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Blue Chicken chapter 1 Blue Chicken, meaning Blue Chicken, genre Blue Chicken, book cover Blue Chicken, flies Blue Chicken, Blue Chicken 8efabfb80a54b In This Deceptively Simple Picture Book, Author Illustrator Deborah Freedman Has Created An Irresistible Character That Springs To Life And Wreaks Havoc In A Farmyard With A Pot Of Blue Paint The Innocent Chicken Just Wants To Help, But Things Get Worse And Worse And Bluer And Bluer The She Tries Playing With Colors And Perspective, And Using Minimal Text, This Richly Layered Story Reveals New Things To See And Laugh About With Each Reading

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    Blue Chicken is certainly an adorable and fun book visually The Blue Chicken is especially endearing and it s so captivating when everything turns blue I m not sure the story itself really won me over It started out so cute, but all those disgruntled farm animals just getting mad about everything seemed to put a damper on things and I guess I wanted an outcome imaginative and unusual than everything going back to the way it was though I suppose there s something to be said for the Blue Chicken righting a wrong Maybe I m just comparing it too closely unfairly so with A Perfectly Messed Up Story whose message of finding unexpected inspiration and joy in artistic mishaps I found a bit refreshing.

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    Call it barnyard self actualization Too heavy an idea for a picture book Fine How about breaking down the barn s fourth wall Or nine barnyard characters in search of an illustrator However you want to couch it, I think we can probably state for the record that by this point any picture book that shows drawn characters taking on a life of their own is fairly par for the course It s not a particularly new or shocking idea Mischievous chickens are also par for the course No one can be all THAT surprised by their antics That said, though these are ideas that make it into children s books from time to time, until now I ve not seen anyone specifically combine the two into a single book Blue Chicken turns out to be the natural descendant of these two notions Part barnyard antics, part surreal adventure, Deborah Freedman at last returns with a picture book that uses a minimum of words to create for us a fairly complex notion On a rainy day on a desk in a home sits an unfinished painting of a sleepy barnyard scene Curious, one of the chickens in the picture notices the nearby jars of paint just outside of the frame Unfortunately for her, this natural curiosity leads to an unprecedented spill that threatens to cover every animal in the picture The ducklings are fairly cool about it, but the other creatures are distinctly displeased In her effort to make things right, the chicken comes across a clear liquid that manages to wipe out all the unwanted blue except in the sky above Content, the animals settle down back again Only the final image in the book suggests where the chicken might be poking her nosy little beak next Now normally when drawn characters take their lives into their own hands, the story makes it very clear that these are characters in a book, breaking free of the shackles of the printed page What s interesting about Deborah Freedman s book is that she prefers to imagine worlds where people do the drawing, coloring, and painting In her previous book, Scribble, the drawings of two little girls come to life and get a little wild across the page Likewise, in Blue Chicken it s a drawing on a barnyard that contains all the requisite characters Freedman isn t tempted to challenge the very notion of reading a book like David Wiesner did in The Three Pigs or Mordecai Gerstein in A Book Her interest seems focused on what our imagination s characters are capable of, rather than the characters dreamed up by the third party I like the way she thinks There s a great deal of joy and action to this book as well I can t imagine what technique Freedman tapped into for this title, but it sure feels like real watercolors on the page There s a splatter technique at work here that wouldn t be impossible to replicate on a computer paging William Low but at this point in our development I have yet to see a computer replicate the sheer randomness of askew paint droplets as beautifully as we find here Nor the feathering of the edges of the paint as it climbs up the chicken s body Nor the sheer messy layering of the paint as it dapples the other chickens torsos Limited, in a sense, to a single color the book doesn t contain the sheer mind blowing splatter pandemonium of I Ain t Gonna Paint No More but Freedman still uses the color she has to create wonderful little moments of action From the splash of the chicken s feet in the blue paint sea to the strange action splatter that almost resembles angry animals when she finds that she is Sincerely sorry , for such a seemingly simple book Freedman has a lot to play around with here Now there is one moment in this book that may cause a little confusion Folks with a knowledge of painting may parse it better than a five year old At one point the blue chicken is rightfully accused of some pretty wanton destruction Apologetic, she discovers a glass jar containing a clear liquid and some paintbrushes When the chicken topples this particular jar, out spills a kind of substance that washes all the animals and their settings with the exception of their sky clean as a whistle The word turpentine is never invoked It s a big word It might not fit in a book that uses sentences this simple Freedman is very careful with her word choices, you can tell There s not a syllable out of place or an unwanted term hovering anywhere With that in mind, I would have liked at least some vague or glossed over explanation of what the liquid was up to Though, to be honest, it may be enough for kids to simply understand that this glass jar contained something powerful enough to cleanse away the fowl s colorful mischief Sometimes in my library I ll run across a patron with a particularly specific request I need a picture book that s just about the letter T I need a picture book about the history of Persia Slightly easier, I need a picture book about the color blue Bingo Until now I might have only been able to come up with Jim Averbeck s In a Blue Room or maybe Blue 2 by David A Carter Blue Chicken will have to be slotted in there first and foremost now Playful and surreal without getting so kooky that it loses its audience, Freedman knows how to write a picture book that s bound to get kids and their parental units reading and rereading over and over and over again For ages 4 8.

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    Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman is a very clever take on how a picture can tell a story The misadventure and fun splashes across the pages when a chicken spills a jar of blue paint changing her world to blue Can she undo the blue Ms Freedman uses words sparingly, but oh so admiringly Each word and phrase colors the story with energy, playfulness, and intelligence My favorites were peevish, toppled, and sincerely Words that felt wonderful rolling around on my tongue A creative tale about bringing art to the page or art to life 3 11 12

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    An almost perfectly realized barnyard painting sits waiting for its final touches, when one of the chickens depicted therein breaks free and decides to help, upsetting the pot of blue paint in the process, and coloring everything the wrong shade Can she set things right, when all of the other creatures come complaining A meta fictional barnyard tale, Blue Chicken is a book I found appealing from a visual perspective, than from a textual one In fact, I think it would work quite well as a wordless picture book, so clearly do the paintings communicate the story of the chicken and her accidental experiment with the color blue That said, this was still an engaging title, one I would recommend to young would be artists, as well as to those looking for picture books of a meta fictional nature.

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    This vibrant picture book plays with color and perspective as well as characters who leave the flat page and enter the real world The picture is almost finished when one of the chickens in the picture pops her head out She then stands up and walks over to the paint pots that are waiting to finish the picture When the chicken peeks into the blue paint, she accidentally tips it over and ends up painting herself She is joined by a little duckling and then who splash around in the new blue puddle, turning themselves and the cat who walked past blue Soon all of the animals are blue Now what can be done to turn them all back to normal There is a wonderful playfulness about this title Even the grumpy animals end up enjoying the escapade At the same time, there are lots of options to discuss colors, perspective, and art The book has real depth to it, allowing it to be read just as a cute story, or used seriously with children The words are simple and try to stay out of the way, allowing the art to really shine here And shine it certainly does It dazzles and glows, inviting young readers into the humor of the book and revealing a magical quality that is lovely From the freshness of the first spill of the blue to the sogginess and flatness that results, there is an exploration of the media here right on the page Highly recommended, this is one of my favorite picture books of the year It is a charming jewel of a picture book that is fun, silly, yet offers plenty to learn Appropriate for ages 3 6.

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    For me, the illustrations are everything for this book I love them They are adorable, clever, talented, humorous, and detailed enough to keep a child toddler and up quite entertained in a lap read or read alone In a storytime probably for preschool age , if the kids can see you could have them tell you what they observe in the pictures Very fun story, and I love it when there is much than what is being said.10 17 12 I really wanted to try this in a storytime, just to see But I don t think I did it justice I think the older kids enjoyed it The new, younger kids liked all the blue and saying Blue with the others Overall the kids liked the book They didn t seem to quite get the ending But they liked seeing the big mess made and then seeing it cleaned up Used in a birds theme 9 24 14 Used in my art theme Went well I have a younger crowd now, but this still seemed to work They followed the story and they caught on about the sky and barn at the end.

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    Blue Chicken is a fantastically fun read aloud that is sure to give children the belly giggles watching all the colorful mayhem unfold One of the chickens residing in the newly drawn farm wishes to help continue the illustrator s work by painting the barn a beautiful blue Sadly his good intentions cause nothing but chaos and the animals are furious at the mess chicken has made Thankfully chicken is able to find a way to undo the ocean of blue and set things right Deborah Freedman love of color and perspective is stunningly represented in everything she does Her characters show wonderful expression and kids will love her simple yet layered stories.

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    I recently read The Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman and a friend suggested I try Blue Chicken also by Freedman Like Fish and Snail, this is an adorable, funny and unique picture book Freedman manages to write and illustrate picture books for kids that stand out in a market that is packed with choices.I highly recommend both The Story of Fish and Snail and Blue Chicken I ve also read and loved By Mouse and Frog by Freedman and plan on keeping my eyes peeled for other books by this incredible author and illustrator.

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    Adorable pictures short, cute story about a baby chick who spills blue paint all over a painting of the farm What I wrote for Children s Books in the Picture Book Club For me, those adorable paintings overcame any deficiencies the story might have, although I thought the story was pretty funny I loved the little red paint covered ducklings on the back inside cover gazing out at the newly painted barn.

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    This book was gorgeous I loved the use of color and how the story integrated the artwork, rather than just being supplemented by it I thought it was adorable and fun, and while this one didn t really have a message or anything other than water is the great Undo with watercolors , it was still a book I very much enjoyed.