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If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition) pdf If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition), ebook If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition), epub If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition), doc If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition), e-pub If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition), If They Come for Us: Poems (English Edition) 3ad79b8c68a For Peshawardecember , Before Attacking Schools In Pakistan, The Taliban Sends Kafan, A White Cloth That Marks Muslim Burials, As A Form Of Psychological TerrorFrom The Moment Our Babies Are Bornare We Meant To Lower Them Into The Ground To Dress Them In White They Send Flowersbefore Guns, Thorns Plucked From StemEvery Year I Manage To Live On This EarthI Collect Questions Than AnswersIn My Dreams, The Children Are Still Aliveat School In My Dreams They Still PlayI Wish Them A Mundane LifeArguments With Parents GroundingsChasing A Budding Love Around The PlaygroundIced Mango Slices In The Hot SummerLassi Dripping From LipsFear Of Being Unmarried Hatred Of The Familynext Door Kheer At Graduation Fingers Lickedwith Mehndi Blisters On The Back Of A HeelLoneliness In A Bookstore Gold ChapalsRed Kurtas Walking Home, Sunat Their Backs Searching The Streetfor A Missing Glove Nothing GloriousA Life Alive I PromiseI Didnt Know I Needed To Worryabout Themuntil They Were GoneMy Uncle Gifts Me His Earliest Memory A Parking Lot Full Of CorpsesNo Kafan To Hide Their Eyesno White To Return Them To The GroundIn All Our Family Histories, One Wrongturn Then, Death Violencenot An Over There But A Memory Lurkingin Our Blood, Waiting To RiseWe Know This From Our Neststhe Bad Men Wanting To End Us Every Yearwe Call Them Something New British Sikhs Hindus Indians Americans TerroristsThe Dirge, Our Hearts, Pounds Vicious, As We Preparethe White Linen, Ready To Wrap Our BodiesPartitionyoure Kashmiri Until They Burn Your Home Take Your Orchards Stake A Different Flag Until No One Remembers The Road That Brings You Back Youre Indian Until They Draw A Border Through Punjab Until The British Captains Spit Paki As They Sip Your Chai, Add So Much Foam You Cant Taste Home Youre Seraiki Until Your Mouth Fills With English Youre Pakistani Until Your Classmates Ask What That Is Then Youre Indian Again Or Some Kind Of Spanish You Speak A Language Until You Dont Until You Only Recognize It Between Your Aunties Lips Your Father Was Fluent In Four Languages Youre Illiterate In The Tongues Of Your Father Your Grandfather Wrote Persian Poetry On Glasses Maybe You Cant Remember You Made It Up Someone Lied Youre A Daughter Until They Bury Your Mother Until Youre Not Invited To Your Fathers Funeral Youre A Virgin Until You Get Too Drunk Youre Muslim Until Youre Not A Virgin Youre Pakistani Until They Start Throwing Acid Youre Muslim Until Its Too Dangerous Youre Safe Until Youre Alone Youre American Until The Towers Fall Until Theres A Border On Your BackKalAllah, You Gave Us A Languagewhere Yesterday Tomorroware The Same Word KalA Spell Cast With The Entiremouth Back Of The Throatto Teeth Tomorrow Means I Mighthave Her Forever Yesterday MeansI Say Goodbye, AgainKal Means They Are The SameI Know You Can Bend TimeI Am Merely Asking For Whatis Mine Give Me My Mother For Noother Reason Than I Deserve HerIf Yesterday Tomorrow Are The Samepluck The Flower Of My Mothers Bodyfrom The Soil Kal Means Im In The Crib,eyelashes Wet As She Looks Over MeKal Means Im On The Bed,crawling Away From Her, My Fatherback From Work Kal Means Shesdancing At My Wedding Not Yet ComeKal Means Shes Oiling My Hairbefore The First Day Of School Kalmeans I Wake To Her Strange Voicein The Kitchen Kal Meansshes Holding My Unborn Babyin Her Arms, Helping Me Pick A NameAn Outstanding Collection Of Poetry Wonderful Play With Form These Poems Cover So Muchidentity, Loss, Brown Girlhood, The Complicated Bonds Of Family, What Home Is When Home Is Torn Apart Much To Admire Here I Will Be Thinking About These Poems For A Long Time To ComeRoxane Gay Fatimah Asghar Presents A Debut Poetry Collection Showcasing Both A Fierce And Tender New Voice Through Simultaneously Lyrical And Frank Poems Like Kal, Ghareeb, And Halal, Asghar Allows Poignant Contradictions To Rise To The Surface BooklistIn Forms Bothtraditional Andunorthodox Asghar Interrogates Divisions Along Lines Of Nationality, Age, And Gender,illuminatingthe Forces By Which Identity Is Fixed Or Flexible Mostvividandrevelatoryare Pieces Such As Boy, Whoseperspicacious Turnsandirreverent Idiom Conjure The Rich, Jagged Texturesof A Childhood Shadowed By Loss The New Yorker This Summer, Asghars Debut Poetry Collectioncemented Her Statusasone Of The Citys Greatest Present Day Poets Astunningwork Of Art That Tackles Place, Race, Sexuality And Violence These Poemsbothpersonalandhistorical, Both Celebratoryandaggrievedareunquestionably Powerfulin A Way That Would Doubtless Make Both Gwendolyn Brooks And Harriet Monroe Proud Chicago Review Of Books If They Come For Usisa Searing Search For Self Electric Literature If They Come For Usis Aremarkable Debut Collection, And Asghars Poetic Voice Strikes A Singular Note In Several PlacesNot One Of The Poems In It Feels Superfluous Asghar May Unapologetically Rip The Readers Heart Open, But She Also Sutures It With Theutmost Tenderness And Care Live MintEvery Age Has Its Poets Who Spring Load Every Line With The Personal And Political So That You Know What It Was To Be Fully Alive In That Time And Placeor Torn From It Asghar Provides This Anguished Specificity In Her Debut Poetry Collection, A Meditation On Identity, Dislocation, And Loss Taut Lines, Vivid Language, And Searing Images Range Cover To Cover Inventive, Sad, Gripping, And Beautiful Library Journal Starred Review In This Awe Inspiring Debut, Asghar, Writer Of The Emmy Nominated Web Series Brown Girls, Explores The Painful, Sometimes Psychologically Debilitating Journey Of Establishing Her Identity As A Queer Brown Woman Within The Confines Of White America Honest, Personal, And Intimate Without Being Insular Or Myopic, Asghars Collection Reveals A Sense Of Strength And Hope Found In Identity And Cultural History Publishers Weekly Starred Review

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    A debut poetry collection that looks into what it s like to be a Pakistani Muslim woman in America Filled with anger, joy, confusion and love, she tells her story A story of being orphaned, coming of age without a mother, questions about race and sexuality, and love for a world that put a target on her back For such a short book, it packs a wallop Is this the best book of poetry ever written No But it s good, and it s important I find myself gravitating and toward stories about immigrants or other cultures in America, what they have to deal with, how they try to adapt, because I fear becoming complacent forgetting for even a moment that what is so easy for me isn t for everyone that we aren t all equal in other s eyes even if everyone is in mine Does this make sense or am I just rambling For me, the first step toward making an America that loves and accepts everyone is accepting the differences and the past what they had to go through and their heritage I want to understand how others feel, because ignorance is just not an option As I have always found I learn and understand best when things are written, it just makes sense for me to seek books like these out.Excuse me while I climb down from my soap box The poems and exerts here made me smile sometimes, and cry in others It made me feel, as all good writing should I found pieces that surprised me, and resonated with me It was honest, open and beautiful even if the prose were just a tad imperfect Actually, maybe so because of that For me, this is a four star collection.On the adult content, there s some language and it does touch on some adult themes but I still see this as being very teen friendly I give it a three.

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    The book was first and foremost so enlightening I learned so much about partition and plan to learn so much I heard Fatimah Asghar read at Split this Rock and have been excited to dive into the since then The poetry is playful and gutteral, light and dark It is breaking and healing all at the same time I appreciate that she doesn t italicize anything which forces you to do your research and question the ease of understanding you take for granted as an English speaker The book is an invitation into the experience of being other and traversing culture, never really being a part of either Longing for home If They Come For Us is an introduction to a great poet I can t wait to re meet.

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    Beautifully written, funny and creative with forms almost every poem tries something new, from mad lib style news stories to a screenplay about the author s family fleeing Kashmir during Partition If you re any minority at all and even remotely interested in history or coming of age poems, you ll enjoy this I would recommend it to everyone since these are such important conversations which too few people have Wow that sounds like a bot wrote it this was just a really good book, okay

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    I ll admit it I like haiku and limericks Sonnets are too long.I only want to look at one page and get the idea Short and sweet.Asghar s poetry was longer than that It sometimes covered many pages, but in those pages, I got the full picture of life as a young Muslim women from a family separated by the partition of India and Pakistan who immigrated to the US It is a timely book in our world today To live in two worlds and to be accepted fully by neither.One poem that sticks in my memory is the Microaggression Grid, which is like a bingo board Being asked about the hijab, being told that her family is sooo authentic, having her name mispronounced by the teacher on the last day of school, and everyone thinking that she was an expert yogi are just a few blocks on the board.Yes, it was outside my comfort zone both the topic and the format It was a small but powerful book where I read a few poems at a time and thought about them afterwards That is what the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge is about.

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    What I loved about this work is that, as a friend put it, Fatimah excavates the truth I felt that as I explored the collection No one was safe from questioning, not even herself There were many moments of such beautiful, heartbreaking images exploring the political, personal, and corporeal landscape post partition A raw coming of age narrative everyone should read stories that shouldn t be forgotten.

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