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Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella summary Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella, series Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella, book Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella, pdf Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella, Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella 069b0149b5 Children Will Be Captivated By This Classic S New Orleans Setting And By The Vibrant Illustrations As Lagniappe Something Extra , Cajun French Words And Phrases Are Used Throughout The English Text Translations Of The French Words, Along With A Pronunciation Guide, Make This Story Educational As Well As Entertaining As In Cinderella, Cendrillon Is Pestered By La Belle MEre Her Stepmother And Les Belles Soeurs Her Stepsisters But Is Helped By The Bayou Creatures Who Are Ses Bon Amis Her Good Friends And By La Marraine Her Fairy Godmother However, In New Orleans, The Big Event Is Rex S Mardi Gras Ball Rex, Also Known As Ovey Thibeaux, Hopes To Meet His Wife At The Ball As Fate Would Have It, Cendrillon And Ovey Fall En Amour In Love While The Essence Of The Original Story Remains, The Influence Of New Orleans Is Evident On Every Page, From Historic St Louis Cathedral To The Included Recipe For Quick And Easy Red Beans And Rice

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    This was a really hard story to read it uses alot of words from the Cajun language so you have to go back and forth alot to figure out the words but basically there is a ball but she can not go because she didn t finish all the chores but her animal friends help create her a dress and a fairy godmother pops up and helps her so she goes the prince just loves her but she has to leave by midnight so she runs off loses her slipper The next day the prince searches everyone to whose foot fits and he finds her and they get married

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    The story was enjoyable, and I liked learning some Cajun expressions and a little about Cajun culture The story was difficult to read at times because of all the French words, but the translations and pronunciation guides helped.

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    Cendrillon A Cajun Cinderella is an amazing version of Cinderella like you ve never read before The book follows the main story line of the classical Cinderella a little girl who has an amazing life until her father remarries and then dies, and she is left to be the servant of her two stepsisters and stepmother Cinderella finds comfort in her animal friends, and when Alphonse Thibeaux decides he wants his son, Ovey, to get married and wants to throw a giant Mardi Gras ball and invite every unmarried girl in New Orleans, the animals surprise Cinderella with a beautiful dress However, her terrible stepsister s destroy it, but with the help of a fairy godmother, Cinderella is able to go to the ball, fall in love, and marry the man of her dreams This book does an amazing job of incorporating Cajun culture Each page includes three to four popular French Cajun sayings, and translations are at the bottom of the page Instead of the fairy godmother changing pumpkins into a carriage, she changes lobsters, and says Sausage, Coosh Coosh cornmeal This book would be great for third through fifth graders as an interactive read aloud during an introduction to folklore fairy tales The book has beautiful illustrations and the short French phrases would be fun for the students to practice staying while the teacher is reading, and it would encourage them to be engaged This book could also be used to compare to a different Cinderella story with a different culture or the original , making comparisons with text features, language, illustrations, etc., as an independent activity or group activity This book could also effectively be utilized in a unit on culture.

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    Shelia Collins used to be the media specialist at the school I work for Manatee Elementary This classic tale of Cinderella takes places in the city Sheila grew up in, New Orleans This book is filled with Cajun French words and phrases The story reveals how Cendrillon is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters after her father dies Cendrillon does not let this get her down, she keeps her spirits up with the help of her animal friends Invitations were sent out to all the single ladies in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras ball held by Rex, king of Carnival Rex is hoping to fall in love with one of girls at the ball When Cendrillon s get ready to the Cendrillon has nothing to wear, her animal friends make her a beautiful dress but her step sisters destroy it While Cendrillon is crying her fairy godmother appears and outfits her for the ball She dances with Rex but has to leave by midnight before her outfit will vanish She loses and leaves a slipper behind and Rex claims that this is the slipper of his queen and will marry the one it belongs to He finds that it fits Cendrillon s foot and they are married and move into a mansion next to the Mississippi River.

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    Cendrillon A Cajun Cinderella, by Sheila Hebert Collins, is a Cajun variation of the traditional children s tale In this version, Cendrillon, which is French for Cinderella lives with her loving father who marries a horrific woman with two nasty daughters Cendrillon is forced to work night and day, and her only friends are the animals down by the river Collins s version of this story closely follows the traditional American tale that most children learn in this country Collins does a wonderful job of using French words throughout the book, weaving in cultural context She also has a translation of the words at the bottom of the page.

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    I thought the setting was great and the idea to include French words was wonderful, especially since a pronunciation guide and definition was at the bottom of each page not at the end of the story However, the illustrations were less satisfying than in other Cinderella versions The illustrator seemed to not be able to decide on a time period in one picture there s a pilgrim like cap, in another Cinderella looks a little like Laura Ingalls, and in another she s riding on a street car It just didn t really come together for me.

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    This book was okay, I thought it did a good job of portraying the cinderella story from a different perspective, but it didn t completely hold my attention The illustrations were nice, but not astounding I might recommend if you were a fan of different fairy tale renditions Taken from my book reviews blog

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    I liked it and thought the pronunciation guide on each page was helpful My three year old seemed to get the main idea of the story, even though all the key words are in French I bet me accent was laughable.

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    I ll bet this book comes in handy if you want to practice your French.

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