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    A man buys the house across the street from where he grew up and moves in with his girlfriend But what s the significance of the curtains in the tower room and why was him never removing them a condition of his buying the house This is the second Kindle Short by Evans Light I ve read Kindle Shorts are great for quick lunch break reads, aren t they And free in the bargain Dark Curtains is a ghost story and is pretty spooky Since it s a short story, I won t be divulging much than that Light s prose sets the mood and the revelation of the curtains was about what I expected Like Crawlspace, I wasn t exactly crazy about the ending but I can t really complain that much.Three out of five stars I m inching closer to actually giving Evans Light some of my money.

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    I polished off this book during a long flight to San Diego I had finished reading a much longer book, and I was looking for something short and different This book filled that role perfectly.Dark Curtains is a very brief haunted house story It had the gracious old Victorian home that hinted at mystery and something else It had a creepy older family who sold the place at a steal And it had a hidden past All of which broke the hapless young couple that purchased the house.Was it a great story No Was it fun Yes Was it creepy Yes All in all a good little book.Three stars out of five.

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    When James and his girlfriend move into the home of his childhood friend,will he be seduced by the ghost of his past Well written short story,I will be reading of this Authors work.

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    Dark Curtains is an excellent short story by Evans Light Once again the author has managed to weave in just enough back story and character development to satisfy my wants, but he has done it in such a concise way that it serves to emphasise the plot as opposed to drawing from it.Its mystery really pulled me in, and I found both the plot and characters intriguing I realy enjoyed the way that events progressed, and would recommend this to all who love a good short horror story It s not terrifying in the traditional sense, but it is truly creepy, and is guarenteed to send shivers down your spine and cover your skin with goosebumps I loved both endings, the real one and the alternate or original one alike Light recommends that if you enjoy the story with it s traditional new ending, you shouldn t read the alternative original one I, on the other hand, recommend you do I imagine you will love both equally as I have and will spend quite some time in internal debate, trying to decide which one comes out tops for you

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    Not wanting to end a month on a dud, looked for something short and fun on my kindle and Dark Curtains certainly did the trick Entertaining short story about a couple moving into a house with a lonely spirit Haunted fabric, possessed window adornments ripple at night with promises The author included an afterword and an alternate ending, which I thought was better in every way, imaginative, stronger writing, spookier For some reason the story got published with a way generic blander ending Be sure to read both and decide.

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    I hated that this was a short story because I can foresee so much to the tale Despite that, it is a fun ghostly tale that will keep you glued till the end I loved the description of the house, you could actually envision it and made you feel like you were living in the old Victorian days I thought it was a tad bit predictable though, but being a short story it did not really affect it much at all.

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    I don t often read e books, if at all, because I prefer printed books based on my own personal ideas However, this one s title stuck out to me and I still had some Christmas gift card tailings hanging around in my purse, so I bought a copy For a short story, Dark Curtains has all the elements of a great horror book, reminding me of authors like John Ajvide Lindqvist and Stephen King style wise Taking place in a creepy old Victorian house, it also has imagery and scenery vaguely similar to films like Pet Sematary, Amityville Horror, Welcome to Dead House and The Conjuring however, this story has a secret hidden further inside and is as much a gripping mystery as it is horror.

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    Previously published as CURTAINS FOR LOVE Title and cover updated to better indicate genre this is not Danielle Steele DARK CURTAINS came to me like a bolt of lightning it was all I could do to write it down before it evaporated away It s a strange tale, yet traditional in many ways.This was the first time I re wrote an ending to make it satisfying and commercial , due to mixed feedback on the original draft.It didn t feel like a compromise because I like both both the new and the original ending quite a bit I made the decision to include the original alternate ending as a bonus feature of sorts, along with a warning not to read it if you already love the story the way it is because the original alternate ending takes a hard left turn that changes everything completely.

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    A dream house Young man, those curtains are not to be taken down, not altered, not covered nothing James and Claire were eager to begin their new life together They moved in and marveled at the beauty of their new home It didn t take long for Claire to begin to realize that something wasn t right.4 STARS Would Highly Recommend To OthersThe cover is awesome I feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck as I stare into her eyes I just know she is up to no good.I have read some of the Light Brother s books and I expected Dark Curtains to be good and creepy.This is a short story, but Evans Light has no problem with packing the action into the pages He does capture my attention and hold it throughout the book He built the suspense and kept me guessing what was going to happen and when until the end.I loved it when he talked about the house flipping off the inferior houses around it Never hurts to have a laugh along with the creepy.I love ghost stories and this one didn t let me down I had an idea of what was going to happen very early on BUT, Evans has to add a twist.It seems like Evan Light is going to let us choose which ending we like best There is an alternate ending at the end of the book I like them both To me, the first was predictable and what I thought it would be It was very good The second, I didn t see coming, so I m inclined to go with it I like surprises in my books.I picked the book up on a free day Thank you Evans Light.

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    I read this as part of the Screamscape collection last year as well as getting a copy of this individual short from the author I loved how creepy the story was with the old couple still keeping their daughter s room exactly how it was when she was alive.The story keeps the suspense up all the way through, you can never guess until the end which way things are going to go for the young couple who buy the haunted house I felt a bit sorry for the woman as she didn t know what was happening to her But out of anything its ghosts that scare me, so I really enjoyed reading this one I d say read it in Screamscapes which is Evans lights book of short stories Its well worth getting as all of them are excellent.