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    Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing is by Stephen Bly, a former pastor now a writer, seminar speaker, and radio program host He has written 17 books This is the first of his that I have read It is a western set in Colorado in the winter The hero is Stuart Bannon, referred to as Bannon throughout the book He is handy with a gun and has to deal with bad men, Indians, difficult weather, and a variety of other issues such as a lost boy, a pregnant Indian woman, and an Irish mother who becomes irrational at times and does crazy things.The book has no particular plot it just moves from action to action, some of which is a bit strained However, the story progresses quickly, and Bannon achieves some healing of his character Some of what goes on is at Christmas Eve and the next day, so some reference to the Bible is made, and there are a couple of other brief discussions about God, why bad things happen to good people, and God s providence and prayer.It is light reading and will appeal to boys since it is action packed I liked it, and Bannon is a likeable hero struggling to do what is right.

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    Stuart Brannon is in mourning and has been ever since his wife Lisa died in childbirth along with their tiny stillborn son When a friend of his, Charley Imhoff, asks Brannon to join him at his gold claim in the Colorado Rockies, Brannon jumps at the opportunity to do something, anything But now here he is, floundering through feet of snow and stumbling into a ripe fix of circumstances that won t thaw out until spring Broken Arrow Crossing, a way station of sorts between civilization and the gold fields in Colorado, houses Everett Davis also a friend of Charley s who also happens to be back shot, a pregnant and abused Indian girl named Elizabeth, an Irish family by the name of Mulroney, an Englishman named Fletcher, and the Frenchman, Trudeaux Brannon faces down his own fears, the evils that one man can do to another, and western justice, all before the first flowers bloom.I d lived in Colorado roughly 3 months before discovering Stephen Bly at my local library I was 14 years old at the time and there was nothing adventuresome or engaging than this series But the best thing about Stephen Bly s work is that it stands the test of time Re reading the series, it s as good today as I remember it when I was 14, although I m happy to see those reprint covers A lot of readers and I m guilty of it too judge a book by its cover so these beautiful reprints should help.Stephen Bly was blessed with a talent for telling stories He didn t force them, didn t write according to an established heroine must meet hero before chapter three mentality In fact, there is no romance in this series for Stuart Brannon He s a man still deeply in love with his deceased wife Instead the stories possess a natural flow With his minimalist writing style, Stephen Bly told in 10 words what others would tell in 25 One sentence can have the reader in helpless giggles or fighting back tears My favorite set of lines is so simple yet so telling, Before the sun was above the treetops, Mulroney, Fletcher and Brannon hiked out of the clearing and into the trees A small pair of snowshoes were strapped to Stuart Brannon s back So much is said in these two sentences that encompass both intense fear and intense hope all at the same time His writing style is beautiful, weaving a tale of the Old West so vivid that you can see the images galloping across the page.This one, the introduction to Stuart Brannon, is brilliant in that it covers the topics of grief and anger at God without preaching at you Brannon s wandering, trying to make sense of the injustice of the universe, believing in prayer, but not really in answered prayer, is all indicative of questions humanity has asked since forever He comes face to face with himself, as a man, as a husband, as a father, and how he feels about God Why does he do the right thing when so many others do the wrong thing What makes his stance of protecting the helpless right It s a great journey and he grows a lot in that single winter he spends at Broken Arrow Crossing At one point, Brannon has a conversation with a couple of other characters about Lisa being A Stander, meaning she ll stick by you through anything What Brannon didn t realize is that he s A Stander too.This book is fraught with peril The American West was awash with nasty gunslingers, maybe not like you see it in the movies, but if you have a gold rush, guess what Evil men will flock to it In this case, Brannon must defend the rights of himself and all of the others under his care, for the entire cabin and barn full of people at Broken Arrow Crossing are in his care, whether he wanted it that way or not I love, have always loved, the respect that Stuart Brannon shows to others Elizabeth gives birth to her little warrior Littlefoot, and Brannon protects her It doesn t matter to him that she s an Indian She s a lady and while he s there, nobody will treat her any differently because SHE IS A LADY.Like a said, not a romance Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing is one of those old fashioned westerns about a man who s good to the very core of his being He s lost so much, but he s still a good man That s a man you can love.You can find all my reviews and much at my blog Bookshelves Daydreams.

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    When cold weather comes and the holidays arrive, I find myself drawn to reread favorite books from my youth This was especially true this year, as I ran across my copy of Stephen Bly s Stuart Brannon s Final Shot, the one that he was writing when he died and which his family finished and published for him posthumously Up until now I hadn t been able to bring myself to read it, but this time when I saw the cover I realized I was ready for another Bly adventure But you can t just pick up and read Book 7 in a series which you have revisited in years, so back to the beginning I went Back to where Stuart Brannon first met the literary world.A broken man after losing everything he held dear, Brannon leaves his Arizona ranch to accept an invitation to join his friend Charley in the Colorado goldfields During a blizzard he stumbles into the remote stage station at Broken Arrow Crossing, which has been all but abandoned for the winter, just as a claim jumper attacks the place looking for a map to Charley s mine His horse stolen by the less than scrupulous fellow, Brannon finds himself a stranded nursemaid to old propsector and station manager Everett Davis, who was injured in the conflict Davis informs him that Charley has died after spreading word around the area that he had struck it rich With no way out of the mountains, Brannon settles in for what he figures will be a quiet winter at the station.He couldn t have been wrong On Christmas Eve a pregnant Indian girl finds herself on their doorstep, having run away from the man who mistreated her Soon her baby arrives, bringing both hope and reflection to the isolated cabin Just a few days later their world is again interrupted, this time by a group who was traveling through the area in hopes of being the first settlers in a goldfield community As they were dangerously turned around during the snowstorms, Brannon must help locate and recover all members of the party It won t be easy, as there is an Indian hunting party nearby, as well as a gang of outlaw brothers who are also seeking to find the gold mine While fighting for the survival of the whole ragtag group, Stuart struggles to come to terms with his own past and the way he feels about God Having always kept his distance from the Almighty, especially after the tragedies in Arizona, Brannon finds it hard to believe that God could truly care about him and the others stranded at Broken Arrow Crossing As the long winter unfolds into an early spring showdown, Brannon s understanding of an all wise, merciful God is opened It s a joy to revisit this series, first published in the early 1990s by Crossway and reprinted by Greenbrier in 2012 I can still hear my father s voice reading these books aloud to my siblings and me many years ago Stuart Brannon is an old friend and it feels good to be back in the saddle with him again This review originated at

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    A Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing is an early and it s a gem of a story.Rancher and overall heroic type Stuart Bannon finds himself stranded at a cabin at Broken Arrow Crossing in the Winter with a minor named Everett Davis, who is tending the cabin for the Winter and has been shot in the back just before before Bannon arrives Bannon has to tend to him because Winter has started and there s no way to get him to a Doctor While the first fourth of the book are Bannon and Davis talking Around Christmastime, this story begins to get complicated as they discover a pregnant and abused Indian woman on Christmas Day, learn that a gang of outlaws and a group of Indians are stalking the great outdoors.The scenario is great The escalating action gives most of the book a superb energy You never get bored It also has it grim moments This book could easily be made into a John Ford style Western It really feels cinematic at times in its scope While all the characters have their charm except for the constantly hysterical Mrs Mulroney , this book is made by Stuart Brannon When you think of Old West hero, Brannon is what you imagine He s tough, great with a gun, lives by a code, and fights for what s right no matter what the cost Yet, there s to Brannon than this He carries a heavy weight from the death of his wife in childbirth along with his son and the loss of most of his Arizona herd He struggles with God and questions of morality While Bly is a pastor, the book mostly eschews sermonizing for a realistic portrayal of how people such a minor and a rancher in the middle of nowhere might relate to God.The book is pobably fine for all seasons, but I loved listening to the a audiobook in the middle of Winter It just seems so appropriate In the end, this is a fine Western and the start of the Stuart Brannon series This definitely left me hungry for .

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    Have you ever wondered what it was like to stay in the middle of the mountains in a Colorado winter with no technology If you were in the cold winter with nothing but bad things around you how would you feel Trying to find food and fire wood without passing out and dying And mostly everyone else in the mountains is a murder or an Indian tribe coming after you In the book Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing by Stephen Bly is a kind of a realistic fiction book that teaches that life s not fair but every things going to be alright In the book Stuart Brannon wants to forget about his troubles he had in Arizona but he ran in to troubles up in the mountains so he tries to forget his problems well dealing with the new problems he has So he forgets about his old troubles An excerpt from the book is He didn t bother to stop and eat It looked impossible to build a fire His grub bag hung empty anyway This shows how hard Stuart had it in the book If you like this book you will like other books by Stephen Bly most of his books are like this They have some of the same characters too There are also have stories about mountain men that do tough guy things I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 if you like books that have stuff about the times how they did things you will like this book I like that kind of stuff and that s why it s rated so high for me.

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    After a bit of a slow beginning, this book picks up pace and the action never lets up until the end This book was the most entertaining and easy read I ve had in quite a while Bly does not disappoint with his hallmark dialogue driven story that mixes in plenty of western action, unparalleled heroes, and highly developed characters With less humor than some of Bly s offerings, Hard Winter instead delves into dangerous adventures and life threatening gunfights Bly takes readers to a place where the good guys are true heroes, the perfect blend of manly strength and confidence balanced with gentleness and protective respect toward women We need tales like Bly s, which show flawed, but wonderful examples of true manhood and integrity in a world of hard circumstances Without being preachy, Bly also takes his hero on a spiritual journey that leads him to grapple with the idea of a good God in the midst of suffering.

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    Stuart Brannon has been one of my family s favorite modern literature characters for the past 12 years I still love him and his great sidekicks with every reread This first book introduces our hero and allows us to see him grow into the man he will become for the 5 sequels May 2012 edit I just received the new edition of this book and it looks fabulous Looking forward to having Stuart Brannon a part of my life for even years to come Nov 2014 edit See the 2012 edition for my full review of this novel.

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    Not even close to Louis L Amour or Zane Grey s caliber Poor historical research and one dimensional characters that do not develop mar what could have been an interesting story In fact, the protagonist was irritating enough that I will not likely continue the series the only reason I was able to finish this book was because it was read to me.

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    An excellent western.

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    I didn t think I liked westerns, but this book hit the spot Very easy reading but the writing is good and the characters are lovable.

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Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (Stuart Brannon, #1) summary pdf Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (Stuart Brannon, #1) , summary chapter 2 Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (Stuart Brannon, #1) , sparknotes Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (Stuart Brannon, #1) , Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (Stuart Brannon, #1) 1e9ff36 A Horrific Blizzard Was Only The Start Of Stuart Brannon S Troubles The Fierce Winter At Broken Arrow Crossing Couldn T Have Come At A Worse Time Brannon Had Just Abandoned His Arizona Ranch, Sick With Grief After Losing His Family And His Cattle Brannon Stumbles Into The Crossing Where He Finds A Wounded Prospector, An Abused, Pregnant Indian Girl, Naive Gold Seekers, A Missing Boy In Need Of Rescue And An Outlaw Band

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