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    3.5This spec ops couple married for convenience They fought terrorists and their hearts in this romantic suspense Nice book.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    This is the first book I have read by Vicki Hinze I found the first few chapters of the book was a little bit difficult because she was setting up the characters and developing them but it made the story move along at a snails pace which could turn off readers I would say if you don t understand military terms you will want to keep your computer close by to type in the acronyms because Vicki Hinze uses them all the time which again can be confusing for readers.The story starts to build after readers are introduced to characters and it picks up speed with twist and turns as well as a better understand what are gray areas in life and the military if you love mysteries you will find it predictable but she does throw in a few parts to keep you reading and wondering.Thank you to Netgalley for the copy.

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    Captain Dr Laura Taylor and Special Ops Office Jake Logan are best friends and have been for 10 years and have seen each other through all kinds of personal and professional trails When Jake s ex wife Madeline sues him for custody of their son Jake s lawyer suggests that since it would be a toss up between the alcoholic ex and Jake because of his highly dangerous military job That marriage would give him a better chance of keeping Timmy Laura suggests that the 2 of them get married for Timmy s best interests Since Jake had a disastrous first marriage with Madeline he tells Laura that he won t fall in love with her Shortly after their marriage Madeline backs out of the custody fight and starts drinking again, Jake suggests a divorce but Laura says no because she knows that Madeline will just get custody of Timmy if any thing happens on assignment to Jake so they file for step parent adoption, which ends up taking 2 years to come to the final stage because of Madeline s backing out on the 2 previous occasions The night before going to see the judge Jake is called in for an assignment to go rescue or recover 3 CIA operatives that missed their rendezvous That leaves Laura to handle the adoption on her own with a different judge than they thought, When Jake finds the agents dead covered in dust and one of them has a picture of Laura in his hand he gets doubts about his wife and her possible connection to the terrorist group ROFF, Mean while Laura hasn t told Jake that she s been put off and on back on active duty occasional as a consultant which had for this Op She was going to tell him before Madeline show s up drunk at their house and he s called to active duty, Jake and his boss Connor are finally convinced that Laura is innocent Connor sends them home with surveillance, and when they get home the emotions explode and heat up When an explosion wakes them up and they are called in the base STAT the situation keeps going from bad to worse To keep Timmy safe Laura won t trust anyone but Judge Bear Barton who made Timmy s adoption possible ROFF besides coming after Laura and Jake are also going to taint the water supply of a major Florida city since they re headquarters are in the Florida Everglades After the car bomb attempt on Laura, Connor puts her into protective custody, while Jake gets ready to go on another mission to protect the water system, Before that can happen Laura s motherly instincts kick and she know Timmy is in danger, When Jake goes in for his briefing he finds out that there was just a message from Mrs Barton that her husband has been shot and Timmy was kidnapped with the note being sent to Connors office Laura and Jake are now sent together to go exchange her for Timmy They re ambushed and Laura has to save Timmy herself and then hope that she can send a team back for Jake since he was taken hostage during the ambush Laura and Jake figure out who is behind the ROFF and realize in the chaos that they love each other and are sure that the other doesn t feel the same and are trying to honor the marriage the agreed to in the beginning The people behind ROFF end up being people from their past with the help of someone that didn t think was capable of the deceit that has been perpetrated Timmy has key information that helps to break the case And Laura reveals a last secret to Jake that she thinks will make him angry and he surprises her with his reaction about why she left the military Just when you think the danger is over its not Shades of Gray made cry and smile and hope that the good guys prevail and safe the world and they family.

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    I ve read several Vicki Hinze books in the past, but somehow I must have missed this one Most of the time the books available for request on Net Galley are new releases, but once I saw the author of this one, I had to request it, new or not I m thrilled that I did Vicki Hinze always does a great job of creating realistically complicated characters Laura and Jake have been married for a couple of years They have always been best friends, but their marriage is completely platonic Laura acts as a mother to Jake s son as he fights for custody with a vindictive ex Just when things in their lives seen to be taking a positive turn, Jake gets tagged for a dangerous mission and Laura is left to deal with less than optimal conditions at home This mission though, it changes everything and makes Jake question every choice he s made Either his wife is actually his enemy, or she needs him than she knows.The story had plenty of intrigue and action as well as a smoldering passion simmering just under the surface of a marriage never meant to be consummated I was very engrossed and hated to put it down.I received an ARC from Net Galley for honest review.

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    This is the second time that I have read this title It is not the best written story but for some reason, I have read this book twice The first time I discovered this book I was looking for Fifty Shades Grey, which I could not get a copy of, so I decided to read this title instead There is no comparing these two books and I am not attempting to do so The overall idea of the story is good but there are aspects of the story s execution that just don t make sense I really want to give this book 3 star s but I find that difficult to do since I ve read the book than once.

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    Shades of Gray was a great book I enjoyed reading it I was surprised at the fact it was not a Christian book and could have done without the foul language and sex.I received this via Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.

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    I have to admit that I m a bit of a fan of Ms Hinze She is an excellent writer Because I m not really familiar with many of the military terms I actually had to ask my mother about some of the acronyms While that part of the book was a little confusing for someone who does not have an in depth military background, it was a really good book Some of it was a little predictable, but it had a huge twist in there that made me go, What, no way I was really surprised and a little flabbergasted To say the least, I like surprises and twists and turns in a book There was a lot of subterfuge and intrigue in this novel I felt like a spy that was on a covert mission without any Intel to help me Dangerous much Yes, the book was mysterious, and when the author speaks of Shades of Gray, she was not joking There were a multitude of shades of gray in this book It was intriguing and kept my attention It was a little hard to get through the first couple of chapters even though it was interesting and I was getting to know the main female and male characters, but as it went along, it begin to gain momentum until I was angry and frustrated along with the characters in the book Like, I said, it was a pretty good book, but it sneaks up on you just like the covert operatives have to sneak up on the bad guys in the book Excellent work, Ms Hinze.

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    Shades of a Gray by Vicki HinzePulse pounding thriller with a military twist I didn t want to put this one down It was powerful and included a couple of twists and surprises.Laura Taylor and Jake Logan have been friends for a long time To help Jack get custody of his son, Timmy, they marry But its not that simple a story Jack is in the military and a hazardous mission pulls his new wife into the plot to find the terrorists that are threatening the use of a biochemical At the same time the ex wife is out of control and making threats and complications in their lives.I ve read a few books by Vicki Hinze and she will definitely stay on my list of preferred authors after reading this winner.I won a copy of this book via Goodreads First reads in December 2013 although this is an older book.

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    I have read a few of Vicki Hinze books already They were all Christian fiction However, this one was not and I was surprised as I quite wrongly apparently assumed that it would be as well The story was very good and I would give it 5 stars,as I have her other books I read But the cursing and explicit sex knocked it down a couple I see that this is one of her earlier books maybe she has changed her style, but now I am not sure about reading the next book I have of hers from the library, which was just published a year after this one.

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