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    This was some big ol silly BDSM fun Well, maybe not silly, but Yeah silly But it was hot with great sex and sexy men Not too short, not too long You don t necessarily have to read the other books in the series, but it does help a bit.Recommend if you enjoy M M BDSM D s romance in novella format, light on the angst, moderate kink and aren t looking for anything too deep.

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    Similar to the premise of the third book, but with a fascinating twist, this book asks the question what happens when you are ashamed of what you need sexually and are suddenly confronted with the option of finding out what it would be like to give in and discover what it s like to get what you want Jacob, out as a gay man but closeted as a sub, has pretended to be a Dom for many years, just so he can fit in with the other Doms who run the company When he runs into Lee, a man who is years younger than him, his temporary personal assistant, and definitely a Dom, the battle of wills begins The resulting inner struggle and external expression of Jacob s way out of the closet is hard and about much than Jacob s sexual needs.Like anyone hiding in the closet, afraid to be who he is, Jacob is a conflicted character Worse than trying to hide, he is actively pretending to be someone else The constant need to think about how he reacts so nobody finds out he is weak grates on his nerves and increases his stress almost beyond endurance His temper tantrums relieve some of the pressure, but they are not the solution Jacob faces not just needing to be honest with himself, but admitting it to his friends Since he believes his job depends on being a Dom, this is an extremely hard process.Lee is a young Dom, but he sees through Jacob s act in a second He is also very attracted to his temporary boss, and determined to help him be who he was meant to become His patience is amazing, and his support unwavering He gives Jacob what he needs first, thinking of himself comes second Of course, he does hope that helping Jacob find himself will lead to a permanent relationship, but he can t be sure until it happens He balances on knife s edge, so to speak, and does it beautifully I think he needs the adrenaline just as much as Jacob These two men have to fight for their love, and it makes for a suspenseful, exciting story As in the other books in this series, the psychological struggle is as intense as what happens in the scenes If you like stories about men who struggle with who they are and those who help them become true to themselves, and if you enjoy hot BDSM scenes that are as much about submission and the emotions it causes as about the physical activities, you will probably like this novella as much as I did.NOTE This book was provided by Resplendence Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Check my stats I read three times books than I rate simply because I like to promote books I like, especially if I feel fellow readers might not come into contact with them or not read them because other people see them differently and rate them badly.If I don t like a book, I usually don t rate or review it, recognising that it may be someone else s cup of tea and don t want to infuence them Hence, I rarely write negative reviews, but I feel this book made some fundamental writing mistakes that I feel need to be stated Of course, I may be in the minority here and that s fine.Normally, I love Kim s books see my last blog post But TTT not only didn t do it for me, the dynamics didn t ring true The submissive Boss is a difficult character to pull off and make it feel real There are only a few books that attenpt to capture it and rarely do they make me believe it can happen and be healthy Uneven is one that gets close, but it deals with a very specific type I acknowledge the fact that there is no one true scenario in a BDSM relationship, nevertheless the writer has to sell me on the one they re trying to portray.For starters, I feel the story should have started earlier Then we could have seen how the other Doms treat their subs in the office atmosphere to get a better idea of why Jacob was so desperate not to be seen as being anything but in control We were told he was afraid of being outed often enough, but we never saw why Even if Jacob had considered the different pairings and the type of men in them than just the Peter Ingram is all Dom being the only evidence offered In any case, the latter just came across in this story as an insensitive brute who sensed something was going on but never talked about it.Secondly, all the talk about being a Dom or a sub got stale after a while Do guys think in those terms Or would it be in terms of being in control or losing control Losing respect, being admired for being strong Admitting to having unmet needs The continual labelling of the relationship as Dom sub made it seem like play rather than real.Next, we were told repeatedly that Lee loved Jacob, but we were never told why or shown it The story flips to his POV at times, but the only feeling I got was all centred around the Dom sub label and nothing for Jacob as a person His taste in food, clothing, what he drove, how he drove it If Lee really loved Jacob as a person, we would see how he related to all these aspects of Jacob s life not just his submissiveness I didn t see any reason for the younger man to love him We re told he wanted to grab him and kiss him senseless, but why I never saw Jacob do anything that would provoke this reaction.I might have believed the story if there had been a scene where Jacob secretly dreamed of having a collar around his neck If he really is a submissive, wouldn t he have envied what Floyd and Carl had When he yelled at someone, did he secretly wish someone yelled at him just like that If so, why Excusing this as being just because he s submissive is a cop out What was Mary like Did she mother him Protect him from everyone else.Like with all Kim s writing, there were scenes that moved me Usually when they were interacting in private and sex was involved Lol.But to reiterate, the main problem was that Jacob s fear of being found out didn t ring true I can appreciate the fact that it s difficult to depict a situation where the person viewing the scene doesn t understand the scenario, and therefore doesn t get what dominance and submission is about beyond the labels, but by not showing the scenes at all, the reader has nothing to back up the premise that underpins the book.Possibly the book is a victim of a restricted word count.One book I feel where this issue could be explored thoroughly is if Kim ever decides to write Hamilton s story in her avian shifter series.From what I can gather about the submissive boss dynamic, the person needs an outlet outside of work where he can let go In many vanilla heterosexual relationships this is the norm Many men, even in they don t realize it, are under the control of their wives inside the house even if that never shows in public They are happy with this setup It doesn t mean they have to rant and rave as bosses or that they are pussy whipped at home Some are very good bosses, but by the time they get home, they have had enough That s the psychological form.Kim s Jacob exhibited the different dynamic where the boss felt he needed to be punished This can get into a whole different mindset where his past must be explored Unresolved guilt questioned Early abuse checked for Kim, being British, has possibly seen this dynamic with Members of Parliament being caught with their pants down being whipped by a Domme in high heels and scanty leather.Is it because they have a true pain kink or are deeper psychological issues involved Is it that after caring for other people at work they need to feel someone cares for them and they are the centre of someone else s attention Some of Joey Hill s books explore this theme in an m f environment Translating this to m m, with the Dom being younger, possibly but not in this case physically weaker, holding a lesser rung on the corporate ladder is the tricky thing.Dom sub relationships are very much about the tight links that bind people together During scenes, the total focus is on the other person In an age where there may be thousands of virtual or fleeting relationships, having one that is one hundred percent focussed can be the true need.

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    Really only the length on these keeps them from 5 star ratings mostly Great story and I felt for Jacob I appreciated the attempt to set out the masochist and submissive as two things because the pain part, for Jacob, seemed to be entirely related to grounding and calming him and that s how I feel so I could relate I did have a hard time picturing Lee as this young 20 something because his attitude just seemed older I kept wishing we d meet his family or something as, for a kid this young to be this confident and assured, he must of had a hell of an upbringing I liked the interactions and I understood Jacob s fears to a degree but I m not sure he didn t work himself into the tizzy because I seriously doubt any of the other 3 give a fig about whether he s a Dom or a Sub I get how he didn t want to be perceived to have lost power but not how he made the leap that all of it fits I gave him a break though thinking perhaps it was also his upbringing because those who fear loss of control really struggle against the submissive side of them due to this Many than others.

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    What can I say, I adore Kim Dare, and this book was a perfect end to the Sex Sells series It was perfect.

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    Me encant

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    Most of this book is about Jacob who felt like he had to adopt a dom persona in order to be successful in the business environment of SKIN Inc in which all the other three founding partners are doms.Then entered Lee, a temp staff who makes Jacob yearning for the very things he had been suppressing.The things that baffled me a bit was that how did Jacob, who I presumed, should be entranced in Dom Sub lifestyle since both in his friend and his businesses were deeply immersed in, seemed to have little understanding of how Dom Sub relationship works.What I liked about this book, view spoiler was that when Jacob break things off with Lee, the story did not progress in the way I thought it would be As in how it would usually be that Lee would feel hurt and went home and Jacob would realize his mistakes after a week and chase Lee to patch things up What happened was that Lee would not back down and they hashed things out later that night I appreciate this quite a bit as this is the way that hardly get written in M M romance that I have hide spoiler

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    I love this book Kim Dare s fourth and sniffle final book in her Sex Sells series is outstanding This one focuses on the last partner, Jacob, at the SKIN advertising agency It s sweet, poignant, and sexy as hell as Jacob learns to conquer his fears and insecurities with the help of wonder dom Lee and learns to proudly embrace his submissiveness even while surrounded by his Super Dom business partners friends Kim Dare has ALWAYS shown the emotional courage it takes to be a true submissive To paraphrase one of her stories Natural subs are erotic, doormats are not She has always shown the respect a true sub deserves from his her dominant, and how important fulfilling a sub s needs are to a caring and loving dominant.I highly recommend you read this series in order I ll definitely be re reading these stories again and again ENJOY

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    This book was fun to read I enjoyed the pacing, the development of the relationship and the dynamic between the two MCs I particularly enjoyed getting to know Lee I feel like I always say this about Kim Dare books, but I love that she gives both character s POVs In most D s books, the Dom is this sort of wall of unknowable strength that has no thoughts or feelings or at least none that are shared with the reader But in most KD books, both characters are fully dimensional and I really love that I feel connected to the characters so the book is a better read for me This one was no exception if anything Lee was fully realized for me than Jacob But I still loved Jacob I really felt for his struggle between what he wanted and what he feared others thought of him All in all, a good read with memorable characters can t really ask for

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    Jacob is a man who requires a certain level of respect to do his job Rolling over and appearing weak will not work so he has suppressed his own desires Lee knows precisely who he is and what he desires Can he persuade Jacob that he can let go of what he doesn t need to control and still be the capable man he is My main gripe Dare writes interesting, complicated characters and I really prefer when they are fully developed It s like peeping through a window with the curtains drawn except for just that one sliver I want them drawn back, slowly and completely.

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Turning the Tables (Sex Sells, #4) download Turning the Tables (Sex Sells, #4) , read online Turning the Tables (Sex Sells, #4) , kindle ebook Turning the Tables (Sex Sells, #4) , Turning the Tables (Sex Sells, #4) 11c14e175a13 If There S One Thing Lee Can T Stand, It S A Submissive Pretending To Be A Dominant When The Man In Question Is The Most Stunning Submissive He S Ever Set Eyes On, It S Obvious That Something Has To Be DoneTurning The Tables On A Man Who S Spent Years Pretending To Be Someone He S Not Isn T Easy Teaching A Man, Who Spends Every Day Struggling To Hold His Own Against The Dominants That Surround Him, That Submission Isn T A Weakness, Is Even HarderCan Jacob Neilson Learn To Submit Would The Other Owners Of SKIN Designs Accept It If He Did And, Most Importantly Of All, Can Lee Hold Everything Together When It All Threatens To Fall Apart Can The Man Who S Given The Other Partners Hell Over Playing Where They Work Really Risk The Future Of SKIN Designs Over A Temp