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The Other Typist pdf The Other Typist, ebook The Other Typist, epub The Other Typist, doc The Other Typist, e-pub The Other Typist, The Other Typist 336d6042900 A Haunting Debut Novel Set Against The Background Of New York City In The S Confessions Are Rose Baker S Job A Typist For The New York City Police Department, She Sits In Judgment Like A High Priestess Criminals Come Before Her To Admit Their Transgressions, And, With A Few Strokes Of The Keys Before Her, She Seals Their Fate But While She May Hear About Shootings, Knifings, And Crimes Of Passion, As Soon As She Leaves The Room, She Reverts To A Dignified And Proper Lady Until Odalie Joins The Typing PoolAs Rose Quickly Falls Under The Stylish, Coquettish Odalie S Spell, She Is Lured Into A Sparkling Underworld Of Speakeasies And Jazz And What Starts As Simple Fascination Turns Into An Obsession From Which She May Never Recover

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    3.5 starsWell, I feel like I need a cigarette and a martini What to say about this book It s such a mind fuck that it s hard to piece together, and I m not certain that the story or the ending actually makes sense Set in the mid 1920s in New York during the Prohibition, the novel follows Rose the narrator who becomes obsessed perhaps sexually with another typist at work the beautiful, charming, alluring, mysterious Odalie Rose and Odalie are typists at a New York police station They take down confessions and transcribe various notes As Rose and Odalie grow closer, Rose realizes that Odalie is involved is some unsavory activities having to do with bootlegging She also realizes she has no idea which of Odalie s stories about her past is true, or if any of them are Who is Odalie Where does she get her money Where does she come from A summer outing to a Gatsby like mansion outside of the city pushes Rose and Odalie into a jarring meeting with someone from the past This was such an odd book, well written but overstyled and too heavy on the exposition and internal monologue There s also a LOT of foreshadowing, and I mean a lot It s not subtle It sort of hits you over the head a few times Rindell uses phrases such as Had I known then what I know now, Oh, how little I really knew, You may think me naive, but and so on, ad nauseum We realize early on that Rose is a naive narrator, and again this particular construct is not in the least bit subtle We don t discover that we ve been duped we anticipate being duped We also know that something bad will happen at the end, and the whole book is filled with tension leading up to this climax Except the climax is not a great surprise, and the ending, while weirdly delicious, isn t really believable For a twist to have an a ha moment of total clarity, I think we need to be able to trace the story and see the clues along the way so that the conclusion makes sense you know how at the end of The Sixth Sense, you re like, holy crap, he s dead, he s totally dead, of course he is Well, this isn t like that Maybe the ambiguity is the point, but I found it strangely jarring yet not completely satisfying But, hell, at least it made me think.

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    I don t know how I can properly review this book My head is still reeling from that ending.This book is a delicious mix of 1920s crime, punishment and mystery Just who are Rose and Odalie, really I still don t know Which one is Ginevra Were either of them ever Ginevra I am a sucker for a poisonous relationship in a book and all that it can bring, and this one is TOXIC Odalie is mesmerising to everyone, even the reader who should be able to see through her She is like an enchantress, weaving the actions and words of everyone and everything to her benefit.I loved the lavish lifestyle of Rose and Odalie as described in this book It makes me want to bob my long hair and loose a lot of weight so I can pull of the gorgeous outfits, and move into a sumptuous suite in a hotel.I think you ll appreciate this book about prohibition New York best with a gin and tonic or a champagne cocktail I know it made me want one I received this as a Goodreads First Read Thank you very much Penguin for this wonderful read.NOVEMBER 2013 SIX MONTHS ONI first read this book in May and I still can t stop thinking about it It s the type of book that gets into your head and stays with you.I still want to drink cocktails and smoke cigarettes in long holders and wear gorgeous clothes and live in an opulent hotel Heck, I even want to work as a civilian in the police force seriously.All through the book you think one thing, then near the end another thing, and then the last page, the last words, just completely smash your theory to smithereens.I m still wondering about that ending, about how it all ended up like that and how crazy the journey was I even contacted the author to tell her how much I enjoyed this book and she s lovely.I will be re reading this book, that is certain It will be my cheeky Christmas read it s lavish enough to make the season all the special.June 2015 2 YEARS ONThis book is still haunting me I m itching to read it again but at the same time pretty apprehensive, because will it be as awesome as I remember. I received a copy of this for free via Goodreads First Reads.

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    First of all, let me say that I was dying to give this book five starsbut there were a few big things that meant that I couldn t.First off, what I liked Oh my gosh This is an author with a great voice The wording was excellent and it pulled me in from the get go She knows how to create atomosphere without bogging the book down in pointless detail and that is a skill that is lacking far too often in books She didn t use a lot of words when she set her scenes, but I could actually smell the scents she described and feel the emotions The other thing that I loved was that the characters were very realistic Some of them were well rounded than others, but even the minor characters felt real No one was cliched or stilted and I loved that I really can t say enough good things about her characters Finally, clearly she has done her research The historic details were spot on and really made me feel like I d dropped into the twenties.What I didn t like the ending I won t give anything away, but it was one of those where you aren t really sure what happened If it was meant to be Odalie then the details don t add up at all However, if it wasn t Odalie then the very last sentence makes no sense unless there is a sequel and this book didn t feel like it needed a sequel until that moment So it really kind of left me scratching my head a little.For a first novel, this book is excellent with only a few minor points to improve upon With a little added clarity in the end this book would be five stars for sure.

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    Moderately entertaining, I suppose, but this has to be one of the most overwritten books of all time So many adjectives So many adverbs So many idioms when a single word would do just as well Vast amounts of clunky, obvious foreshadowing And a narrator who s unreliable which we know because she helpfully tells us so, several times Uh, that s not really how you re supposed to do it The whole thing reads like some kind of parody I can t recommend it If you re in the mood for some 1920s set fiction with Gatsby aspirations, read Rules of Civility Don t bother with this.11 3 2014 I feel like I need to edit this review to point out that even the people who liked this book are confused about the ending, which is one of the book s major failings A twisty or surprise ending is not an asset if it s so confusing that nobody can actually figure out what the hell happened So don t think the fact that you didn t understand the ending is your fault It s actually a major flaw in the book itself.I received this ARC via Shelf Awareness, in case anyone is wondering There was no expectation of any kind of review.

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    The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell is one of those novels with the right amount of suspense and intrigue that leaves you guessing right until the novel s conclusion.The story centres around Rose who is employed as a stenographer in a New York Police Department and appears to be innocent and naive and somewhat staid in her ways Rose s life changes forever the day the other typist is hired to work in her department and we see Rose become obsessed by the flamboyant Odalie.Rose is an unreliable narrator and while I have met a few unreliable narrators in fiction novels over the past few months I still enjoy this sort of fiction. For Now I really loved the descriptive writing and thought the author did a fantastic job in giving the reader a sense of time and place and I was certainly catapulted right back to the 1920s and was very reluctant to leave.The characters of Rose and Odalie are extremely well drawn and not likable which I know will bother a lot of readers as they will find it difficult to connect with these ladies but I loved the characters in this novel as they are complex and well drawn The writing is very descriptive but this works for this novel and I loved the descriptions which conjured wonderful images in my head of New York and the 1920s On finishing the novel my reaction was , WoW I really wanted a little bit of escapism and I certainly got it with this book So 5 stars is what I am rating this novel because I really enjoyed it and I think it will make a great summer read.

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    long, drawn out sigh

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    I feel really really bad saying this, but it was a disappointment for me The set up sounded so juicy, but it didn t live up to it for me Overall, I found it superficial, melodramatic and unbelievable By that I mean, I believe these characters could have indeed existed as people and that these events could indeed have happened, however I did not believe the development was sufficient in making the characters multidimensional and circumstances were insufficiently described.Now, I know a lot of the above is because of the perspective with which the story is told The protagonist, or narrator, is shaping the lense through which the story was told or retold But since I found her to be insufficiently developed, I did not care for her tone and therefore the tone of the story I also didn t like her, which brings me to my next issue.The protagonist, Rose, was just not likable In fact, she was annoying I know that the reader doesn t have to like the protagonist But the reader should feel invested There have been many stories where I did not like the narrator Gone Girl , however, the reader has to feel invested in the life and perspective of the character Rose s inner monologue, along with other elements of the story that she described, reminded me of stories from the Romantic Era and dare I even compare it to the vapid main character in the groan Gray series Rose is either as boring as she explains herself to be, and why would I be interested in that Or she isn t, and why do I want to feel like she is fishing for compliments the whole book Additionally, I found times where character development was either poorly developed or inconsistent For example, Odalie is apparently very good and being sneaky, being mysterious, and keeping calm under pressure Yet, when she meets Teddy at the garden party, she is uncharacteristically nervous and lets it show immensely to everyone If she s a true sociopath, which she was painted to be, she would keep her cool or show a teeny tiny smidge of something that Rose caught on being that she is obsessed with documenting her, I know this is likely showing how much his presence impacts her, but it was just such a jump In theory, people were either black or white with nothing in between and the times where the author did try for autonomy seemed forced and superficial The scene between Rose and Vitali in the interview room where she draws blood Not believable to me There were other instances in the book that reminded me of throw backs to the Romantic Era of literature i.e the Inspector Detective who is obviously a stand in for Mr Darcey And there were literary allusions to Jane Austen as well, but I couldn t decide if this was purposeful to show the personality and interests of Rose or just a recycled storyline In the acknowledgements, the author refers to her paying homage to this great book one or two times in the story, but to me, it was much than that It was an insufficient tribute recycled storyline.And speaking of recycled storylines, the whole time I was reading this book, I was thinking that this story sounded very familiar A plain protagonist in the wings chronicling the journey of a flashy newfound friend set in the 1920s Said flashy friend has a mysterious past that keeps changing and said charismatic friend also seems to have a poor mastery of geography when it comes to saying where they are from Middle West San Francisco, Santa Fe California.Yes, I felt like I was reading a poor man s or in this case poor woman s Great Gatsby And that s something you just can t recreate no matter how great of a writer you are.A lot of people are talking about the ending and what a surprise it was etc etc I didn t feel surprised at all and didn t think it was a very fair twist The jumping around in chronology seemed less like a suspense tactic and like a dirty trick Like the unbelievable movie storylines that end up being a dream and never really happened It left me feeling cheated.This all being said, I finished the book And I will indeed stop reading a book if I feel like it s a lost cause And there are slews of positive review on this book so its all about opinion and style preference.I think this is just not the type of style writing and novels I enjoy these days The voice and perspective reminded me a lot like A Thousand White Women, another book many people loved than I did.The writer is obviously smart and talented She is writing in a genre that is popularly and relies upon the reader recognizing certain elements of the genre So it s like it s a given that elements are recycled and you just go along with it such as in Chick Lit, Fantasy, etc Suzanne Rindell wrote and published a full length novel during a time where there are a lot of options in her genre and a lot of readers loved it so kudos to her I would read her second book.Obviously I am in the minority on this because it seems to be a popular book on here.

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    This was an excellent debut, and the author will no doubt go on to write some great stuff I see this as a movie.However There were some elements no spoilers that just weren t quite believable And I have some historical quibbles No one will care but me I m just satisfying my urge to nitpick 1 The protagonist claims a typing speed of 160 wpm The world speed record was 147 wpm in 1923 I type 92 wpm on a modern computer keyboard, but I learned on a 1920s era Underwood, which is why I checked This took me about one minute to research I d chalk it up to an unreliable narrator except that such a fuss was made about using a stopwatch for a speed test, and how she did the work of two people.2 The fox trot is unjustly accused of becoming unfashionable On the contrary, the vast majority of recorded dance music sold from the end of WWI through the 1940s was for the fox trot It has never completely faded away to the present day, and in 1924 it would have been the fast dance I love it it s fun, easy to learn, easy for a man to teach to even a klutzy novice partner, and a number only lasts about 3 minutes so it doesn t require much social investment But anyway.3 I don t buy the concept of a visibly pregnant woman being allowed to go to work in that context in 1924 It wasn t necessary to the story, either.4 Where did Odalie learn to type My grandmother learned in business school in the 30s.One day I ll write a historical novel It will be accurate and nobody will read it.

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    Holy Crap I really don t know what to think about the outcome of this debut novel, but I sure was surprised What I think I know for sure is this..

    It s the roaring 20 s in New York City and a psycho lunatic is on the loose disguised as a young woman no spoiler here

    Rose is an honest, hard working stenographer working for the lower east side police precinct who shares a small room in a boarding house with a lying, gossiping bitch.

    Odalie is a rich, high society dame with a personal agenda who comes to work at the precinct and befriends Rose who soon becomes her roommate and bosom buddy moving into her classy upscale hotel.

    What happens next is big time, but subtle obsession, revengeful betrayal, multiple murders, outrageous lies and an unexpected ending you ll not deduct from this review, and that s a fact

    Suspenseful, a bit wordy at times, but Great Debut

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    The narration of the book was superb, the entire book was amazing, and the ending was incredible The characters came alive, and I could see every scene vividly Ms Rindell brought to the literary world a great style and an extraordinary book Her descriptions are so lyrical and detailed you can easily and pleasantly visualize even the slightest action The main stage of the book takes place in a police station, but that was not a detriment to the story The smooth, easy flow of the novel was flawless, entertaining, and a bit mysterious The book focused on the lives of the two main characters, Rose and Odalie, with Odalie being the other typist The author was exploring relationships and human interaction.something we all have in our lives and need to deal with Rose was the honest, unassuming one and Odalie seemed to want a friend but was manipulative, cunning, almost villian like, and had another life separate from her typist s life at the police station A life that Rose was not aware of but found out as their friendship progressed.It was quite easy to get involved in the characters lives which made the book difficult to put down You will absolutely love how the book flowed but you will also be afraid for Rose as she enters this new relationship with Odalie I liked Rose at the beginning but became disappointed as the book continued because of how she changed and how she was so captivated and easily swayed by Odalie I didn t like Odalie from the minute she walked through the door at the police station on her first day of her new job I could immediately tell what kind of person she was Are you curious why I am saying this You will have to find out when you read this impressive book.Think of a friendship you had in your life Was it a friendship that lasted, was it simply a friendship that you thought was a good one but one that didn t last, was it one you really shouldn t have been in, or was it one that turned out to be a friendship for life This book has everything a wonderful book should have a beautiful writing style, characters you will become attached to, outstanding descriptions, an easily pulled into storyline, and a bit of secrecy and intrigue Absolutely loved it 5 5This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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