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    This is one of the books that got me into reading.I read this before 7 or 8 years and I still remember it.It was so good and scary.The plot,the characters,everything was new to me and it was a worthy experience.So thank you R.L.Stine for this great book.You surly made my childhood.

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    One of the most creepiest books in the Goosebumps series Tommy Frazer is keen to make friends and he s new school and agrees to help the decorating committee for the school dance.There s plenty of foreshadowing which makes this one standout, the clues are all their in the first half of the book Looking for some extra paint the art room, Tommy soon becomes lost and discovers a secret room named The Class of 1947.There s a real sense of him getting lost in the school as it s all new to him.The mystery element was so effect and the lost children were some of the creepiest characters that the series has ever produced.

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    One of the frightening goosebumps books by far I read this at an age where I was slightly past the acceptable age for reading goosebumps books maybe 14 and it still managed to scare me I think R.L.Stine often tells stories that are a bit too weird to be appreciated in the horror genre, but his Nightmare Hour and Point Horror collections are far better in general than the goosebumps He tends to build up very scary tension and keep you on the edge of your seat and then it all comes out that it s part of a project, or a dream, or everyone is really from another planet It just crosses the boundaries of weird and makes what could be a clever horror ending into a bit of a joke.The point of me saying this is to emphasise how I think this book manages to stay outside of this and delivers a good shot of the horror we love I liked it.

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    59 They re watching you learn the hard way Is Tommy going crazy Or is he really hearing voices in his new school Since Tommy s dad just got married he not only has a new mom but a new school too It s easy to get lost in this giant place And poor Tommy ends up doing so very easily That s when he starts hearing the voices The voices of children crying for help

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    my only favorite book by R L Stine and the ending was really shocking I ve reread it a few times and i actually cried the first time i finished it.

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    Why I decided to read this book I decided to read this book, because i remember watching this book back in primary, and decided to refresh my memory and read it again Which category in the bingo board This book comes under, the short story category.Favourite quote okay, my favourite quote in the book, was pretty much the end of the book Okay Mr Chameleon, you can take the shot now Mr Who NO WAIT FLASHOMG this part of the book, had me at the edge of my seat The main Character Tommy Frazer and his best friend Ben had been trapped in an other dimension, where everything was black and white, except for tommy himself He met a girl, and together they found away to escape Her name was Thalia She told them that theyve been there for 15 years, because of a camera man named Mr Chameleon.Something new i learned I learned that, it doesnt matter what you look like, as long as your yourself, you d be perfectly fine I also learned never to judge a book by its cover refering to Thalia in the book She was decribed as a person that always wore heaps of makeup, and that made me have second thoughts.A character i found intersting A character i found intersting, was probably Thailia This is because she is from the black and white demension that was the reason why she wore heaps of make up She found her lipstick that was bright red in her backpack, and she drew a circle on the wall, and all of a sudden she was in the colourful world once again except that she was still black and white.

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    Udah lama gak baca goosebumps dan nostalgia banget wkwkkw yg paling khas dari seri ini, selalu plot twist dibagian akhir, pembaca pada akhirnya gak akan bisa bernapas lega wkkwkw Untuk cerita ini aku cukup suka, meski covernya yg baru dan yg lama agak gak nyambung sama ceritanya LOL

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    I re read this in an hour and I remembered the first time I read it Don t judge me, I m getting kind of sentimental I was so little , I was in fifth grade and by that time this story made me so scared I almost pee in my pants I loved it so much and I looked for that book in every bookstore to buy it I read it on my school s library and never found it until an hour ago on Google.I was so excited to see that old friend again So I started to read it and though I m not scared I m really tense because of this terrifying black and white world My hands still sweat on those frightening moments when they meet those creepy kids, so freaked out So, this story is perfect to terrorize a 12 year old boy and it s really easy to read.I love so much the way is written, exactly as if someone of 6th grade would be telling it to you The plot really develops fast, there s never a slow part.But that ending OH LORD

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    Source I own this book Cost Unknown Title The Haunted School Series Goosebumps 59 Author RL Stine Overall Rating 4 starsThis is another one of those poignant Goosebumps books from my childhood I always remember reading this one and not only being creeped out, but also with a touch of nostalgia I think I liked how the plot kind of wrapped itself and the whole mystery of the storyWhy are those statues there And the sad story behind it, but the fact that they aren t dead Really, it s just a deep plot fro a children s book, but I really enjoyed revisiting this one.

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    I honestly couldn t finish the book The last Goosebumps book I read actually kept my interest enough for me to get through it Yes I know these are books for kids, but as a an upcoming teacher I want to know that I am giving my students, of any readiness level, a good book.This one just was not like the older ones, the ones I read as a child It is unfortunate because I am sure it is great and children adore it however.

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