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  • Paperback
  • 574 pages
  • Memorial Day
  • Vince Flynn
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9781416548003

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    8 10After a lacklustre outing in the previous book it was good to have Mitch Rapp back up to full throttle If anything, this was Mitch Rapp turned up to 11 The plot was everything you could want in this sort of story, a one man army interrogating hostages to find out about a plot to let some big bombs of in Washington on Memorial Day and then the fun and frolics of trying to stop these events from unfolding.I say this was Mitch Rapp turned up to 11 because, well he doesn t like terrorists in any of the previous books but, in this one he just goes mental on them Terrorism take note, Mitch Rapp is mad Straight off the bat he s at them and just blowing them away like I would delete an email at work And this is just the start Low behold anybody who tries to question his methods, such as say POTUS, he will go mental on you too, but not to the same extreme.I was worried on how the series was going to pan out after the last book but I am happy with a return to form here Great speed to the story and an intriguing plot with enough red herrings to keep you guessing Interesting also that there was no appearance here of Mitch s wife who has nothing to bring to the party in my eyes anyway Great escapism for a couple of days, it won t blow you away but Mitch Rapp might if you question his methods I look forward to continuing this series once again If you like this try The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver

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    I read this one out of order, still good though.I think a lot of us hope there s a Mitch Rapp out there sometimes, but then we remember that mostly things come down to the people over the field operatives.Good book Still Flynn.

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    Here s my review system I score on four categories and average them together for the number of stars The four categories are character development are the characters deep and complex, plot is it interesting , voice is the narration smooth and engaging and cliche level is it predictable Character development 3 stars No surprises herethriller stuffnot a ton of depthPlot 3 stars Okaysome suspense but no great twistsVoice 5 stars Great pleasant to readCliche level 2 stars Bad terrorists, stiff bureaucrats, angry herosthe usual fareIt was okay but not superthe usual thriller stuff which isn t my fave.If you like Robert B Parker, Janet Evanovich or Michael Connelley you might like On The Ropes and TKO

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    Absolutely fantastic I heart Vince Flynn Rapp is such a kick ass character and I can t wait to read the next book The way Rapp has developed over time is very well done I am sceptical that they ll do Rapp and Flynn justice in the upcoming film however.

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    Vince Flynn s novels concerning the American Assassin Mitch Rapp are amongst my favorite books to read I originally grabbed a Flynn novel off the new fiction book rack at my local library and immediately fell in love with author and his Mitch Rapp character which lead me to read every book in the Mitch Rapp series.Mitch Rapp is a low profile, non documented CIA operative who is sent around the world to hunt and kill terrorists bent on destroying the United States He is the person we all want on our side, but none of us truly wants to admit exists.In Memorial Day, Rapp is told about a possible nuclear attack on Washington, D.C during a Memorial Day celebration and the unveiling of a wall of WWII heroes Heading into a remote village in Afghanistan, Rapp locates an Al Quada stronghold and easily defuses the plot in America.While the politicians do their back slapping good ole boy gig feeling that they have once again been spared, Rapp realizes that the plot was too easily defused, meaning that the true attack is still in progress.Flynn takes his readers into the realm that no one wants to acknowledge truly exists with page turning adventure and psychological thrills that begin on page one and cease on the last page Flynn offers his readers a chance to think, feel and acknowledge that 9 11 was not the only attack Americans have had to deal with.

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    Another satisfying romp with one of my favorite cut through the red tape and get things done characters Mitch Rapp This time Mitch is confronted with the threat of a nuclear device being detonated in the nation s capital The regular Vince Flynn themes are present Politicians are not experts in protecting our country the Patriot act is a good thing Islam is a peaceful religion except for the radical elements and liberals are just getting in the way of truly protecting our great nation.Despite all of these right wing stereotypes Flynn delivers a truly page turning experience Maybe the book is a bit preachy, but it certainly delivers on excitement and the testosterone drenched excitement that one has come to expect from a Vince Flynn novel.An added bonus I was taken aback by how some of the assumptions made in the novel That Pakistan is not really an ally has proven true in the contemporary news media For a novel published in 2004, it seems that on some level Mr Flynn has a handle on the current geopolitical situation.

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    Vince Flynn has gone too far At least that s what the Dept of Energy thinks The Department of Energy keeps track of our nuclear weapons Memorial Day was too exacting in it s details that the agency put the book on security review because they suspected that maybe Flynn s sources may have told him some classified information It was probably over something boring.I can imagine some pencil necked geek saying, How doe s he know what the blast radius of a 20 Kiloton nuclear weapon is Mitch Rapp is a CIA operative, a nice name for an assassin As he goes about interrogating prisoners we find that the novel is an argument for the use of torture, The theme of the story is that Washington needs to keep it s hands off the CIA entirely.This is the only book I ve read of Flynn s Like a jewel it s beauty is in the details It s full of fascinating little facts about the inner workings of FBI, CIA, and yes the Department of Energy I liked the book in much the same way I like to watch a Batman movie It was a fun read but I didn t really warm up to most of the characters The only one that seemed real was his boss, the director of the CIA, Irene Kennedy Mitch himself was a two dimensional carboard character It seems that all we know about him is that he likes to kill terrorists.It s a great read I give it a thumbs up After reading it I m sure you will be suspecting your neighbors of being part of a sleeper cell.

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    Vince Flynn writes about a character called Mitch Rapp who is a tough go get em kinda guy Total tough guy that gets the job done I love a good character series and Flynn creates a great series with this character All the books are good

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    This book was too formulaic for my tastes All characters were nothing short of arrogant, ego driven, superstars They were sickishly attractive, athletic, intelligent, and connected than 99.99% of the real world population They were spending an impossible 26 hours a day working yet still managed to have time to be in impeccable physical condition Not a single character managed to say anything insightful nor did they possess the ability to be introspective about their circumstances As a result, I was not able to emotionally connect with a single character in the novel I know that I am supposed to suspend disbelief, but I really struggle with the fact that Rapp had that much unadulterated control He was involved in nearly every aspect of the process That just doesn t seem plausible to me On the bright side, this book prompted me to learn a bit about Acute Radioation Syndrome It also made me ponder our current geopolitical environment Is it really to one s advantage to follow rules by the book when dealing with such matters The author certainly supported the Patriot Act in this novel It definitely brings up ethical considerations

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    The nation s capital is buzzing with Memorial Day preparations Despite the energy of the city, CIA operative Mitch Rapp senses trouble and the intelligence gathered is pointing to a major terrorist attack on the United States Rapp wants to get to the sources and immediately leaves for Afghanistan, where he leads a Special Forces unit on a daring commando raid across the border into a remote Pakistani village Their target an Al Qaeda stronghold, once there, Rapp and his team discover plans for a catastrophic nuclear attack on Washington DC With Memorial Day closing fast, a way must be found to prevent a disaster of unimaginable proportions The counterterrorism team is on a quest to prevent a tragedyVince Flynn is a great action thriller writer Fans of the TV program 24 will love this fast pace book, action is quick and dirty, highly entertaining The main characters are Rapp an unbelievable super hero, Irene Kennedy Rapp s handler and boss, a woman with an exceptional outlook towards his attitude and President Hayes a trusting man giving Rapp unrealistic freedom to act The book is fun to read, a real cliff hanger, very hard to put down.

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About the Author: Vince Flynn

The fifth of seven children, Vince Flynn was born in St Paul, Minnesota, in 1966 He graduated from the St Thomas Academy in 1984, and the University of St Thomas with a degree in economics in 1988.After college he went to work for Kraft General Foods where he was an account and sales marketing specialist In 1990 he left Kraft to accept an aviation candidate slot with the United States Marine