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    Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews I grabbed this book because it had characters in it that I met while reading I.N.E.T 2 by this author I thought it would be some background leading up to the events and the undercover operation in that other book, but that is what I get for thinking This book is instead about another undercover operation with those characters I ll be honest up front and tell you this is the first book by this author that I haven t loved, and I ll tell you why below.Rick Kendry is a Tampa police officer who works undercover on the Vice Squad, primarily busting johns looking to pick up male prostitutes He is twenty eight, but looks much younger, plus he is gay, so the perfect fit for his position His Lieutenant is a homophobic douche, which seems to be a standard in Ms Cothern s tales of the Tampa PD I m not sure if this man is the same one she mentions elsewhere in her stories, but I m sure he wouldn t be a great guy to work for if you were gay.At the beginning of the story, an ICE agent named Ryan Brew Brewster shows up and Rick s boss informs him he has been temporarily assigned to work with the agent on an undercover operation The boss is pissed, because the case is need to know and it turns out Rick s boss doesn t need to know There begins a tale of an undercover operation to bust the Russian Mafia s male sex slave human trafficking operations in Florida I enjoyed the tale and the details of the slave trade operation, even though some details seemed a bit far fetched at times.OK, now to what I personally didn t enjoy, which involves huge swaths of the book As I said above, I love Ms Cothern s books, and usually rave about them but this one was way outside my interests and overall comfort level in spots I m not a huge reader of fetish type books, and boy was this one ever one of those There are a lot of sections that I just plain didn t like in this book That is not to say that others might not love these sections From Masters and Slaves, to Sirs and Boys, to Puppies, to rope play, to heavy BDSM, to non consensual sex scenes involving beatings, to human trafficking and slave auctions this one had it all The non consensual sex that is mentioned in the blurb is outright man on man rape in my opinion Supposedly the male victim who was raped enjoyed it because he had gotten into the pain of it, but that read as hugely unbelievable to me If I ve been drugged and kidnapped, then severely beaten to the point of unconsciousness at least once, kept in a cage, and then you hold me down with your knees on my biceps and force feed me your dick with a knife to my throat, I m pretty sure I m not going to enjoy it and I didn t enjoy at all reading it Then there is the rapist When we find out late in the book who he actually is, and his backstory, some of the events near the end of book just become over the top bizarre in my opinion, particularly the rapist victim chat over tea.The book was well written, and might be of interest to those of you who enjoy those items I detailed in the paragraph above But in my opinion, I was totally the wrong type of reader for this particular book I look forward to future works from this author, but not if it is a continuation of these particular characters I m going to rate this one Good Average even though I personally didn t enjoy some of it because I think the book is good just not my style.

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    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.25 StarsA new author for me and wow..impact made This is 2 books put together and I am glad I read it when both were available, waiting for the second instalment might have killed me Welcome to the world of human trafficking There is nothing about trading in human beings that could appeal to me and the author hasn t downplayed just how awful it is for those involved at all Don t pick up this book and expect fluff and romance.just not happening.Rick Kendry works in vice He is nearly thirty, doesn t quite look twenty and he loves his job He is out, proud and sassy and it seems the perfect person for a task force that requires a gay man to go undercover and look into the kidnapping and slavery trade of gay men.Agent Ryan Brewster, Brew, heads up the task force He is your typical alpha male in a tough role and his piercing eyes take no prisoners.Presumed straight by his co workers he nearly swallows his tongue when he first meets Rick He might be perfect for the job but Brew is sure his life is about to become a lot difficult and frustrating Brew is hiding a lot than the fact that he is gay.The sex happened very quickly between these two It was not professional but damn it was hot and inevitable Brew may or may not be experienced in the way of the BDSM lifestyle but Rick has very little knowledge, so the task begins to train him as a submissive ready to go undercover Rick is so naturally submissive that Brew very quickly loses the line between work and private life The tension keeps rising Rick is a playful character and very quickly realises how he affects Brew With teasing and touching it is not long before their hands are all over each other Leaving their badges at the door was a great way to deal with the sexual tension, until it became , and feelings were involved Brew finally reveals he has a softer side it really was very easy to fall in love with both these characters.As there is a job to be done they quickly adapt to their roles and get involved with the seedier side of trafficking There worlds become fraught with danger, with Russian Mafia and betrayal Just as you think you have it all worked out Rick is left out on a limb and doesn t know who to trust The second book picks up almost immediately where we left them in Not For Sale There has been no contact between Brew and Rick for two weeks Rick is still hurt over his perceived betrayal but Brew is nothing but determined and finally gets the man to talk to him and forgive him Just as things seem to be working out and settling down Rick is drugged and kidnapped His time as a prisoner is brutal.Without giving too much away the story almost seems to go full circle towards the end with another auction Just as you think you have everybody s roles worked out there are surprises Brew prays that if he can rescue Rick it will be the same Rick that comes back to him.

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    Not for Sale is the first book in this two book set and it s a doozy In this book, we meet Rick, an undercover vice cop, and Brew, an ICE agent Brew has been working on bringing down a human trafficking ring that specializes in gay male sex slaves Unbeknownst to his superiors, Brew is a BDSM Master, so he already has a well established identity in the right circles and because of this, Brew knows he needs a specific type of person to go undercover with him to get the job done After searching through Florida law enforcement personnel records he believes that Rick may just be what he needs As it turns out, Rick is exactly what Brew needs both professionally and personally I have to say that I adored both of these characters The combination of Brew s alpha Dom personality and Rick s natural sexual submissiveness because he s too snarky to be a full time sub are perfect and the attraction between the two is incendiary Good gracious these two are hot and the sex scenes are sizzling The relationship development is taken up a notch when Brew takes care of Rick after an unexpectedly passionate interlude this softer side of him just makes Brew that much sexier My only complaint is that the book seemed to end rather abruptly but then again, I m reading the box set and would have been better prepared for the end nearing had I been reading the single book Highest Bidder is the second book in the Undercover Love collection and it is a continuation of the story that began in Not for Sale, picking up almost immediately from the end of book one Because of this, I can say very little about the actual content of the storyline without risking spoilers of book one, so this part of my review will be really short The blurb reveals that Rick is abducted and Brew has to go back undercover, even deeper this time, if he hopes to rescue Rick Needless to say, this installment in the series is action packed and there were several revelations that took me by surprise Despite Rick s separation from Brew, there was further relationship development and, again, the sex was HOT Unlike the first book, I was much better prepared for the ending not to mention, it s a pretty dang good ending From a reader s standpoint, I think the combining of Not for Sale and Highest Bidder into this single collection was an excellent move on the author s part It enabled me to move smoothly from one story to the next and Undercover Love makes for a complete story all in one book The fact that it is sexy as all get out is just a bonus I look forward to read by Ms Cothern.I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Angela at Crystal s Many Reviewers

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    I enjoyed the story of vice cop Rick I.C.E agent Brew Whilst I agree the book may not be for everyone I enjoyed it for the fiction it is Although some parts of the book seemed a little unrealistic to me, I understand it is a story so I was able to go with it It s an intriguing tale of human traffickers the law enforcement trying to stop them It s fast paced with plenty of sexy times a few twists turns that keep you engaged.

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    I tried to like it Really, I did There were even some parts that I loved, but the parts I didn t completely shadowed my experience with this book There s just so much here that left me unsatisfied and going What the fuck that I justI can t As a rape victim myself and a submissive to boot , the captive scenes were really hard for me To actually write and imply that Rick wanted it Being aroused, even by fear, is a natural bodily reaction that most of us can t control, that doesn t mean we want it, that doesn t mean we asked for it Rick during that entire hostage scene was what the people who rape other WANT to see What they WANT to believe their victims react and feel I was honestly sick to my stomach reading it I was crying and screaming because my own experience While not taking away from my ability to submit when I trust someone has made me emotionally distant from everyone in my life My family included I was crying because, while I don t enjoy pain, if there is no trust, it is wrong If it is not safe, sane and the person doesn t give clear consent, it is wrong Rick acted like a mindless sex addict, and even if that was the case, it is wrong and still rape and still traumatic And even faced with the person who held him captive and tortured him, he acts like it s all good in the hood and Hey, I was asking for it Fuck, that broke my heart That ruined everything good I managed to find in the story We don t ask for it We don t consent to it Just because someone gets hard or wet doesn t mean we like it This book hurt me I finished it, I got to when he gets saved and I got to how he dealt with the trauma and I hated all of it The only reason I kept reading was to see if someone would tell him You didn t ask for it, it was wrongly done to you by someone who held power over you It wasn t your fault You re normal for getting aroused and it doesn t mean that your arousal is your consent But that s not what happened Instead, he doesn t tell anybody about what happened, he doesn t deal with it mentally, he doesn t even seem that affected by being held captive, orally raped, held in a cage, or being held in a suspended state of hyperactive fear for nearly a week I m a submissive I am a rape survivor And this book takes everything that happened to me and spit it right back in my face.

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    Tough and TenderTough and tender describes the main characters, the subject matter, and basically the story as a whole Cothern isn t afraid to write about volatile issues and she does so with the perfect balance of sensitivity and frankness She has a way of creating good guys who are genuinely real people with hard decisions to make the fact that they don t always make the right decisions contributes to that genuineness She deftly escapes the trap of presenting everything in black and white It s the shades of gray that are the best and most alluring part of this story I can see where this may not be the right book for everyone and am glad i didn t know too much about it up front If i had i likely would have chosen to skip it That would have been a mistake This is truly an excellent story that is at once engaging and enlightening Very rarely have a read a book in this genre that tests my beliefs and alters my feelings about specific issues.

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    More PleaseI ve really been impressed with the books I ve read by this author I like her style of switching between characters thoughts while they are experiencing the event, instead of one chapter through one character s eyes then the next chapter through another character s eyes.She also has great character development and gets you to invest in their story She created characters that could be used over and over again in sequels Brew and Rick finding out about each other and solving cases along the way I would love to read another book based on this couple I truly enjoyed reading this book.

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    Undercover LoveBrenda has written such a great story of love and kink and putting the two together beautifully Yes there s a story in there of trafficking and the Russian mafia and that is the premise of the story and what brings the characters together The added bonus for me was the education of the terminology of the BDSM world.

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    Interesting insight into a dark world Human trafficking is a tough subject the world as a whole needs to think about A good read Not for the squeamish when sex and violence are involved Enjoyed the story, but would have liked a little of a wrap up with the main characters May track down the re edited version.

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    Warning, rambling review follows view spoiler Better written then most of her books I have read They usually start off tight and then get less and less so the farther you get into the story, this book didn t really do that Usually if I pick up one of her books it s because I m almost guaranteed plenty of hot sex Newsflash that s my thing This book had both an engaging story and hot sex Was it realistic throughout Maybe not, though a lot of it felt real until the twist at the end Was it entertaining You bet As the blurb says, the book contains BDSM, and it made rope bondage sound very appealing I m especially fond of Rick I d love to read about him an the rest of the gang Maybe find someone for Joel There are triggers in this book, so if you have a hard time with non con, human trafficking, or people who get off on pain skip this one hide spoiler

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