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Ending Up pdf Ending Up, ebook Ending Up, epub Ending Up, doc Ending Up, e-pub Ending Up, Ending Up f0561c61d24 An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found HereThe Title Refers To How We Spend Our Retirement Years, Often Called Golden, Though In Kingsley Amis Hands Anything ButAt Tuppenny Hapenny Cottage A Clutch Of Oldsters, Brought Together By Ill Fortune Than Blood Or Love, Struggles With Problems That Range From Penury To Prostate That S The Good News The Rest Is Amis As Usual, Providing Fun For Himself And His Readers At The Expense Of His Characters

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    British author Kingsley Amis 1973 novel of two old women and three old men living out their last days in Tuppenny hapenny Cottage nestled among the trees and fields in a delightful English countryside Sound quaint and perhaps charming It is anything but quaint and charming for the most part these five septuagenarians Adela, the one squarely in charge, her brother, former army officer, Bernard, Bernard s past sexual partner, a servant nicknamed Shorty, Marigold, an oldster becoming progressively senile and finally George, an emeritus history professor who has suffered a serious stroke are at each others throats But being well mannered modern day Brits, their hostility seethes beneath an ironic, sarcastic, understated and occasionally humorous surface, especially Bernard, who is both the most malicious and the most interesting of the five, a stark fact that speaks volumes about the nature of fiction Wisdom, anyone Hardly in evidence at Tuppenny hapenny In support of this observation, here are several quotes from Greco Roman Stoic philosopher, the emperor Marcus Aurelius, coupled with incidents from the book Dwell on the beauty of life Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them Over 200 pages with numerous references to listening to the wireless, taking time out to smoke, spending time planning one s alcohol consumption and, of course, zeniths of zeniths, ultimate elixir to allay frustration and boredom, imbibing booze However, must unfortunately, not one reference to the beauty of the natural world or the beauty of any of the arts or literature Sure, somewhat begrudgingly, there s singing a few songs together on Christmas day, but other than this thin musical gruel, plodding through life devoid of aesthetic experience The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury Bernard gets his kicks and jollies from making life miserable for everyone else, not only Adela, Shorty, Marigold and George, but Marigold s cat and George s old dog Damn those two for owning animals they actually have affection for and love tenderly At one point Bernard soaks Marigold s cat with his squirt gun to frame Shorty and at another time sets off a stink bomb to frame George s dog Thus, in a way, we have a tale of caution It is as if Kingsley Amis is asking readers of his novel to consider extracting a kind of Marcus Aurelius style revenge by not turning out to be anything like Bernard Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart Turns out, the bedridden stroke victim is the one who gracefully accepts his fate and expresses his gratitude for those gifts life does offer to him We read George s words of thanks for his newly restored ability to speak fluently, words he speaks whilst downstairs he has to be carried from his bedroom conversing with others in the parlor You ve no idea how marvelous it feels I don t mind being half paralyzed now, except that it s a nuisance to other people The gift of language us a very precious thing And, almost predictably, George s heartfelt sentiments are received with sarcasm by, you guessed it, our former military officer, ultimate black bile stinker and enjoyer of others misery Bernard You are a little soul carrying about a corpse, as Epictetus used to say This is secular 1972 England Religion plays little or no part in the lives of these old people Unfortunately, along with religion, the spiritual dimension is conspicuously absent, one of the tragedies of our modern world the experience of the inner light, the eternal aspect of our human nature linking us with the cosmos is either a very minor cord or an entirely forgotten cord And the alternative Habitually asking that most modern of questions When can I have my next drink The humor in Ending Up arises naturally from the characters and the action nothing struck me as forced to produce a laugh Similar to B S Johnson s House Mother Normal, I highly recommend this Kingsley Amis novel since odds are we will all live to see old age and a little bit of knowledge of this subject via literature isn t a bad thing.

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    The Prince of SnarkFive old geezers sharing an over stuffed house, but this is hardly the gently indulgent world of Quartet in Autumn nor the steely self preservation of the residents in Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont No, this is savage Harsh Amis can be uproariously funny in his descriptions I especially liked the idea of Marigold having a figure that, at 73, was still recognizably female for example, and there s a delightful scene where Marigold puts in a request for a drink alcoholic in such politely indirect terms that Bernard can get off on responding to the words themselves rather than the sense behind them But it s hard to avoid the feeling that someone who is so judgemental of other people s weaknesses and foibles, someone so unforgiving as to create monsters merely in order to destroy can t have been pleasant company himself It s with Muriel Spark that I d make Amis share a cloud, then they could be snarky with each other.

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    Hilarious, I love this book, and I love the elderly.

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    I m sure you ve all heard the comment of a book I didn t care for the book since I didn t like any of the characters Well those readers should stay away from Kingsley Amis and stick to romance or YA novels where there are plenty of characters to like.On the other hand if you like reading about a bunch of snarky old age pensioners that have 45 hilarious ways of being irritable to each other, then this is the book for you The 45 comes from comments of Amis about specific irritations he put into his book from his own living conditions at the time of the writing However, like the Hays Code of old, the snarks do not live happily ever after They end up where we all end up in a Thanatos ex Machina ending no less.

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    I received an ARC of this title from the publisher.In this comedy about old age, Amis provides us with a geriatric cast of characters living under the same roof who are basically trying to stay as comfortable and happy as possible before they die There are five septuagenarians in total, three men and two women Although they want nothing put peace in their final years, they manage to annoy each other and bicker to the point where peace is the last thing that any one of them is going find.Adela is the one who holds the whole operation together by paying the bills, doing all of the cooking and shopping and generally trying to make peace among her roommates She is not the most attractive woman and she has never been married but she is the caretaker to everyone in the house to the point that she ignores her own health issues.Adela s brother Bernand, the most cantankerous one of the bunch, is also the most amusing He has a bad leg which seems to be better or worse, depending on whether or not he is asked to do physical labor He provokes the others into arguments during conversation for his own amusement and he is very fond of attempting practical jokes His favorite weapons are stink bombs, feces, a squirt gun and urine.A happy drunk named Shorty is also one of the residents of the cottage Shorty loves alcohol and he thinks he is fooling everyone about his habit by hiding bottles all over the house He is also the servant of the group and is always cleaning up and serving tea Shorty and Bernard are actually ex lovers, which fact produces a few bawdy jokes throughout the book.The other woman in the group is a flighty woman named Marigold Marigold loves to write letters, spend time with her grandchildren and do everything she can to avoid Bernard When Marigold starts losing her memory, she is desperate to keep this secret from Bernard whom she is sure will use this information against her.The last member of the household is George, a former brother in law of Bernard George is a kindly old professor who has had a stroke and cannot get around on his own The group has taken him in because he has no where else to go and Bernard is not happy about this situation.ENDING UP is a funny novel about the inevitability of growing old and dealing with the vast array of issues that come along with this mortal condition It is ironic and funny that each of these septuagenarians are responsible for his or her own demise at the end of the book Thanks again to the New York Review of Books for reviving another great classics.For of my reviews visit www.thebookbindersdaughter.com

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    Compellingly sour and Amis has an acute ear for comic dialogue.

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    A grim yet savagely funny book about five elderly people who share a house as they creep through their lives Each of the five characters is drawn brilliantly Each, even the vicious Bernard, can be pitied I can only hope I don t end up in such a m nage There are many laugh out loud moments, as for instance when the local doctor is talking to Marigold, a woman who drives the others to distraction by using phrases such as drinkie pinkie Would you call her one of the most interesting people you know No, I don t think I would But she s most frighfully sweetle peetles Acquainted as he was with Marigold s lingo, the doctor only just managed not to scream or to pitch forward on to the taseful orange and buff carpet The ending is positively Shakespearean A brilliant five star book with which to end the year.

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    I firmly liked this, but found the style slightly dated It s interesting to compare this tale of geriatric co habitees with later works in the same vein, particulary Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Both feature groups of the elderly living together for convenience than genuine affection Kingsley s book is the first of his that I ve read At the time this book was originally published, his reputation was firmly established by Lucky Jim So he was in a sense writing for an existing fan base who would have enjoyed perhaps than I his ornate style He was then in his 50s when projecting a life 20 years hence would have been amusing than chilling But it s that writing style that put me off than anything Some of his amusing asides and clever phrases are so banked in subjunctive clauses and thick layers of irony that I had to read them several times to get the joke I gave up on a couple, assuming it was hilarious That s really why I gave it a 3 not a 4 But the characters are good and varied, the plotting is fine particularly Bernard s devious plans to upset his house mates and the ending both surprised and delighted A good read.

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    Kingsley Amis was always acutely aware of the absurdities and indignities of ageing, and it is one of the recurring themes of his fiction to explore this in all its painful truth Perhaps this was a result of his having initially made his name as an angry young man , and then become aware that many of the assumptions and causes that this implied bore little relevance to the wider priorities of existence It s nevertheless true that few English novelists particularly of Amis s generation had quite such an acute and sympathetic awareness of the cruel process whereby self perception as clearsighted and youthfully minded is betrayed by physical infirmity and cruellest of all either completely ignored or patronised by the chronologically younger.Yes, I did just characterise Kingsley Amis renowned for his supposed savagery and intolerance of human folly as sympathetic As usual, his characters in this short novel a group of seventysomethings living together in retirement in a ramshackle menage somewhere in Berkshire are eccentric, self deceiving, irritating to each other, and examples, as always in Amis, of how collective human relationships rarely evolve much from the politics of the schoolyard But this kind of depth, grain, and humour in characterisation is precisely what marks it out as affectionate Each individual s well defined linguistic tics are cleverly done, encapsulating its owner s attitudes in a manner that owes much to Shakespeare, say, or Hardy The occasional commentary on his housemates by Shorty , a former Army sergeant whose military role as batman and factotum to his seniors has somehow translated into the civilian life of his retirement, has something of a Thersites about it Again, typically for Amis, the comedy set pieces, most revolving around the irrational hatred of one character, Bernard, for another, George s pet dog, are beautifully set up and their slapstick very drily rendered And since the story is told exclusively in an authorial third person, there is no crotchety, misogynistic Amisian surrogate narrator to objectify or dismiss the female characters Adela and Marigold who thus stand equal in dignity and ridicule to their male counterparts This might just indicate a discrepancy between the author s real attitudes and the way in which he habitually allowed himself to be portrayedThere s an undercurrent throughout the book of tragedy and impending doom as there inevitably is about ageing and this very briefly comes sharply into focus just before its conclusion This ending, if anything, is the aspect of the novel I found most problematic, a kind of determinedly farcical piece of horror which feels like a way of quickly winding up narrative business rather than bringing it to a satisfactory, or even a challenging end It s as though Amis got bored, or distracted, and decided to move on to the next thing But this is my only quibble about a classic 1970s English comic novel.

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    I was invited and went to dinner with a human rights lawyer yoga teacher, philosophy professor, Swahili fluent Indian, and a pro skier photographer It sounds like the beginning of a joke and was just as hilarious and intriguing as a good one might be We spent a lively portion of the eve bantering about British literature and humor Which I only know through media That s enough to make me expert, right I do need to go to London and surrounding countryside So often wowed by my vicarious experiences Kingsley Amis came up as a referral since I equally find Waugh and Wodehouse social class humor entertaining And so wonderfully raw Meaning reft with insight that gets under my skin and makes me wonder for days I have a feeling this book will either be terribly funny or just plain terrible Either way, I do love a little candy and am adding it because it was all too fun.

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