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    Highly reccomend to all sufferers or past sufferers of depression and anxiety Having experienced bouts of depression myself over the years, I had a lot of lightbulb moments in reading about the authors experience of it and could relate to it I have cried and laughed with this book and quite honestly didn t want to put it down It s cleverly written to give a insight into how the condition can affect you but done where ever possible with humour It has allowed me to use it as a tool to discuss the subject of my own depression with my husband by sharing specific pages and allowing me to open up to him about my current condition Thank you very much to the writer for this incredible book.

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    An unconventional book perhaps calls for an unconventional review, albeit the book sits perfectly for an unconventional world That this book can help to save people is a big understatement, and the words of praise that I have read on Twitter seemingly echo that.Let s get one thing out of the way, I have depression I have a teenage daughter with anxiety This book helps me, and it will help her, and the most important part of this is that a writer has been brave, a publisher has been brave and the rewards are there to be seen It is the most important thing that this book opens conversation.There is so much to praise about this book its style its prose its brutal honesty yet any emotion for this book will be nothing but personal for each one of us, and for me it has confirmed my thinking after years of neglect, it has strengthened my purpose and it has given me a proverbial pat on the back to reward my determination to actually physically get here, to this point, and write this.The detail and debate in this book, and the hints in which to lead a life while carrying depression, enrich my soul as well as making me want to cry That egotistical side of me which always seems to want to put me in my place has just read something which my imagination has been telling it all along.Life with depression can still be a brilliant life here s a book to remind you.If you have depression or anxiety, if you live with or know someone who does, read this Then perhaps read the next one and the next one Thousands of people on Twitter agree.To ease the pressure of depression I watch favourite movies I listen to wonderful music I read and I delve into my imagination while taking a walk I also now read Reasons To Stay Alive.

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    I can understand why this book has helped people who are trapped in the I am the only person feeling this loop The writer is searingly honest about his feelings and experiences I think I was hoping for understanding of how he rescued himself lessons to apply, inspiration rather than just empathy.

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    If you listen to one person with depression you ve listened to one person with depression Everyone s experience is different whilst being in every case painful absolutely dreadful And Matt Haig knows this He doesn t offer quick answers but especially in the second half of the book which goes beyond his own experience he does offer considerable hope And many reasons to stay alive Hope is what one loses in the depths and it s loss is what makes depression so very dangerous.At the end of the book I said Thankyou Matt

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    Highly recommended to those who suffer from Depression and or Anxiety, also to those who know someone who suffers from Mental Illness.I suffer from depression since I was in my early teenage years and lately also from anxiety and it is terrifying to live in this way so when I heard about this book I decided to purchase it and honestly this is the best purchase and investment that I have ever made Of course, the depression and the anxiety didn t despair but I felt better because it made me realise that I am not alone in this and yes there will be a time when I will be better One thing about depression is that it robs you from hope and makes you believe that there is no future for you but this is a lie, THERE IS A FUTURE FOR YOU Of course, it isn t an easy journey but at the end is worth it.I would like to thank the author Matt Haig for this book and for sharing his fight with both Depression and Anxiety One thing that I realise reading Reason to stay Alive is that who suffer from Mental Illness is a FIGHTER Be brave Be Strong Breathe, and keep going You will thank yourself later Matt Haig Reasons to Stay Alive.

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    I actually knew almost nothing about this book when I bought it I am a book addict and in one of my Facebook groups there was a question that went something like if you could only recommend one book to anyone ever again, what would it be This book was mentioned than once and had such strong positivity attached to it and long story short I just couldn t resist Normally I ll buy a bunch of books and they ll sit on my shelf for weeks, months, even years until I get around to it But this one I actually picked up and read right away for some reason.I am glad I did I m not going to post an in depth analysis because it s nearly 1am and I m tired But the bottom line is this I grew up with a depressive I am a chronic depressive myself I supported my partner with a serious bout of depression 2 years ago All our experiences have been entirely different to one another s Yet this book somehow brought that all together It made me feel light It made me feel good I am in an okay place at the moment, but next time I slip away, I think this book will be a ray of light that pierces the darkness I think everyone should read it not just the depressed and it will be top of my list for inclusion in care packs from now on Thanks to the author for writing it.

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