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Snow White and Rose Red quotes Snow White and Rose Red , litcharts Snow White and Rose Red , symbolism Snow White and Rose Red , summary shmoop Snow White and Rose Red , Snow White and Rose Red 246e5bae Welcome To The Festival Of Roses, A World Full Of Magic And Romance Every Year During The Festival Each Boy Leaves A Flower At The Door Of The Girl He Believes Is The Fairest Of Them All Naturally, Snow White Gets Dozens Of Flowers, While Her Younger Sister Rose Red Is Ignored This Year, Though, Things Are Different For The First Time, Rose Red Has A Mysterious Admirer, And This Year She Isn T The Only One Jealous Of Her Sister S Beauty But Even Though It S A Time Of Celebration, When Girls Begin Disappearing, The Festival Turns Deadly With Mysterious Strangers Arriving Every Day, An Ominous Marriage Proposal, And Magic And Danger Everywhere, Snow White And Rose Red Will Need To Work Together To Survive The Festival And Solve The Mystery

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    Based on the Grimm s Fairy Tale and just as foreboding we get a story of two sisters with latent magical powers who live in a European medieval village The folk prosper by gathering rose petals to make goods The woods around hold something worse than wolves With the Central European superstitions like lycanthropy probably based on rabies and witches, we also find a simple love story, and sisterly friendship mixed with competitiveness I read this novella during lunch and enjoyed it The writing in the alternating voices of two young teen girls is realistic and clear I would have given nature details, like bees drawn to the roses providing honey and folks making rose hip syrup later, plus dogs to snarl off strangers and wolves would have been commonplace And I d have said what kinds of trees were in the wood deciduous or conifer or both What species But that s just me I d be interested to read in this series.

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    Enjoyable and well written, though I kept wanting just a little detail, depth, richness overall to the setting and characters I think there was a lot of potential conflict between the two sisters that could have been explored fully to strengthen the plot I m not sure if this is meant to be a series, but while there are certainly openings for sequels, this story at least has its own ending and doesn t do a cliffhanger gimmick like so many YA books these days As a side note, the formatting in the Kindle version made for very tiny text, and I had to bump my Kindle settings to the next to largest font size just to be able to read it comfortably Probably not the author s fault, of course, but I mention it just in case whoever did the formatting is reading.

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    I love Snow White and Rose Red Yes, it is its own tale and is NOT the same story as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs However, this novella by Lily Fang is really interesting because it takes elements from both separate fairy tales Her Snow White is the fairest of them all, etc., but the story is, at the heart, a retelling adaptation of Snow White and Rose Red which is a story about sisters and a hero who is a bear and a jerktastic little dwarf, but he s missing in this adaptation, cause honestly, he s hard to work with.Snow White and Rose Red live with their mother in a village that benefits from the almost magical growth of roses around it Roses are the center of commerce and life Every year there is a festival where roses are laid in front of the door of the most beautiful girl, and of course, every year Snow White gets the most roses.But there is than meets the eye going on within the Snow White s and Rose Red s little family and within the village itself As Rose Red turns fourteen she begins to come into magical powers, powers that run in her family and that she never knew about Things become complicated when a beast starts stalking young women, strangers arrive, and her mother leaves the village to seek help Snow White and Rose Red are left with many questions, including doubt about the beast that is hiding in the woods and their good friend, William.My one complaint about this book I ve seen a lot of reviews that say it should have been longer, and yes, there is enough here that a novel would have probably been a satisfying read, but I actually liked it as a novella too , is the point of view jumping I liked the idea of telling the story from both Snow White s and Rose Red s POV, but Rose Red felt like the stronger character to me Her voice was well developed This could be because the initial Snow White sections felt to short and abrupt However, Snow White does start coming into her own at the end of the novella.

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    3.5 starsA fun retelling of Snow White and Rose Red Snow White It wasn t until near the end that the Snow White correlations started coming in ie Hunstman with undecided loyalties, a magic mirror, villain wanting the heart of the prettiest girl, poison apple etc.I really enjoyed the character of Rose Red the most I wish this hadn t been in first person with the dual pov because I got confused a few times on whose pov I was in This is a quick read surrounding a town during the Rose Festival There s signs of magic and danger around the girls and when their mother leaves to seek help, they re on their own to solve the problems around them.I liked the Huntsman s character and felt that with the small amount of time we had to get to know him that the author did well of making his connection with Snow White seem believable For me the character of William lost this a few points He should ve been present in the story, fleshed out Instead he was a cardboard character that lacked real depth When he told Rose Red who he had feelings for, I didn t really believe him since his character hadn t really highlighted those I definitely wish there d been character development from him since I got the impression I would ve really liked him had he been expanded upon I kept waiting for him to finally click for me and sadly he never did.I did wonder what happened to the two girls who went missing It was a little vague as to whether they d got lost, got eaten, or been taken by the villain It seemed the villain had a one track mind for Snow White but maybe she wanted some appetizers Overall, a fun quick read with enough originality to be new and exciting, while still leaving strong roots in the originals I like being able to see where the author tied in their story with the original tale.

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    Loved itThis was the best Snow White retelling I ve read so far I loved all the twists and can see a few other tales that seem to have snuck in.

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    At approximately ninety pages, it s a quick read by anyone s standards That said, I don t think it suffers for this We seem to be given enough information about the characters so as to allow us to engage in the story and there s enough room for a plot to develop quite successfully If anything, I feel that some of the pacing in the early mid sections could have been increased.Perhaps the most successful aspect of this story is the way in which it is told from the points of view of both Snow White and of Rose Red which is probably the only way the reader could have fully engaged with the characters in such a short period The girl s emotions are, for the most part, realistic and suitable for situation I would say that Snow White has some typical teen heroine moments which as less believable, such as when she gets to know the Huntsman, but as opposed to drawing away from the plot, these serve to build a contrast between her and Rose Red The two girls are distinct in voice and in personality.The plot line itself, although I won t go over it here, was better than expected It was loosely based on the fairytale with the addition of some magic Again, as is unusual with this style of retellings, it somehow manages to build upon the story, adding a whole new twist, without veering too far away from the original Something of this has got to do with the tone in which Lilly Fang writes The book could easily be read around a campfire So why do I only want to give this book three stars and a half, okay, it should get three and a half Something about it just jarred I think it was probably the pacing issue Although I enjoyed the key aspects of the novel, something about the whole just wasn t quite right and that impacted on the reading experience as a whole It was a lovely read, really enjoyable, and something I d probably read again, but it wasn t a great read That said, I would recommend this book as it s a modern retelling of a fairytale story that manages to retain the dark whimsy that such tales are rooted in.

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    This was an interesting and very quick read I didn t realize this was a novella when I downloaded it Generally I stay away from anything under 100 pages, as I m not a huge fan of short stories However, I genuinely enjoyed this one The main problem with short stories is you don t generally get a lot of character depth or background information, and this is no exception Though you don t need all that much background, I suppose, as this is a tale we all know and love.It s a retelling of the Snow White tale in a very interesting and very unique way I did find it entertaining for the couple hours it took me to finish it today I m glad I read it, though it really is a not a book as much as a short story Still, worth the time and a good rework of a classic tale.

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    So far, I love the story its almost the same as the movie The Huntsman but this one Snow White has a sister name Rose who fought side by side with Snow They defeated the witch, and Snow White s mom revived the Huntsman back to life I think this was one of my favorite story.

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    A short book lacks depth, that s generally obvious always exceptions to this rule i know , however this one just didn t quite make it for me I would class this as a VERY light book to read Shallow reading Characters had just enough so that you could actually identify and picture them, but nothing beyond the surface The storyline could have worked, could have been great had they added to it, but for me it fell very short I didn t take this book as a serious read, and that is always a danger I think This one definitely goes in the read over lunch break books Not a bad thing in itself, but its certainly not the gripping page turner I hoped it would be.

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    I really enjoyed this book

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