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Rock the Shack chapter 1 Rock the Shack , meaning Rock the Shack , genre Rock the Shack , book cover Rock the Shack , flies Rock the Shack , Rock the Shack 228b2a29d4761 From Weekend Homes To Get Away Cabins In The Mountains, By The Sea, Or In The Woods, This Architecture Embodies Our Longing For Lounging In Nature For The First Time In The History Of Humankind, People Live In Cities Than In The Country Yet, At The Same Time, And City Dwellers Are Yearning For Rural Farms, Mountain Cabins, Or Seaside Homes These Kinds Of Refuges Offer Modern Men And Women A Promise Of What Urban Centers Usually Cannot Provide Quiet, Relaxation, Being Out Of Reach, Getting Back To Basics, Feeling Human Again Rock The Shack Is A Survey Of Such Contemporary Refuges From Around The World From Basic To Luxury The Book Features A Compelling Range Of Sparingly To Intricately Furnished Cabins, Cottages, Second Homes, Tree Houses, Transformations, Shelters, And Cocoons The Look Of The Included Structures From The Outside Is Just As Important As The View From Inside What These Diverse Projects Have In Common Is An Exceptional Spirit That Melds The Uniqueness Of A Geographic Location With The Individual Character Of The Building S Owner And Architect

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    Stunning structures in even amazing settings I was a little disappointed there there were relatively few actually livable spaces the majority of these are writing rooms, saunas, follies, boat houses etc Lots to think about for next time I daydream about selling up and moving to the edge of nowhere and never working for anyone else, ever again Somewhere cold And quiet With fast internet and coffee though.

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    I got this book as a gift to get inspiration for my own shack It s perfect for some dreaming while sipping tea Unfortunately I am often missing detail shots and better depth.

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    It s been a while since I have been this excited about the physical nature of a book, never mind the content The paper this is printed on is a thick, semi glossy kind, which perfectly complements the typeface, particularly the one used in the headings and chapter titles I ADORE it The layout of the opening pages featuring this elegant, black font on stark white paper is reason enough to look at the book Moving on, the subject matter of this title is equally compelling Showcasing various living spaces that are functionally and aesthetically designed to seamlessly flow with the surrounding environment, these spaces promote sustainable construction Beautiful, small, and livable, perhaps this way of living is the necessary opposite to the giant cookie cutter houses of suburbia that are so prevalent today Worth reading and worth buying, this book is a wonderful piece of art.

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    Tired of city living Are your neighbors driving you crazy This collection of architectural gems will inspire you to get away from it all Structures range from simple huts and teahouses to glamorous cabins with modern lines Many of the submissions are from Europe and Japan, and the architectural designs will inspire you to downsize and escape These quirky and unique dwellings showcase the human desire to create a sense of home.

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    Read while staying in a fantastic refurbished beach shack in Inverness, CA I learned that there are a LOT of sustainable , minimalist rustic retreats in Norway I want to stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel next time I m in Norway

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    Lovely photos, though I wish there was descriptive text for some of the structures This book is great day dream fodder and will stengthen your desire to run away into a shelter of your own construction.

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    Phenomenal structures from around the world.motivates simple living and travel.

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    Absolutely beautiful book Gave it as a gift after drooling over every page.

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    Gorgeous photos and inspirational architecture.

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    Gorgeous, I love all these inventive little dwellings, some of which are in our local vicinity.Adding to my gift list.