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The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others chapter 1 The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others, meaning The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others, genre The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others, book cover The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others, flies The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others, The Mindful Leader: Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others 10b53d71ae429 A New Generation Of Business Leaders Is Turning To Mindfulness As A Cutting Edge Leadership Tool Scientific Research Suggests That The Practice Of Mindfulness A Technique For Learning To Live In The Present Moment Can Help Individuals To Gain Clarity, Reduce Stress, Optimize Performance, And Develop A Greater Sense Of Well Being In The Mindful Leader, Michael Carroll Explains What Mindfulness Is And How To Develop It In The Hectic And Often Stressful Environment Of The Twenty First Century Workplace He Focuses On Ten Key Principles Of Mindfulness And How They Apply To Leading Groups And Organizations Along The Way, Carroll Addresses A Range Of Topics, Including How To Heal The Toxic Workplace, Where Anxiety And Stress Impede Performance Cultivate Courage And Confidence In The Face Of Workplace Difficulties Pursue Organizational Goals Without Neglecting What S Happening Here And Now Lead With Wisdom And Gentleness, Not Just With Ambition And Power Start A Personal Meditation Practice To Develop Your Innate Leadership Talents Full Of Engaging Stories And Practical Exercises, The Mindful Leader Will Help Leaders In Any Field To Discover Their Innate Intelligence, Bravery, And Joy On The Job

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    In case you were wondering, the 10 principles are simplicity, poise, respect, courage, confidence, enthusiasm, patience, awareness, skillfulness, and humility Carroll practices in the Shambhala school of Tibetan Buddhism and his program is a secularized version of it He is a sensible, kindhearted person with a lot of good advice be authentic, bring your whole self to work, don t treat people like shit , but the idea that Buddhism can and should be adapted to serve consumer capitalism disturbs me Carroll also has this list of 30 helpful hints for not being an asshole boss 1 Take time to meditate, reflect, and study.2 Cultivate a household that appreciates the training of a mindful leader.3 Create moments of silence retreat to be alone on occasion.4 Contemplate the impermanent nature of wealth and career.5 Show respect to those who teach you how to become a mindful leader.6 On occasion, meditate and study with others who aspire to become mindful leaders.7 Work hard to open to life s circumstances step beyond resistance.8 Permit life to reveal its fundamental nature free, vast, and confident.9 Put others ahead of yourself focus on promoting their welfare.10 Carefully examine all insults quietly wish the best to those who are rude.11 Clean up messes and difficulties, even if they are not of your making.12 Treat adverse circumstances as your teacher.13 When hurt by those you trust and love, show kindness.14 Never lose courage in the face of physical pain and difficult circumstances.15 When praised, carefully examine your tendency toward pride and arrogance.16 Take full responsibility for your anger lay it down gently but quickly.17 Abandon addiction and compulsive attractions savor pleasures with dignity 18 Dispel the blinding effects of making me the center of everything.19 When grieving, contemplate the passing nature of everything.20 Enjoy bestowing gifts on others.21 Cultivate your natural tendency to be decent toward others.22 Patiently invite all that arises good, bad, happy, sad 23 Never give up inspiring others and contributing to the world.24 Rest in the ease of synchronized mind.25 Recognize that the world is free of your story lines notice the situation directly.26 Reflect on your mistakes make them friends, not enemies 27 Creat a household environment that is uplifted and wise.28 Abandon harsh language.29 Be sharp and quick to cut the root of arrogance and stupidity.30 Dedicate all success to the benefit of others.

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    While Buddhist teachings have provided me with a framework within which I can approach my experience with a new set of eyes and at least the direction towards the principles it asks me to adhere to, one of the difficulties I have always found has been the translation of those principles into the unfolding occurrences of my everyday life For it is within that context that the habitual thinking and response is always triggered and I so often find myself back pedaling in order to rearrange what is going on in my head and to redirect my energies towards a better end than is my won t to pursue This book relates Buddhist teaching and meditation practice, the experience and the principles that arise from the path to the world of doing as a leader While I have had that role at imps during my life in situations that ranged from the military to business, and despite the fact that I was often seen as skilled in that way, I never really understood what it was all about and how could I Particularly given the training and the context All drawn from a discursive, divided,competitive world complete antipathy to the Buddhist way of approaching things.Reading the book I watched my years of practice , what I had learned and what I had experienced reflected in the mirror of my experience in leadership positions If there is a criticism I have of the book it is that it would be experience as just superficial babble if the reader had no experience in either field but with some experience in either there exists a bridge for the assimilation of a very practical and useful message.I found the section on contemplation particularly helpful as a How to since I spend so much time now in this activity The book clarified not only my experience but sharpened my approach I can see immediately how the approach outlined here will serve me greatly Another door opening I recommend this book to anyone with and interest in spiritual practice and life, one is after all the other Unless of course we remain caught in the delusion that some other view applies The consequence of that delusion is readily visible in the political and economic landscape of the day.

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    No matter how hard we try to keep our jobs and careers on track, they just don t seem to cooperate they constantly misbehave One minute we are on our way to a promotion, and the next we are being transferred to Antarctica Or maybe our boss has closed the largest sale in the history of the company and, as she basks in the glory, asks us to manage the account We re enthused and ready for the challenge, but we find that she failed to bid it properly, and now we re accountable for a project that will be lucky to break even Such mishaps occur frequently, and we all know the score And with today s job losses and business failures, the list of unruly possibilities seems endless, points out my friend, Michael Carroll, writing in the magazine, Tricycle But if we can stay awake, then we can cope so much effectively with such vicissitudes Michael s book, The Mindful Leader Awakening Your Natural Management Skills Through Mindfulness Meditationis a must have for successful and happy entrepreneurs.

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    I found this book interesting, though many of its concepts are found in different leadership and self improvement books The basic idea of this book, I found, was to be willing to be open, caring, and humble when leading others and you will inspire them to be the same Even if you aren t particularly interested in meditation and self reflection, this books offers pearls of wisdom for anyone striving to be a good leader.

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    I listened to this on audio and the narrator was terrific I thought he sounded Bill Clinton esque a soft southern accent with lots of charisma The book was a bit different than I expected, but I did enjoy it It was very zen and basically reminds you to slow down, stop and smell the flowers, and to let it go.

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    More often that not, seeking success for ourselves proves pointless and shallow, whereas seeking success and inspiration for others almost always delivers prosperity and well being right into our hands quote from introduction which I think will be the cornerstone of the entire book and one that I strive to live by.

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    Interesting read by Michael Carroll on the making of mindful leaders Sometimes he veers away from work situations but the strategies he brings forth and the ideas are sound in making a mindful approach to our days He speaks of Buddhism and mindfulness in such a connected to the past way while making it accessible to the present world.

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    I was expecting specific tips about being a mindful leader, but most of what I got was about being mindful in general No problem though, mindfulness does transcend the specific narratives we concoct and to which we get attached The practice of mindfulness is a generalized skill immensely applicable to each and every moment.

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    The author relates how his practice of Buddhism has influenced him as a leader.He shares his philosophy of living a mindful life Good stuff.

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    For leaders and supporting staff, Michael Carroll speaks on peace and consciousness through negative workplace vibration.