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Mortal Bonds summary Mortal Bonds, series Mortal Bonds, book Mortal Bonds, pdf Mortal Bonds, Mortal Bonds e81f96ca14 From The Author Of The Extraordinary Edgar Nominated Debut Novel Black Fridays, A Sensational Story Of Murder And Financial Corruption And One Man S Continued Search For RedemptionWilliam Von Becker Ran One Of The Largest Privately Held Investment Banks In North America, Until The Bottom Fell Out, And The Whole Edifice Was Demonstrated To Be A FraudAfter Von Becker Dies In Prison, Financial Investigator Jason Stafford Is Hired By His Family There Is Still A Lot Of Missing Money Out There, He S Told, And They Want Stafford To Find It Before The Feds Do And Certain Other Parties, Some Of Whom Are Nowhere Near As Scrupulous In Their Methods Bad Things Start Happening To The People Stafford Talks To Soon Bad Things Are Happening To Him As WellMaking It Worse, His Treacherous Ex Wife Has Come To Town, Ostensibly To Visit Their Young Son Stafford Suspects There S To It Than That, But Even He Has No Idea How Much That Visit Is About To Change All Their Lives And Send Him Off To The Next Chapter Of His Life

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    3.75 stars After his introduction as a parolee in Black Friday, Jason Stafford has found a new career as a financial consultant, helping to ferret out criminal activity in the financial world He is hired by the family of a dead patriarch, with a Ponzi scheme hedge fund e.g., Bernie Madoff As in the first book, there are two parallel story lines The government cannot find any money, but Jason is promised a lifetime annuity if he can find the money He cleverly goes back over old ground, delving into new areas, and finds the money, making friends and enemies along the way And his personal life remains very complicated As in the first book, the body count is high, especially when you wrap in money laundering for drug lords.

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    Jason Stafford is back as an ex con inside trader with an autistic son and a heart of gold He is hired by the family of a man who was convicted of running a ponzi scheme, who has just died in prison.I struggle to understand the finer nuances of the financial world Jason Stafford runs in, but I love the scenes involving his son Sears captures the daily struggle of a parent of a special needs child trying to balance your immense love with your utter frustration.

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    I am totally captivated by the Jason Stafford financial thriller series Book two may be even better than the first entry.Stafford, a former BSD trader who spent time in prison for financial wrong doing, is an interesting character on his own But his posse of supporting characters is rich especially his six year old autistic son Kid is the soul of the work.But Michael Sears plots and insight into financial evils is the key ingredient that makes this all work And Stafford s clever solving of complex financial crimes makes for a great read.

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    Compelling financial thriller Jason Stafford, recently released from prison, is working as a freelance financial investigator He is hired by the van Becker family to search for missing money the head of the family s investment bank, William van Becker, had been exposed as a scammer and has died in prison As Stafford searches for the money, he finds other parties are looking for it too, and his life is in danger.This is a pacy and intelligent thriller There are a few info dumps about bearer bonds and other financial instruments, but it would be hard to follow the plot without them, and at least they are clearly explained and integrated into the dialogue The financial background is interesting and there are some clever twists.There is a subplot based around Stafford s ex wife and autistic son I found this rather long winded and distracting at first, but once they are drawn into the action of the main plot, it became satisfying 3.5 stars but rounded up as it was a gripping read and a different perspective on a thriller.

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    I loved this book I read it in one sitting It s a financial thriller Great plot, one that I could follow even though I m not a financial wiz Many well defined characters Wonderful descriptions of settings scenes so that I could visualize the people and the places The author writes very well and with humor in all the right places I really liked the interplay between Stafford and the Kid , his autistic 6 year old son The ex wife was written perfectly Highly recommended

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    Jason Stafford is an ex Wall Street trader, an ex con and the father of an autistic 6 year old son who is a handful This is the second book in the series, and in this outing Jason goes to work for an extremely wealthy family whose patriarch was jailed for a Ponzi scheme which lost people millions of dollars There appears to be some unaccounted for money in the billions that the family wants Jason to find There are many avenues for Jason to investigate, including to no surprise some unsavory characters The investigation itself is interesting, but for me this series is all about the characters, Jason, his son, his father, friends, and FBI agent and his ex wife and her family These are interesting and engaging people It is a group with whom I like to spend time The story moves quickly and is an entertaining read.

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    Reading Sears book is like eating a fine meal You start with the appetizer that is just the building block to get your juices flowing for the next dish The salad is a filler to calm the nerves before the main event Now you sit in anticipation for the entree and when the waiter finally places it in front of you, there is no hesitation as you dig in and thoroughly enjoy each mouthful You devour the food torn between savoring every bite and not being able to eat fast enough Finally, you come up for air but it s not quite over, there is the sweetness of dessert and the richness of coffee that completes the full meal.You always walk away both satisfied and wanting .

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    This was a nice tidy thriller mystery and Sears does a good job explaining financial items, such as bearer bonds, so anyone can understand them but the pros wouldn t get bored A quick read and everything tied up in a bow at the end There was a couple times where things worked out much too easily but it kept the story going I d suggest Sears throw some red herrings in his next book to throw off the sleuths 3.5 rounded down I didn t read the first one but didn t have any problems following the characters Perhaps in the first one it explains how Jason married a model Cover fits the story.

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    Received as an ARC via my employer Barnes Noble Started on 10 7 13 Finished on 10 12 13 Even though I know little about high finance, Mr Sears does a good job of explaining terms and procedures A former Wall Streeter, crooked deals, prison time, an ex wife, a girlfriend, an autistic son, and numerous friends in high and low places add up to an exciting adventure that moves much quicker than you d expect Jason Stafford is not a gun toting mercenary, he just knows his stuff and he s clever Never fires a shot or throws a punch, but he knows how to beat people at their own game.

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    I really enjoy these books The main character is pretty standard but his son, to whom he s devoted, is autistic and so beautifully written The author makes the exwife out to be a villainous, unsympathetic creature I m sure women like her exist but she reads like a caricature The story is over my head at times I just don t care enough about the world of trading money to understand it completely but that doesn t hamper my enjoyment of the story There s just enough action and just enough explanation that the story moves on very well.

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