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Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3) pdf Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3), ebook Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3), epub Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3), doc Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3), e-pub Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3), Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3) 8312d3d2a5d There S Nothing Worse Than Living Next Door To Your Childhood Nemesis, Except Maybe Being Forced To Share Your Dream Project With Him, Being Blackmailed Into Going Along With Something That Was Just Wrong On So Many Levels, And Having Your Hot Cocoa Stolen By The Person That Drove You To Drink It In The First PlaceAs Long As She Has Plenty Of Hot Cocoa, A Pair Of Pliers On Hand And Is Able To Resist Connor O Neil S Bad Boy Charm Then Rory James Should Be Able To Make It Through This Project With Her Sanity Intact If NotShe D Probably Face A Few Nights In Jail, Have A Few Restraining Orders Slapped Against Her And Lose Her Heart To The Man That Ruined Her Life

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    Yes Another Neighbor From Hell If you want to read about a knight in shining armor type hero, a kind and handsome man with sparkling bright teeth who always says the perfect thing and rescues his damsel in distress to save the day then don t read this book Seriously Why Because RL Mathewson tosses that cliche stereotypical romance formula out the window What you get in the Neighbor From Hell series is a very different kind of hero a hot guy with most likely food in his teeth, who says some of the most obnoxious stuff, and is very likely to be the person stressing out the damsel not the one rescuing her These stories are a riot And best of all, she makes me a believer in these heroes Oh yes, I love this series Rory and Connor have been at each others throats since childhood, and are the bane to each others existence School administrators separated their classes, stores and restaurants have either banned them or wont allow them in together, and they ve even spent time in jail a time or two when their feuding goes too far Their reputation around town is notorious But they are also very much alike, so if only they d quit fighting long enough to recognize it they might finally see what is fueling all those sparks between them.In CHECKMATE Connor and Rory are bidding on the same construction project, and find themselves having to work together Connor and Rory soon battle for control, and working together turns out just as expected a disaster Connor and Rory are also you guessed it next door neighbors While Connor may tell everyone he bought the house next to Rory because he planned to fix it up and sell it, and tormenting her is a nice bonus, the truth is he can t be away from her He has secretly protected her over the years from awful boyfriends, and the event in Canada I wont spoil it reveals much about his true feelings Rory is just as attracted to Connor, but she tells herself it is only a physical attraction since he is such a hot guy Nothing will come of it But when Connor blackmails Rory into pretending to be his doting, loving girlfriend who must hang on his every word in order for her to get control of a special project he snagged from her, the game is ON And both plan to win what they want.The chemistry between Connor and Rory heat up to SMOKING I really enjoyed these enemies to lovers And we get to see our favorite Bradfords too Jason and Trevor, and their wives, make several appearances Turns out Rory is cousins to the Bradford clan The story has an emotional punch too As expected it is hilarious, steamy and frustrating in a good way , but the story includes a secondary character struggling It had me crying at one point, and I didn t see that coming Rory has five older brothers, all single, who work for her on the construction crew I assume these guys may be heroes in later books, hard to say We meet a few new Bradfords too including twins I wasn t all the impressed with Rory s brothers, they were all interchangeable mean bullies, IMO Maybe they can be redeemed, but there was one scene toward the end that made me really not like them SPOILER view spoiler Two brothers hold someone down by the arms, while a third brother punches on him That kind of fighting is just cowardly and dirty, so I was not liking them at all by that point hide spoiler

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    Check out my collective review with friends for tREEoLA here A Story of Hot Chocolate You can drink it in your carYou can drink it at a barYou can drink it in a chairYou don t even have to shareYou can have it with some creamIt is sure to make you gleamYou can smell it from afarBe sure to store it in a jarBut for the love of all that s holyDon t you dare steal it from Rory Believe it or not, that was an actual summary of the book I think I read about one woman s love of hot chocolate cocoa than I did anything else I should have thought to look up how many times the word cocoa was used Checkmate was decent enough, but I didn t feel the same magical spark that I experienced while reading the first Neighbor From Hell installment All of the same components were therewe had humor, torture, sexual tension, etc For all of that, I did enjoy the story Maybe I just fell in love with Jason and Hayley s personalities from the first book so much Connor from this book did win me over in the end after I found out why he did some of the things that he did, but wow, he sure came across as annoyingly chauvinistic for a while It does count with me that the person changed eventually, so I m not knocking himI just didn t warm up to him as easily as I did with Jason because Jason had that fun and crazy vibe which Connor was lacking.Story wise, we had a little hiccup going on between the 20 40% mark It took me well over a week to get the motivation to delve back into the story after it stalled out However, I am glad that I did. Once the chemistry kicked in, I truly enjoyed the rest of my time reading Strong points Humor I laughed at some of the stunts Connor pulled when he was terrorizing Rory.Sexual tension I never thought I d enjoy reading so many kissing scenes back to back For some reason, it never got repetitive to me I found the lead up to the actual sex scenes to be just as fun as anything else Weak points The construction story was boring I would have preferred another vehicle to bring these two together.The hot cocoa ridiculousness This should have been mentioned no than 5 times max This habit of Rory s was a setup for something that came later in the story, but I still would have gotten what Connor was trying to do, even with far fewer mentions of cocoa.There were a few minor spelling issuesbut only a few.Overall, this was still a fun and sexy read There was nothing new or ground breaking going on, but I d rank this just slightly above average for a contemporary romance.

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    4 Checkmate Stars Connor and Rory know each other since kinds and hate each other pretty much around that time Creating hell between them and around them for years, everyone just tend to kept them apart Expect that for some reason they always end up together in the same place Now, as two responsible adults ah ah ah , they re not only are working together but they also are living next door to each other And now they re about to find out, that there s a very thin line between love and hate I love this series I always know that when in need of a good laugh, these books will do the trick They are completely hilarious, absolutely steamy and sweetly romantic Not to mention very good written in a completely addictive way What can we ask Rating 4 Stars Characters Development I loved Connor, he was sweet, hilarious and his feelings for Rory were pretty obvious since the beginning I also liked Rory, despite being stubborn as all hell, I loved her sassiness The best part however The Bradford family This family is completely nuts Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    Just like with the first two, this book is another gem of a fluff read A lighthearted, sexy, hilarious, over the top frenemies to lovers story Pure fun Teasing, banter, a cocoa addiction, a bad boy, a tough girl and some seriously crazy pranks involving super glued boxer shorts, three week old fermented yogurt, laxatives, being hog tied with medical tape, being chained to a toilet, many purple nurples the list goes on to fun that landed them than a few overnight jail time and bans from stores PGuys, don t take this book seriously, just enjoy the ride Ever since preschool Connor has been certain that Rory had been put on this earth solely for him to torture and torture her he did He would tease her mercilessless and she s give back every bit as good as she got As they grew older, the severity and frequence of their pranks grew until pretty much everyone in the town knew to duck for cover when they were breathing the same air She d been the prettiest little girl that he d ever seen and he just had to push her and pull on her pigtails Now, twenty five years since they first met in preschool, their two rival construction companies have been hired to do a joint project much to the disgruntlement of both Rory and Connor, and are they are forced not only to work together but to collaborate on the job, the constant close quarters lead them to explore if maybe there is something other than just the intense desire to torture each other between them As long as I m stuck with you on this project and you try to get in my way, anything goes, she said Is that a fact he demanded evenly Yes, she practically hissed as her eyes narrowed no his.You re only here because of my generosity, Rory Push me and you might just find yourself locked in the trunk of a car and on a ferry headed off to Nova Scotia again, he said softly, loving the way she practically shook with rage against him I knew that was you, you bastard she snarled You deserved it, he felt obligated to remind her Oh Connor shakes head lol, I had to laugh at his antics He was just such a lovable asshat On one had it was totally cute that he secretly cared for her, but when you got inside his head, I just couldn t wait for the next time Rory would kick his ass.But I loved that no matter what Connor did, Rory never gave him the satisfaction of winning and always stood up for herself Oh, and lets not forget that she s got five hot older brothers watching her back too hmmm wonders about future books And I was not expecting the HOTNESS from this book Their first love scene took up 4% of my kindle Whew fans self Oh my God A woman whispered loudly They re going to do it on the front lawn And in case you are missing those yummy, always hungry Bradford men from the first two books, fear not Both Jason and Trevor have absolutely hilarious cameos that had me laughing myself silly Love those guys so much 3 Tell me that you didn t break the ban, Rory Tell me that there aren t two Bradfords beating the shit out of each other over the last slice of cheese in my kitchen, he pleaded, already knowing and dreading the answer I did like also that as strange as their relationship was, when the inevitable something came between them, it was dealt with rationally and functionally instead of the usual freak out and stupidity that often plagues novels.And despite the craziness of the story, I did love that there was a touch of sweet heart warming backstory that came out that gave a whole new insight into Connor It was When this project was over, he was keeping her, deal or no deal She belonged with him This morning he had a taste of what it could be like between them and he d have to be out of his fucking mind to give that up I can t wait for from this series Now, if you ll excuse me, I m feeling a massive craving for some hot cocoa DCASTING image error

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    Connor the hero, was a bully Right from a kid pulling on Rory, the h s pigtails until the current time He laced her food with laxatives when they were a teenager He routinely steals her hot cocoa in the morning because she likes it WTH Seriously, his bullying over 20 years is painful to read I can t imagine why or how Rory and her family and any SANE person put up with it Underneath, it was love Oh please, time honored excuse doesn t make it right She should have gotten a restraining order on him Connor himself acknowledges this and I think it s supposed to connect us to the hero Connor almost crossed into stalker territory a number of times And then blackmail trope So, I think the author maybe tried to take a number of tropes and work it differently But she failed Spectacularly The tomboyish daughter with over protective 5 older brothers vying for approval and love from her father but who thinks the world revolves around her fails The tomboyish h is yearning for someone to treat her as a girl and only Connor sees it The blackmail trope where the hero has a nefarious intention behind also didn t work Connor recovers well before their bargain end date and voids their supposed agreement without revealing his intentions And when this intention becomes clear in the last chapter, we are supposed to see the trust etc between them But no, it was very clumsy execution that I didn t really see the point in that chapter In fact, I felt that the author lost track of the motives halfway into the book Everything meandered and towards the end, most of the situation was fairly pointless Seriously, if the characters talked, it would have solved most of the problems.At the end, it was Connor who let the book The author took him too far a bully that it was really hard for her to convince me that Connor and Rory belonged Even though in the book, Rory is shown to be fighting back, I can t think of her except as a victim 3 days into them going out he manages to make her bail on her customary night out with her brothers which he has been going regularly for the past 10 years That screams controlling to me So yeah, at the end, I felt for Rory so much.

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    This is by far the best neighbor couple in the series and Connor is definitely my favorite Neighbor from hell Connor and Rory were bizarrely funny and ridiculously silly, yet so damn perfect together And at times, real mushy.Every single one of their fights was hilarious and the paybacks were certainly inventive.The story behind Connor s tattoo and Rory s 18th birthday gave me palpitations in an incredibly good way This guy is a big softie when it comes to Rory Makes me wonder why he kept pissing her off over the years Men.He does come across as a jerk at times, especially while plotting to run Rory out of business and poaching her brothers, but that hardly stopped me and Rory from falling for him.Binge reading this series makes me wonder what I did in my previous lives to end up with unbelievably cranky middle aged jerks as neighbors If there s a particular locality packed with guys like Connor and Jason, please do let me know

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    Full Review Up Now So what book would make me go into full meltdown mode This book When i found out at the beginning of this year that R.L was writing the third book in the Neighbor from Hell series, i died Then when i read the teasers and realised that it featured my FAVORITE TROPE IN THE WHOLE WORLD enemies to lovers, i died all over again it wasn t pretty i tell ya Rory and Connor what a KICK ASS h and H I LOVED reading about their early fights you could already see what a spunk Rory was going to be and what a swoony dreamboat bastard my words Connor was turning out to be And then here they are all grown up and still sparring with each other it was like verbal foreplay WHOA HOT But the BEST MOMENT for me in this book, was when Connor laid it ALL out on the line to Rory OMG, can you say SWEETHEART, i just wanna hug you, and kiss you and love you Cause THAT S what I wanted to say to Connor.A THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE AND SQUEALY READ yes, because, i squealed QUITE a few times hmmm. probably during those ULTRA HOT SEX SCENES that Connor such a pleaser 0_o If you liked the first 2 books in the series, then you can bet your hot cocoa that will LOVE Checkmate

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    RL Mathewson gave us another wonderful adventure in the Neighbors from Hell series I loved Rory and Conner, they were both sexy and hilarious I enjoyed the cameos from the Bradfords, and all their antics I miss them already.

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    4 HOT COCOA STARS FUN.Love should be fun.And that is exactly what this book is LOVE and FUN.Ever since they were little, Rory and Connor have hated each with a vengeance The pranks and fights were never ending There was always a constant battle between the two of them, so much so that the whole town knew to stay away from them If they walked into a room together, people would flee But they can t seem to stay away from each other because they secretly love to torture the other They say there s a fine line between love and hate He might be a life ruining bastard, but he was a hot life ruining bastard and her poor neglected body didn t realize that it should hate him as much as her heart and brain did. My Connor It figured that the one man that treated her like a woman was the one that made her wish she was a man so that she could kick his ass. My Rory Finally, they are forced to work together on a project, and as you can guess, the sparks start to fly Of course, the pranks keeps going, which makes for a hilarious book Their relationship is perfect because they started off as frenemies friends enemies Love hate relationships are the best It means there s PASSION As long as you remember that I hate you, Rory mumbled against his lips I ll remember, he promised And you hate me, she reminded him as she continued to caress his lips with light, teasing kisses that had his arms tightening around her and his body trembling with the need to consumer her With a passon I love me some drama in books, but I really don t care for it in real life So this book is perfect for a light hearted feel good laugh your ass off love and fun.Loved that ending It was one of my favorite and most memorable parts of the book

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    This book is rated G for Good 4 STAR READ Genre Adult Romance ComedyRory James and Connor O Neil have been against each other ever since grade school Connor was a bully and his number one targetyou guessed it, Rory Making her cry became a game to him because she never would Rory is tough And Connor, if not careful could very well be the one crying.Total fun read A little over the top at times but overall a good read FULL REVIEW TO COME

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