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Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide quotes Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide, litcharts Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide, symbolism Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide, summary shmoop Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide, Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide c045c5b4 Did You Know That A Groundhog Is Really A Type Of Squirrel That Squirrels Control Their Body Temperature With Their Tails That Most Squirrels Have Yellow Tinted Eye Lenses That Work Like Sunglasses To Reduce Glare That Tree Squirrels Can Turn Their Hind Feet Completely Around When Climbing Down A Tree Head First In Squirrels The Animal Answer Guide, Richard W Thorington Jr And Katie Ferrell Unveil The Fascinating World Of One Of The Most Watched Mammals On The PlanetThe Diversity Of Squirrels Is Astounding There Are Species That Inhabit All Continents Except Antarctica And Australia Varying In Size From The Lumbering Pound Gray Marmot To The Graceful Pygmy Flying Squirrel That Is Smaller Than Most Mice In Many Parts Of The World They Readily Share Human Habitats, Joining Us For Lunch In A City Park, Raiding Our Bird Feeders, And Sneaking Into College Dorm Rooms Through Open Windows Reviled As Pests Or Loved As An Endearing Amusement, Squirrels Have Played Important Roles In Trade, Literature, And MythologyThorington And Ferrell Cover Every Aspect Of This Diverse Animal Family, From The First Squirrels Of Million Years Ago To The Present Day With Over One Hundred Photographs And An Intuitive Question And Answer Format, This Authoritative And Engaging Guide Sheds Light On A Common Mammal That Is Anything But Commonplace

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    Almost everything you need to know about Scuridae

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    Perhaps like 3.75 stars Far informative than the previous overview I read about squirrels, only some slight repetition due to how the book s chapters are laid out , and mainly sticks to reality only a bit about squirrels in mythology and literature at the end Since this deals with all species of squirrel, it can feel a bit scattered at times, but overall organised well And only a small portion is about pinecones, thankfully.

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    Very informative.

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    Very good This exactly what I hoped for a lightly scientific guide to squirrels.

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    Starting with their skeletons and evolution Thorington and Ferrell present a fairly comprehensive introduction to the Family Sciuridae, including the number and distribution of squirrel throughout the world and some interesting and fascinating facts about them For instance, there are many species in tropical Africa than in the South American rain forests, because squirrels, like humans are, relatively speaking, recent arrivals to the new world The book also covers the topics of food, reproduction, genetics, and interactions with humans good and bad depending on your point of view , and even a bit about squirrels in literature A comprehensive list of squirrel species and a scientific bibliography complete the book.

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    I learned so many great new things about squirrels from this book

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    Skimmed over the parts that weren t relevant to the squirrels I am interested in Still had a few questions that weren t answered, but overall, a very thorough book on the subject.

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