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Birth chapter 1 Birth , meaning Birth , genre Birth , book cover Birth , flies Birth , Birth 3ea7e9f9bd304 Fully Revised With Up To The Minute Information, The Bestselling And Comprehensive Australian Bible For Expectant Parents, Birth, Provides Practical, Up To Date, Accurate And Research Based Information, On Everything Relating To Preconception, Pregnancy, Childbirth And Early Parenting Co Written By A Midwife And A Childbirth Educator, With Over Years Collective Experience In Working Closely With Women And Their Families, This Invaluable Resource Is An Essential For Every Prospective ParentBirth The Essential Guide To Conceiving, Nurturing And Giving Birth To Your Baby, Is Reader Friendly, Reassuring, Unbiased And Accessible To A Wide Readership It Presents Medical Treatments And Natural Therapies, The Many Physical Changes Of Pregnancy, Labour And Birth And Possible Variations From The Norm It Dispels Myths And Addresses All The Common Concerns And Endless Worries Of Women, Their Partners And Support People, As Well As Providing Achievable Support Strategies Many Aspects Of The Book Move Into Unchartered Territories, Such As The Realistic Management Of Labour Pain, Common Emotional Reactions That May Be Experienced On The Journey To Parenthood, Relationship Changes And Challenges And How To Survive These

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    Great book I was reading the chapter on waters breaking when my waters broke very useful and accurate Lots of useful information in plain English and very helpful to make the process less scary

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    Excellent book by an Australian Sydney author well worth a read

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    Extremely informative even for the second time round I hired this book from the library and am thinking about buying my own copy so I have it within reach in the future.

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    For me, this book was indispensible.