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    This is quite a neat concept from one side, you get thirty short stories from the perspective of the master , or sexually dominant person usually a man flip the book over and turn it upside down and you get thirty stories from the perspective of the sub or submissive person usually a woman.Some of the stories are quite good, some are okay and some are weird and silly or dull I expect which stories fall into which would be very different for everyone With so many stories on offer, it s hard to talk about the book as a cohesive whole, or as individual stories They all had the BDSM theme in common, but to wildly varying degrees, and most of the stories were just fun explorations of the genre, without over thinking it or analysing it or getting too weird about it Overall, there were probably good stories than bad ones, but then again there were so many that they do start to blur together a bit It s a good one to read now and then, rather than in one go.

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    Whew This book is so hot it should be sold with a fire extinguisher One side of this book is told from the perspective of a Master Turn the book over and that side is told from the perspective of a Slave Submissive The stories are all M f, Male Dom female sub, so if you re looking for FemDom, this is not the book for you On the other hand, if you re looking for MaleDom stories, buckle up your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life There is a great mix of stories and scenarios so if you re into BDSM erotica, you re bound to find some that strikes your fancy Do yourself a favor and buy this book Seriously, you NEED this in your collection.

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    This book is pretty awesome if you really enjoy the sub dom relationships.It is a compilation of short stories half of which are from the dominant perspective then you flip the book over and the other half are from the submissive s perspective It gives you tons of ideas for a great time Even if there are a few writing styles you may not love, the stories are saucy, and there are many different styles throughout the book I really enjoyed it.

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    Master Slave Erotic Erotic Regardless of how you define yourselfDomsub or without definitionyet These short stories are very arousing I found myself desiring to be part of the storyline Mmmmm, wonderful reading which leads to other things

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    The stories are to short Once you really get into a story it s over and then some of the better stories have no author so you can t find them to actually read .

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    As with most short story anthologies, some were amazing and sexy and some were substantially less appealing But that s part of what i liked about the book, it had a variety of different scenarios and sexual exploits Some of them were very well written and had than just the actions but the intentions and reasoning behind it, I loved that I agree with the reviewer who said that some of them were theatrical and over the top the some that immediately pop into my mind is The Inevitability of Isabelle Day 3,000 something but again, with 60 different stories by different authors there are bound to be some bad ones and some great ones Overall, i would defiantly recommend this erotica to anyone who enjoys BDSM or would just like to read about it It ranges from very light play to complete and total slavery If you find a story you don t like or doesn t suit your tastes, just skip to the next one.

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    I thought the stories were great for both Dominant and submissive minded readers Or even for switch or undetermined views While I grant that some of the stories may not appeal to everyone, that is also the manner of other genres.While some of the authors are not named, there is something poetic about that fact Somewhere in the BDSM lifestyle there is a desire for anonymity and unknown that drives the passions higher, farther, deeper I think some of the attraction is the works open the mind to possibilities, curiosity, and entertainment of desires that otherwise someone might not consider.It is a way to introduce oneself into the BDSM world and lifestyle without too much trouble, plus there is sufficient diversity for many tastes Overall, it expresses a less mainstream manifestation of love and adoration between partners that goes beyond the vanilla.

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    So, first off this is a collection of stories from the submissive s point of view, and stories from the dominant s point of view In this anthology, the submissives are always female, and the dominants always male Just in case there are people out there who want of a mix of genders and roles.There were some stories in here that really turned me off, or I skipped skimmed because they weren t my preferences Like the Daddy Little Girl roleplay it frankly disturbs me and those involving anal play enemas Yeah, not my thing.Of the remaining stories, I really, really liked some of them In fact, I showed them to my boyfriend, in hopes we could get some ideas from them D There were some that weren t as interesting or, again, slightly off putting, but it does all come to personal preferences of scenarios and words The exhibitionist stories were quite, quite nice D

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    This book is very interesting and the stories are vivid, stark even humorless downright bawdy Although some stories are funny from one s I ve read so far shows either Dominant or Submissive conforming or readjusting depending on situation to their mate, in a sense The stories are well written, rich, compelling and enticing to the reader The narrative tone can be dark at times on the other hand can be frisky, light hearted I am not giving spoilers but if you enjoy dark humor and experimental acts of the horizontal polka, this book is for you.Master

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    Pretty interesting idea to have it flip over for each side Master Slave.As is generally the case in a collection, there were really great stuff in here, and a few real stinkers.I don t know how ECSTASY got into a book of erotica, it didn t strike me as erotica, there was nothing erotic taking place the whole story.A few stragglers aside not much wrong with this, and plenty done right so definitely enjoyed this read.

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