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Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) txt Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) , text ebook Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) , adobe reader Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) , chapter 2 Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) , Devons Pair (Powertools, #4) 8adf1a Will His Boyfriend S Girlfriend Become His Girlfriend Too Powertools, Book James Has Watched Each Of The Crew Fall In Love, One By One, Until Only He And His Life Partner Neil Remain Unattached So, When He Sees The Way His Bisexual Boyfriend Is Checking Out Their New Apprentice, He S Sure He S Doomed To Lose The Man Of His Dreams His Love Is Strong Enough That He Would Let Go To Ensure Neil S Happiness Instead, Sparks Fly Between The Three Of Them Along With The Rest Of The Crew And He Realizes He Might Not Have To Surrender Because His Boyfriend S Girlfriend Is Becoming His Girlfriend Too Product WarningsThe World S First M F M F M F M M F We Think You Never Know Exactly What S Going To Happen Next When The Crew Gets Back Together, But It S Guaranteed To Be Steamy

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10 thoughts on “Devons Pair (Powertools, #4)

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    Damn, I was so hoping that James would finally get what he deserves Half the time he s treated like he s been hired to service the group rather than being an equal part of that group Even in the book that s supposed to feature him, he s side lined Neil is supposed to be soooo in love with him but since book one he s always waded into the action as if he were unattached and expected James to be okay with it All of the other men look to their partners both before entering group sex and afterwards, except for Neil Come on, your supposed soul mate partner of several years bottoms for 4 guys in a gang bang and all four of you guys are then too busy cuddling with proposing to a woman afterwards, including you cuddling with a women you ve only just met, that nobody notices the guy they ve just shared slink off into the darkness Forget the emotional side of it what if he s hurt since it had been so long and the 4 are all supposed to be well hung Yup, treated like he s been hired for the night Oh, and your buddy gets engaged and in the romance of the moment you don t even turn to look for the guy you ve been with for long enough that marriage should be an issue you ve talked about too, but when you do see him again you tell him he s the dickhead for being angry that he s been marginalised in favour of the shiny new girl Neil Aaaaaargh This story just does not end with enough by way of an apology to James.

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    GOOD GAWD, Jayne knows how to write some steamy effin menages and still get in the emotional bond growing betweenthe H H h H h H h H h well how ever many ways this combo may go HOLY SMOKIN MENAGE It always amazes me how even when Jayne Rylon is pushing my comfort zone with one of her smokin hot sex scenes, she never fails in getting me all hot bothered and making it where I can t put the book down.Neil and Jamessighhhh.I ve been waiting for the Dynamic Duo s story since Kate s Crew, but was skeptical that they would be able to bring a third in without destroying that beautiful bond and love between them Jayne hit it out of the park with Devon She was the perfect match for Neil and James, they had some rough spots to work through and there were some very tense parts in this book between Neil and James But when Devon finally got to have a few minutes alone with James, the conversation was beautiful.To read the entire review visithttp www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews

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    ADULT BOOK ADULT REVIEWLove this series, I was so worried this would me the last one but the dynamic due will continue this hot hot hot series, be warned this is not for the faint of heart This one was James and his life partner Neil finding out if they had room in their relationship for sweet, sassy, tough, and fellow construction worker Devon Not to mention a very Hot Group scene Self proclaimed, The world s first m f m f m f m m f we think Check it out if you think it s your thing Series does not need to read in order but you do get the back history.

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    I luvs this series Can t wait And did I mention it has a warning Warning The world s first m f m f m f m m f we think You never know exactly what s going to happen next when the crew gets back together, but it s guaranteed to be steamy. This one s hard to ratewill say closer to 2.5 Stars.I have really enjoyed the Powertools series, but this one was not a fav The Crew is a team of 5 verra hawt guys that have their own contracting business With each of the books, one of The Crew hook up fall HEA with a girl, but not before we have the big puppy pile up of everyone doing everyone scene So if you aren t into sharing, then you soooo don t wanna read this book This installment tells the story of James Neil, who have been a couple from the beginning just like to join in the fun I guess what I didn t like about this story was why did the author feel that James Neil NEEDED a chick to make them complete I would have liked this one a lot if Devon would have been left out, and just gave us James Neil s which BTW is my brother s name that was creeping me out EEK story They are 2 verra hawt smexxy guys in luvs likes to play naughty nice with others in The Crew But anywaylooks like there will be installments of this seriesrecommend this one if you are into anything goes the the merrier

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    Hmm I am pleasantly surprised Normally with this many people involved, I get lost with who is doing what and to whom That didn t happen with this one, even though there were nine yes NINE people involved in one scene And I kind of liked how Devon was sort of brought into the fold I mean I m not sure how realistic it is for a girl to just throw caution to the wind and have a threesome with three other guys standing around, but hey it s fiction And I also liked how normal it seemed for James to be so jealous After all, Neil had been his for a long time before Devon came along I m glad they worked that out.I look forward to the next one, which I think is the last in the series Looks like there will be some f f in the next one.

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    Damn I loved every bit of this book And the sex scenes OMFG they were smoking hot

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    Ahh I knew these guys were going to have a good story Sounds like after the Epilogue there could even be possibilities for another story That would be so cool This is the 4th book to this series And now everyone is paired off with their True loves Kate and Mike, Kayla and Dave, and Morgan and Joe and James and Neil as a happy couple and everyone is happy together.That is until Devon comes to work with them Now that the Crew is paired off, they need to take personal time for their lovers, which is making their work fall behind schedual.So from a friend of a friend, Devon was highly recommended for the job. Not knowing how Devon would react to their close friendship, they decided to keep to themselves for the time being Neil was outside of the house they were fixing up while James was inside getting started on the floors.Devon was late, great way to start a new job, right We all know Neil is in love with James, but we also know that neil craves a women now and then, too So when he saw the pick up pull up, and the sexy shoes stepping down on the running board, before it s equally delicious owner hopped down to street level, Neil could help but stairAnd when she took off he cornflower peasant blouse right ther ein the soft light of the spring morning She left her racer backed sports bra in place as she kicked off those sinful shoes and covered her cute pink pedicure with thick white socks before slipping her dainty feet into sturdy construction boots What the Devon is a woman Next thing he knew she had locked up the vehicle and headed in his direction.Her seamless mix of tomboy charm with pixie sass entranced him When she noticed him and smiled, he realized he was royally screwed.He had only felt this way once before, the day he d met James, when their professor assigned partners in their trade school lab Love at first sight YIKES Now what Things got awkward between Neil and Devon Neil and James weren t ones to hide their relationship And when Devon accidently walked in on them things got a little out of hand.Devon was excepted by the crew They liked her They teased her just as much as they teased each other Anything less would have caused for someone being uncomfortable She loved it And she loved working with these sexy guys who still didn t like to work with shirts on and their girlfriends She became instant friends with Kate, Kayla and Morgan She started feeling like part of the crew.But when she got a little excited from seeing Neil and James together, she thought for sure she was going to ruin things.That s when Mike called together a Staff Meeting And that s when they reviled themselves as close as friends can be And THAT s when Neil Finally got a shot at Devon s body and James was right there with them and so was the crew but just to watch Things are changing with this tight crew seems like the women are keeping the men to themselves and the guys aren t able to express themselves how they use to.And that s just not fair to everyone. right So everyone decided to meet up at the Resort, it was the week just before Kayla opened it to the public Clothing optional They insisted that Devon was part of the crew now, so she needed to be there for their group discussion And what a Discussion it was O Spin the Construction worker is a game I want to play now Highs and lows, this book actually had me in tears a little bit James and Neil have been together for so long, and when Devon comes in and takes Neils attention away from James, it s only natural for James to feel jealous Awesome series I do hope there will be of this crew some day, but I m happy with the way everything ended

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    Oh my gawd That was one of the hottest books I have read in a while I mean holy sex a thon And oh the variety We had menage action, a little on on one and an all out no holds barred orgy Hell Yes I am warning you ladies you will need to not only leave off the panties but you might want to drop an ice pack on it while you sit on a towel cause this one is beyond hotness This time we addressed the question of adding a third to an established relationship and how all the members might feel It was a nice little trip into how such things might go Not a huge journey, cause it is a short book and mostly about the steamy action and not so much the day to day.This book certainly delivered on the series and it is wonderful to see each guy with his own gal or in this case a complimentary trio I would not mind a follow up book to explore where the crew is now How did everything play out and loads of group love This book finishes the story arc started in Kate s Crew giving us HEA for all the guys Where will the next books take us New crews A gal can hope

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    Another great installment from the Powertools collection.James and Neil are the last two single guys of the group They are totally in love with each other and love participating in the other relationships when they are invited.Devon is a ard working girl who has just falling in love with Neil when they are working on a job together During a break she sees Neil and James together and decides Neil is not interested in her She also feels disappointment that James was not into her either.Mike calls a staff meeting and everyone gets all of their feeling out in the open This leads to a really hot 5 guy 1 one girl scene James is fearing he is loosing Neil to Devon and doesn t think there is room for him in this relationship Neil and Devon are out to prove him wrong.Can t wait for the next two installments 4 stars

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    Super hot stuff If you like your books scorching and I do mean face of the sun hot then this is one for you I recommend taking an ice cold shower first so you don t self destruct aka melt Good to see all of the Crew has found someone to call their own Really liked Devon s character Spunky and can hold her own with the men As usual, wish these were longer But isn t that the way we all feel about characters we really like

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