having the luxury of being unemployed yet financially supported by others is what enables him to spend all these months recovering.4 Most of what he talks about here is generalized anxiety disorder, not depression His conflating the two illnesses is SUPER problematic.5 His exposure therapy confronting situations that heighten the anxiety once consists of a TRIP TO PARIS See this review s opening sentence about privilege.I find this book horrifying, and I find its success and high rating horrifying, too, because of the classism, elitism, and plain misinformation rampant on its pages Please don t read this trash.

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    I enjoyed reading Matt s book on his experience of going through depression it s part autobiography, part self help manual there is very much a sense of the author putting things back in place, mapping out the topography of his own mind and discovering a place where he can comfortably be himself By putting it all down on paper, he is exorcising the demons in the darkness by exposing them to the light of public examination.As someone who has also been through the experience of depression for many years and has also arrived at incredibly similar conclusions after coming out the other side, I recognise completely the numb, bleak, monochromatic existence that he describes the endless days ahead, the wasted days behind The inability to realise that you have an impact on others, that you even matter That anything matters.But it was this that made the depression years in the book seem almost as turgid and endless as going through the experience again for real by the 80th page, I really was feeling bleak I started to recognise that familiar me me me narrative that so bored me about myself when I was depressed and talking about it with friends, and reading the book itself almost became like a microcosm of battling with depression itself were things really going to get better Would I really start enjoying this book before it was too late What was wrong with me for not feeling the same joyous giddiness that all the celebs on the covers evidenced in their soundbite quotes Was I hateful for writing a less than glowing review of Matt s very personal and revealing book, risking hurting his feelings for my own subjective self satisfaction Even though this opening part of the book was bleak and uncomfortable to read, I accepted it for what it was and struggled through, adopting the maxim that sometimes, just keeping going is a victory for positivity There were times when I came close to ending it all and closing the book for good, but without checking the exact page count I think the sun finally started to come out after 100 pages That was too much for me as a depressive to get much out of it was a hard read it seemed to be there to function as a window into the nightmare for those who haven t experienced it They might find it useful, but although cases of depression seem to have similar themes and motifs, they vary in context as much as the sufferers themselves are unique individuals.After that, when the book deals with where his head s at now, it gets easier But these are things I wanted detail on there are lots of lists, and very very short chapters all through this book, which make it easier to pick up and get into but they also make the reading experience frustratingly insubstantial at times Maybe there s something to this book leading the advance against the taboo of depression and suicide if that s the case, then I hope it performs the function of getting it out into the public arena once and for all.There were times, when reading, that I felt that pang of wonder and dread that comes when you know exactly what the next sentence is going to be and there are times when that same sensation of knowing felt like something jaded and predictable similarly, there were times when I felt the tone of the narrative to be a gentle one, speaking great truths, but it also felt at later times like I was a bed bound patient being ministered by someone with the bedside manner of Alan Titchmarsh oozing soothingness and calm to a poor ill person.Life has brought me to the same conclusions as Matt, though that s a sign we re both going the right way.A very thought provoking read that isn t the magical work of profundity that the publishers seem to want to market it as that s far too much expectation to have for what is essentially a very humble enterprise that of an author working through what happened to him in the most natural way possible for him via his pen It is a work of kindness, and of good intention it is a work of reason, and a testament to the powers of the mind but I feel that it s being hyped into something that the author never intended it to be.This book is useful for those who wish to get an idea of what it feels like to go through depression It would also be useful to someone in the middle of a depressive episode, I suppose Personally I was both pleased and disappointed by this book pleased that we had arrived at almost exactly the same perspective on life, but disappointed that I could therefore only confirm my existing beliefs rather than challenge them and learn something new.Finally, my views on happiness, how to find it, and how to keep it as Matt finishes in the same way himself 1 All that exists is the moment of now Everything else the past and the future is in your head Leave the past behind you it has gone By being positive in the present moment, you are sowing seeds of good possibilities for the future there is no need to dwell modbidly on what is yet to happen.2 Being kind to others, and having your actions affect others in a positive way will make all parties a lot happier.3 Diversity of choice produces stress, not happiness Keep it simple.4 Don t let your mind tell you downers When you catch yourself having miserable thoughts, take positive action be reinforcing the upbeat, truthful alternative even if you don t feel like you are.5 Your mind can be trained like a dog A repeated action becomes a habit after three weeks or so Acquire positive habits, drop the negative ones.6 Don t judge It s not as simple as succeed or fail Just accept and be open to what is.7 Exercise makes the body happy8 EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.9 Your good mood deserves protection it is fragile and valuable Your good mood is stronger than the bad mood of others.10 You can always do better tomorrow.11 People feel happier if they have a purpose.12 Everyone s life is different Everyone comes to terms with their life in their own way.Ultimately I m a bit disappointed by this book, but I totally recognise the story I liked it without getting as excited as everyone else seems to be doing.

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    Beautiful, brilliant, engaging and honest I can highly recommend this book.However, Haig writes about anxiety and panic attacks than it is about depression, per se Haig has a complex of symptoms, clearly, that fall into a variety of categories and I commend him for writing openly about his personal experiences But for someone who is dealing with of a melancholia or pure depression whether clinical or not , I would suggest reading Darkness Before Dawn, editor Tami Simon.That said, there are many uplifting bits that I resonated with I align within a stronger depressive spectrum than Haig does, or at least from what he wrote like, for instance, his chapter titled In praise of thin skins extraordinary piece And, as it happens, most of what he lists in How to live forty pieces of advice are what I have found to be true as well during my own lifelong journey with melancholia, but especially since a suicidal attempt in my mid twenties than 30 years ago His reasons to stay list didn t affect me very much because I ve found how to live habits to provide resilience and impetus, overall, and through the long haul, than reasons to stay.

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