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The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris chapter 1 The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, meaning The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, genre The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, book cover The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, flies The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris 8cdde6efb646c This Farce Set In The Th Century Begins As Harris And His None Too Bright Friend, Bostock, Hear Their Classics Master Describe The Spartan Custom Of Exposing Their Infants To The Elements The Two Decide To Try Out The Custom, Using Harris S Infant Sister, Adelaide But Fate Intervenes

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    The NYTimes Sunday books section recently had an interview with actress Emma Thompson about what she s reading But what caught my attention were the books that she included among her childhood favorities, like The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Since that s also a favorite of mine, her list inspired me to search out The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris by Leon Garfield.Harris and Bostock are friends and schoolmates at Dr Bunnion s Academy for the Sons of Gentlefolk and Merchants Harris, the hairbrained leader to the devoted Bostock, decides to conduct an unlikely experiment He ll puts his new baby sister, Adelaide, out on a country hillside to see if a wolf will come and suckle her, just like they ve heard in the tale of Romulus and Remus from their inept teacher at school But a trysting couple discover the child and carry her off, much to the consternation of the boys.What follows as they attempt to rescue Adelaide without revealing their part in the plot is a tale with twists and turns than Dickens and with a cast of characters that is most definitely Dickensian, though the story is set a century earlier This little gem intended for readers 12 and up is one that will equally captivate adults The language is replete with puns, similies, big words and a laugh out loud literay joke near the end of the story.There is a lot of sexual innuendo, silly than serious, that made me wonder if parents today would make a fuss over it which was clearly not the case when it came out in 1971 A satisfying read that will send me in search of other Garfield books But first I have to read another of Thompson s favorites that I also found in the public library The Box of Delights by John Masefield.Right or wrong, I am a reader who often judges a book by its cover When searching online for cover images for these two children s books, I discovered the copies I found via the library have illustrations that are much less compelling than other editions I have to admit that if I had just stumbled across the book with the blah cover I would have been unlikely to give it another glance while the cover pictured here would have caught my eye and sucked me right in.

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    A glorious little story that is impossible to resist nonsensical and farcical, yet driven by the most beautifully consistent and human internal logic Garfield is a master of gently poking his characters into corners they can t help but belong in, and their frantic, misguided attempts to escape or badger Fate into submission are sometimes too sharp for comfort.Garfield has the knack with language he s a master It s especially delightful here, where he uses his ability to build, then puncture, a character with but a few gently chosen words He clearly knew, understood, and loved people And the book is of course funny laugh out loud funny but oddly moving too As always with Garfield, one has to resist the urge to read bits aloud to whoever s passing A worthy precursor to Jay Lynn, and just as wicked.

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    This story is hilarious After hearing the story of Romulus and Remus in his history class, a 12 year old boy decides to leave his infant sister in the woods to see if she ll be raised by a she wolf To the boy s dismay, the baby is not found by a wolf, but by a young couple headed into the woods for a tryst All kinds of zany misunderstandings and misinterpretations of intent ensue as the boy tries to get his sister back I kept thinking this book would translate well to a theatrical melodrama I only gave it three stars because it was touted as a great read aloud for kids but I found the content a bit mature for the elementary middle school set.

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    This is an amusing and precisely told comic story Set in the Regency period of England a well plotted series of mishaps and misunderstandings are satisfyingly resolved at the end Deftly sketched comic, slightly grotesque, characters provide some memorable lines and scenes It should appeal to anyone that has an inclination for Tristram Shandy or Cold Comfort Farm.I recently re read this and find it as amusing as when I read it 10 years ago.

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    Leon Garfield books have a tendency toward the dark of the uncanny This, the first of the two Bostock and Harris novels, is a comedy of errors A small ish act by two schoolboys escalates through the personal failings of the characters around them before coming to an improbable yet satisfying ending.Harris and Bostock are two schoolboy best friends Harris is all brains and Bostock all brawn and after hearing about the Spartan tradition of leaving babies on hills to die, they link it to the Romulus and Remus myth and decide to try it on Harris baby sister The stranded baby is found by the headteacher s dashing son Ralph, and the arithmetic master s daughter Tizzy, who takes it back to the school where the arithmetic master challenges Ralph to a duel The baby is taken to the poorhouse.The trouble finding the baby involves the creepy pseudo private investigator Selwyn Raven, who meddles and complicates things by drawing up his own false idea of the baby s disappearance He s my favourite character in the book and has an impulsive need to see the worst sides of everyone whilst telling himself he is really after the best.As characters try and wriggle in and out of the duel, Bostock and Harris try and get Adelaide from the poorhouse and all the other characters try to pair up with those they love things get confusing, then very confusing, then tie themselves up.The key to all the characters is that each one feels they are honourable and good but only by consistently lying to themselves There s no point trying to run through the plot, it ticks beautifully and ties up well What s , Garfield is at his best in terms of style I didn t pick any lines in particular but there are plenty of fantastic ones The insanity of the characters and the way they justify their own selfish actions are gleefully portrayed Also, Brighton comes out well.

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    I think I would have liked this book better had the characters been, in any way, likable But none of them were Each character possessed so many nasty traits that it made me cringe when I read each line I understand this was a farce but I felt disgust then humor when reading this particular book.

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    While I enjoyed this book, I would not recommend it for children partially because the language and historical setting make it a bit complex, but mostly because of suggestive content.

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    Leon Garfield is a quirky, smart writer with an oddly beautiful style Though he is contemporary 20th century, the writing feels authentically Georgian and is at once simple and sophisticated.Garfield s characters are somewhat caricatures in creation melodramatic, proper and full of irony unable to see past their own misgivings Ubiquitous and misguided Mr Raven and his side kick show stealing stump of a leg in a black boot quickly became my favorite This quick read took me far longer to get through than it should have One with the proper amount of focus could finish it in a few hours time Still Spending the time I did with these inane but well intended folks allowed me to feel of a connection with them and their plights.

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    An entertaining tale of two school boys, Harris and Bostock, who leave Harris s younger sister out in the woods to see if a she wolf will suckle her like in the story of Romulus and Remus Instead of being discovered by a wolf though, young Adelaide Harris is rescued by a young girl The subsequent troubles the boys go through to re rescue Harris s sister are humorous and convoluted.I enjoyed this book most of the time, but I was sort of frustrated with it at the end because Harris was such a smarty pants know it all and I was angry with him for the disillusionment of Bostock on matters of God, love, and charity I know it s supposed to be humorous, but those bits fell flat with me.

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    Leon Garfield said that his historical novels, originally published for children, were written for all ages to enjoy He makes no concession for younger readers in these richly written and densely plotted books The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris was the first of his novels to display a new comic approach It is a wonderful read, with fantastically intricate plotting, larger than life characters and a real feeling for its eighteenth century setting I was lucky enough to find an early hardback edition from 1972 which is greatly enhanced by the wonderful line drawings of Fritz Wegner on the jacket and in the text.