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Nautier and Wilder explained Nautier and Wilder, review Nautier and Wilder, trailer Nautier and Wilder, box office Nautier and Wilder, analysis Nautier and Wilder, Nautier and Wilder 7092 Two Hot Talents Two New Novellas One Big Sexy Package From The Authors Of Nauti And Wild Come Two All New Novellas Lora Leigh Returns To The Sexy World Of Her New York Times Bestsellign Nauti Series, While Jaci Burton Revisits The Scorching Setting Of Her Riding SeriesFirst There Was Nauti And Wild Now, New York Times Bestselling Authors Lora Leigh And Jaci Burton Go One Step Further Can You Take It New York Times Bestselling Author Lora Leigh Returns To The Relentlessly Scorching Backdrop Of Her Nauti Boys Series With An All New Novella Of A Man Bad To The Bone And The One Woman Who Knew He Was Trouble That S Why She Couldn T Let Him GoNew York Times Bestselling Author Jaci Burton Once Again Blisters The Asphalt With An All New Novella In Her Wild Riders Series A Hot Biker Craves A Life Of Passion And Danger And Finds It With The Woman He S Sworn To Protect

  • Paperback
  • 345 pages
  • Nautier and Wilder
  • Lora Leigh
  • English
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9780425243398

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in

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    Yes it s formalistic still I enjoy these books and suck it down like soda pop Bad for me but oh so tasty I borrowed this book from the Library just so I could read Lora Leigh s novella What happened to Piper Now I know how she and Jed get it on It was a little bizarre about the fashion designer Dawg is still as domineering as ever In this one, he comes across actually unstable Unstable in the sense that he s loosing it with his white knight syndrome He believes he is responsible for all of his sisters He can t handle if they were to get hurt, ever Wow, someone died and made him God His complex is rather disturbing I m not sure if I am on his bandwagon or looking for someone to give him a reality check Still, it s admirable he is trying and he s sweet It s nice to have such powerful men surrounding for protection Piper and Jed s sexual heat is fine It s the same tug and pull as all the rest and ends predictably Cherry busting territorial man ready to introduce repressed and oppressed Piper how the real world plays One thing I can t really understand, why don t these women just take classes in fighting Forcing their male relatives to teach them out to defend themselves would be nice They keep saying it, but they don t do anything The second one in this book was okay It is a fast and furious whirlwind to protect someone w o them ever knowing it This one kind of came out of left field with the villain A bit contrived with a nice happily ever after Recommended for those who love alpha males who will do anything to protect their women.

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    This was such a highly anticipated anthology for me I ve waited YEARS YEARS At the time, I was not ready to let go of either of these series And of course, these two awesome ladies didn t disappoint NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed, full of suspense but chocked full of HEAT.Nauti Siren by Lora LeighThis actually felt like a novella in the Nauti Girls series, even though it s listed as a Nauti story Piper McKay is one of the long lost MacKay sisters that resurfaced in NAUTI TEMPTRESS Piper has taken up Eve s room at the BB, even though there s an undeniable attraction between her and long term resident at the BB, Jed Booker What she doesn t know is Jed is not what he seems but an undercover agent Meanwhile, Piper gets an opportunity to escape to NY to maybe showcase her fashion designs when things turn sour and she ends up finding trouble.NAUTI SIREN was a lot enjoyable to me than NAUTI TEMPTRESS Piper was likeable, Jed was hot, the story had some meat to it and the sex was off the charts HOT Really it s like classic Lora Leigh that I ve known and loved And for that I m happy I cannot wait now for the next Nauti Girls book.Riding to Sunset by Jaci BurtonThis was the story I didn t know I was missing to the WILD RIDERS series And I mean that because I was happy with how Ms Burton ended things in the last book in the series But this ties it all with a nicer bow I can t say this was the strongest story of the series, but it gives us the final chapter on how the Wild Riders are now definitely going to move on and maybe get new members because General Grange Lee is now retiring and along with that, the members will probably follow suit.In this story, it s all about the General He has a sister he s kept hidden to protect her, and she s been kidnapped He now suspects his niece, Elena, will be the next target and he sends the rookie of the team, Jed Templeton, to get close to her and protect her Of course, he wasn t counting on Jed falling in love in the process.This story had just a little bit less heat than Lora Leigh s but it was still very sexy, but also the resolution of the problem and who was after the General was a nice twist The ending itself and how easy they got rid of the bad guy was sort of anti climactic but overall, I enjoyed the story a lot.I think this was the perfect hook into getting back to the Nauti Girls and the perfect way to let go of the Wild Riders Although I can secretly harbor hope that there will be a whole new breed of Wild Riders to be formed now that these guys are done.Maybe Although both stories are part of a series, I think they would both work well as standalones After all, it was the original NAUTI AND WILD that introduced me to Jaci Burton, so it holds a special place in my heart ARC provided by publisher

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    Nauti Siren Lora LeighI love those Mackay boys and enjoyed returning to Kentucky to see what everyone was up to I liked Piper Mackay and really felt her frustration at the restrictions placed on her by Dawg Mackay I think that kind of over protectiveness would drive anyone nuts and cause them to rebelat least a little bit I really, really liked that Jed was on her side 100% even before they had any kind of relationship Riding to Sunset Jaci BurtonAnother good story that unfortunately also has a guy named Jed as the hero which was a little disconcerting after reading the first one I did however, like this Jed and felt he did a wonderful job protecting Elena Madison and of course romancing her The sex in this one was H O T hot and well done The chemistry was palpable and electric and I loved their HEA.

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    It was great, but Io felt that the other novella was better

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    Loved this book can t wait to read by you

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsNauti Siren by Lora Leigh Piper is tired of living with her overbearing, overprotective brother and cousins Dawg is the worst though, worrying about everything and always thinking about something bad happening to his sisters, so he wraps them in cotton and they can t stand it Piper has a chance to show her clothing designs to a well known designer in New York who she thinks can help her career take off She knows Dawg will never let her go alone so she sneaks out to a meeting that went downhill from the start She got herself out of that dangerous situation only to end up in another bad spot by accident She s beaten and Jed, an undercover agent who s been living in Piper s mother s inn, gets called and goes to get her They ve been dancing around each other for some time, but Piper can t stomach the thought of dating a man like Dawg, one who won t let her live her own life.I should have known I d have some issues with Jed when early on after he watches a live video feed of Piper from her room on a camera she doesn t know about That screams weird and creepy, not hot and sexy I wouldn t say Jed is impossible to like, he s definitely sexy but there was just something about their relationship that didn t click for me They have a lot of sex, about what you d expect with a Lora Leigh book, but it felt and read like just sex, not romance.The danger that Piper finds herself in was a bit confusing There were a lot of players for such a short story all revolving around a large jewel smuggling ring I felt like the main plot of story was all about Dawg and his obsessive, over protectiveness and how Piper and her sisters deal with it It ended up being a good story, but the relationship between Piper and Jed and the overall suspense storyline didn t really wow me Rating C Riding to Sunset by Jaci BurtonWhat is it with hero s being peeping toms It happens again in this story, Jed yup, same hero name sets up a security system, including a camera without the heroine s knowledge It s for her safety, sure, but it s still weird Heroes, stop doing this, please.That aside, I really enjoyed this story and it s the standout between the two in this book The romance was so much in depth and very solid I enjoyed both characters both individually and together Jed, a part of the Wild Riders, is sent by their leader, Grange, to protect his niece, Elena A niece who has no idea she has an Uncle as he s stayed hidden from her and has had minimum contact with his sister, Elena s mom, for years Elena s mom is now missing and Grange suspects that Elena could be in danger as well Jed goes in undercover to stay close to her but ends up getting really close.I enjoyed Elena and Jed s romance, it s sexy and sweet and has that Wild Rider naughtiness we ve come to know and love I also felt like the suspense storyline had some meat to it, and it was interesting seeing things unfold The ending was also very nice, I liked seeing how Grange and Jed both found something different for their lives, that made sense for them and it worked This was a nice all around read Rating B

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    Nautier and Wilder is the follow up book to Nauti and Wild by the same authors, both books in Nautier and Wilder are parts of a series however they read just fine as stand alone books I love that these two fantastic authors are offering us yet again two great reads for the price of one Book one is Nauti Siren by Lora LeighWe are back with the Mackay family and this time its Piper who is the one falling in love With a brother like Dawg and cousins like Rowdy and Natches Piper has been protected than she ever wanted and it is smothering Piper just wants the chance to get her clothing designs out there and to lose her virginity to Jed Booker.When Piper sneaks away to NYC trouble in the form of people from Dawg s past comes calling In Ms Leigh s action packed, funny and sexy sexy sexy read we not only have Piper breaking out of the tight cocoon she has been wrapped in by her brother but we have the action adventure of the mob and steamy hot sexual tension between Piper and Jed from the get go Book Two is Riding to Sunset by Jaci BurtonElena s mother has always been a free spirit drifting in and out of her life, this time it is unusual that she hasn t had contact but not unusual enough for her to worry about it Jed Templton is the newest of the Wild Riders, he left his post with the FBI for adventure and excitement General Grange the leader of the covert ops group the Wild Riders asks Jed to do him a special job keep an eye on his niece, Elena, while he looks for his sister, the catch is his niece doesn t know she has an uncle and she doesn t know her mother is truly missing.Because her mother is such a wild child, go with the flow type Elena has developed into a very structured person She has her store and her friends and when Jed blows into her life and things start to go crazy in her life she is unprepared for it all Jed knows he needs to stay close to Elena but he is pretty sure the General is going to be less than happy when he finds himself drawn into a much personal relationship than the job he was sent for.Both of these books are action filled, with an element of suspense and lots of sexual heat We expect great things from both Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton and this book shows we wont be disappointed in those expectations Reviewed by Carin for Cocktails and Books

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    The nauti story did nothing for me I remember why I wanted to give up on this series Although the men are hot, the women aren t likable to me and just weak The sex scenes weren t enough to save it for me because they weren t greatly written Some weird wording like euphemisms and repetitive dialogue during sex Just seemed like phoning it in I liked the wild rider story much better Sexy hero, hot sex, and likable characters So that story gets a five, the other about a one, hence the three Jaci s story was fun and sweet and sexy

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    Really disappointed in the Nauti story from Leigh Unfortunately the Nauti Girls series just isnt doing it for me and doesn t have the same vibe as the first Nauti books This seems to be the second story in the Nauti Girls series with Dawg s sister Piper, so no wonder they moved the release date of this book, since Eve s book just came out in November Sorry Jaci, but I will review your story when I start reading that series here soon.

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    Jaci Burton Here s the cover to NAUTIER AND WILDER, releasing December 2011.What do you think SEEEEEE I knew I wasn t crazy, her FB page said Dec 2011 Why can I not find this book anywhere It is not linked to either Lora or Jaci s pages, not in book store or their computer, not on iBooks WTF, need my nauti fix here peopleLOL.Anyone know, please fill me in

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