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    My kids cracked up at this book as they did with I am so Handsome I know this is going to be one they make me read over and over until we have to return it to the library I love that they don t care that they already know the ending and get all excited each time we come to it I love how the author makes the wolf seem really and truly like a pompous ass through his writing Fun to read and of course, fun to listen to

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    This book rules I loved the dialogue The wolf calls the 3 little pigs bacon bits and a little rabbit sugar bun rad Comeuppance at the end for the big headed wolf, of course.

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    Un album impressionnant et bien r dig qui nous fait voir qu il y a toujours plus fort que soi, et que l on ne doit pas uniquement se comparer plus petit que soi J adore les illustrations vives, mais sobre de d tails, de Mario Ramos Par la r p tition, l auteur arrive ais ment nous faire comprendre l importance d tre humble dans la vie, surtout gr ce cette fin qui surprendra le lecteur tout coup

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    Though first published in 2006, this book captures the political personality of president T perfectly The demands for compliments and otherwise bullying nature of this wolf reflects what is reported by the news from cabinet meetings Certainly wasn t expecting that when I placed a hold on this book

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    Z y wilk wymusza na kolejnych bohaterach bajek zapewnienie o w asnej sile Zaj czek, Czerwony Kapturek, 3 winki i 7 krasnoludk w s jednog o ni inne zdanie ma tylko co na kszta t ma ej ropuchy, co twierdzi, e najsilniejsza jest jego mama eilko Wilkowi rzednie mina, gdy pojawia si ogromna smoczyca.

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    Un libro che aiuta a parlare di prepotenza, della necessit , o meno, di voler essere il pi forte , e di cosa questo vuol dire, ma anche di come affrontare chi, forte , ci si sente magari sulla nostra pelle.

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    Oh Mr Wolf You are so used to being so big and so strong just ask the 3 little pigs and Red Riding Hood What do you do whenwellmaybe you aren t quite so big and strong after all A fun little clever story, with cameos by some favorite fairy tale characters.

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    Clever mashup of several folktales, featuring Little Bunny Foo Foo, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, and the Seven Dwarves, plus a clever twist of its own at the end.

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    Tr s bon livre pour les petits.

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    A bossy wolf goes off wanting to here he is the strongest Everyone tells him what he wants to hear except one animal in the forest.

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