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Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series) chapter 1 Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series), meaning Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series), genre Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series), book cover Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series), flies Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series), Joseph Fallen (The Estate Series) 6cd6f9238847f There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Madness Between Love And Hate,Between Right And WrongJoseph Had Created The Estate For Her His Wife,The Woman He Chose To Bear His ChildShe Was Beauty Unsurpassed And Her Song Was Unlike Anything He D Ever KnownHowever, Their Love Was A Story That Would Not Find A Happy EndingIn This Prequel Novella To The Estate Series, Follow Joseph Carmichael As He Creates A World Unlike Any Other Because, In Order To Comprehend The Estate, You Must Understand Joseph But, In Order To Understand Joseph, You Must Discover How A Man Falls From Light Into The Pitch Black Depths Of Ultimate Darkness

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    There s a fine line between many things love and hate, light and dark, brilliance and madness Much like when the sun rises, the light it gives still touches on the light it destroys And it s in that place, the moment between sunrise and day and sunset and night, that is the scariest of all, because they so closely linked that one cannot always be distinguished from the other SOME ADVICE BEFORE YOU START READING THIS BOOK 1 If you re looking for romance, you won t find it here.2 If you re looking for an erotica, you won t find that here either.3 Leave your preconceived notions with all those other dark novels you ve read.What you will find is a story about the slow and horrific demise of one man, Joseph Carmichael Set against the backdrop that is what we have come to know as The Estate CAST My mind regurgitating what I ve just read While reading this book I completely forgot about the Joseph I d read about in Madeleine Abducted I was introduced to a kind and gentle man A man who was hopelessly in love, who would do anything for the woman he loves But I quickly remembered why I detested Joseph.What followed was horrific, yes horrific When you read it you might not agree, but it was for me GRAPHICHEARTBREAKINGHORRIFYING yes, I keeping going on about how horrifying it was GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE image error

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    In my opinion, it is highly recommended to read Madeleine Abducted before this prequel 5 I M A JOSEPH HATER STARS Joseph though I really didn t want to do a casting for this jackass AriannaPlease heed the following This was a horrifyingly painful, excruciatingly agonizing book for me to read Even after days of reading it, I m incapable of informative and or flowery words I feel so much heartache and despair You ll have to make do with this gif review.And here we go.Prologue is epic and warns you ahead of time that this isn t Disneyland with rainbows and unicorns DISNEY IT AIN T The very beginning had me I really liked seeing Joseph s character here The deeply passionate love he has for his wife Arianna moved me to tears That love, however, morphs into something so dark, something so intricately twisted both Joseph and Arianna don t realize it until it s too late.Then there was a M.A.J.O.R turning point for me and I was like THEN thereal horrorbegins Me at 26%Me at 37% Yeah he did I just about puked my guts BUT I held on.Me at 53% In the reading world, I puked A lot And my heart broke because a certain someone I really loved didn t..make it voice cracks Me at 68%Me at 79%I want to weep for humanity Me at 84% Passed out I took a reader s advice and stopped to breathe Me at 97%I dropped my iPad like it was on fire and jumped into bed and curled up in a ball To put it shortly, would I want to be in that situation Me at 100%This endingI was disgusted, yet.I felt sorrow for Joseph For the man he was For the man he became For the man he will be in Madeleine, Abducted My book thoughtsThis book tested me Sure, Madeleine, Abducted did as well, but this one is what I would truly call dark Plenty of gore Guaranteed to inflict mental damage Will stun you with its brutality This novella does detail what made Joseph into the twisted, insane man in MA The reason why I think this book was so emotionally devastating for me was because there is no happy ending Everything that happens, everything that amounts to something significant was all.for nothing You know that feeling The one where you build up so much hope and progress, and then.it turns into ash Into nothing That kind of emotion devastates me, and to feel it over and over and over again hereRight now, my eyes are swollen from crying and rubbing them, my hair is all frazzled and shit, and I wrung my hands so much I cut myself with my nails As always, M.S Willis does a magnificent job portraying events with her evocative writing style I have quotes highlighted from left to right, and just reading them makes me feel so much pain, anger, fear, and hopelessness For once, I didn t bring any quotes in because this emotionally tumultuous and tragic tale needs to be fully experienced from the very beginning to the very end Now excuse me while I go to the corner and justsit there In a daze And maybe cry a little ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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    5 Had me breaking out in a sweat stars Reread 12 5 15A year later, and I still felt the exact same way This book still gutted me.This is not for the faint of heart Although it slightly broke me, it s still a favorite of mine Although there is a love story, Joseph Fallen is about the demise of a mans mind, and the woman by his side, who has no choice but to endure it His name was Joseph Carmichael and when he started The Estate, he not only created HellHe ruled it As a young couple Joseph and Arianna are smitten with one another He wants to give her the world, and there is nothing to stop him from doing it Inside he craves wealth and power After years of marriage, Joseph s business takes on evil aspects, including guns, drugs, women, and murder He is starting to become someone different than the man Arianna fell in love with His mind is retreating into a dark place where the only things that matter is gaining power, and getting his wife pregnant in order to give him an heir to continue his legacy Under the increasing cruelty of Joseph s mind, Arianna is now under watch 24 7 What starts out as an inconvenience, turns into finding an ally in her guard, Connor Soon a friendship blooms Spending time with her guard, deeper feelings start for both of them The events that take place will have your heart racing The shocking and brutal things that happen will mess with your mind and even bring you to tears What will become of everybody Does Joseph s nefarious nature know no bounds Will Arianna make it out under her husbands sadistic thumb I don t even know where to begin with this It was a horrific read, and I absolutely loved it It was so intense With dark reads, I am often put on the edge of my seat, squirming on the inside for what is to come, but this onethis one, literally had me holding my breath, and my heart was going crazy for a good duration of the book It was so hard reading from Arianna s perspective, witnessing the demise of the husband that she cherished above all else She never cared for the material things, but for some reason Joseph felt that wealth would be what mattered to her To hear about how his control had grown, mixed with drugs and a certain evil second hand man had turned everything into an actual hell, was truly hard to read about At least, for a brief amount of time, I was comforted in the fact that Arianna was able to find some happiness This contentment was still overshadowed by the fear of Joseph finding out about her and Connors relationship And unfortunately this was short lived An absolutely gruesome yet amazing read I loved the writing, the flow of the story, and of course the unimaginable occurrences that left me in tears view spoiler It broke my heart that Arianna, a strong woman that took so much, had to die the way that she did Seriously, what a fucking coward of Joseph I was so pleased to hear her last words to him It was the perfect ending for him to hear the secret, and the event that he wanted so much, crumble in the wake of her death I am also not going to touch on the Connor scene That was rough I ve never hated someone in a book as much as I did Joseph Pure evil hide spoiler

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    DARKEST, DEMENTED, SADISTIC, ALL CONSUMING, MIND BLOWING BOOKINFINITY STARS Please be forewarned this is not a fluffy, bubble gum, candy corn kind of read This is EXTREMELY graphic There are no HEA s here. In summary this will be a full blown on rant and rave at how much I loved this EPIC dark tale.This gif represents my emotions after reading this dark, deliciously, dark story line. My emotions were all over the place I needed to sit down for a few moments to decompress and rationalize my internal feelings because I was feeling a bit Joseph Fallen by M.S Willis is the prequel to Madeleine Abducted We are thrusted into the lives of Joseph Carmichael and Ariana Carmichael What you will encounter is a story unlike any other This is a story into Joseph s rise and fall The Story We are introduced to a younger, kinder, and gentler Joseph Carmichael A man who is newly married to Ariana Carmichael, a man utterly and completely smitten by his beautiful, intelligent wife Joseph dotes her around as the apple of his eye He is completely consumed for the love he has for his wife, he will do anything to ensure she has everything money can buy But it s this same greed that evolves Joseph into a horrific self absorbed What ensues is something out of this world, its HeartbreakingDisgustingHorrifyingand Violence so graphic that you actually think your reading a Quentin Tarantino script.I was literally flabbergasted by the intense graphic scenes My stomach was in utter knots and my mind was reeling at full speed Although we all know how it ends it doesn t take away from the emotions you feel while reading this disturbing tale Your heart literally melts for Ariana and Connor And Arian s slow decline into morbid situations What transpires to Arian is UNFATHOMABLE How can the same man that promised to love her forever and protect her cause her harm But its Ariana s love of playing the which helps her escape her true reality But not even that little piece of solace can help her escape the harsh reality of what her life has become All you feel for this poor woman is heartache and pain This is one book that will stay with me forever imprinted into my thoughts and mind And will definitely be shelved as a FAVORITE.Need to thank my homegirl Angie for BR ing this with me I needed her mental support for this bloodbath hehe

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    5 Not So Happily Ever After Stars But the truth now slapping her in the face, she realized her husband had fallen and she d been too ignorant to pull him back. Joseph Fallen is the prequel to Madeleine Abducted It is also one of the most emotional, captivating, disturbing, and heartbreaking books I have ever read From the very first page I was hooked and I couldn t put it down, finishing it in just one sitting Just a warning you will cry You will cry ugly tears streaming down your face I was warned that I would need a hug after reading this and still I wasn t prepared for just how much this book broke me The sad truth is there are no HEA s here There s a fine line between many things love and hate, light and dark, brilliance and madness Much like when the sun rises, the light it gives still touches on the darkness that it destroys And it s in that place, the moment between sunrise and day and sunset and night, that is the scariest of all, because they are so closely linked that one cannot always be distinguished from the other What s it all about Joseph and Arianna Carmichael are recently married and madly in love Joseph has recently created a new home for his wifea wife that will one day be the mother to his children This home is called The Estate While in love, Arianna is always by Joseph s side as he climbs ladder after ladder becoming and powerful Becoming consumed with greed for power and money, Joseph descends from being a good man into a man consumed with madness Meanwhile, Arianna is trapped Joseph will not let her go no matter how many times she pleads She is literally trapped within the four walls of The Estate, with no way out A man and his wife, two people who d lived and breathed for each other only a few years before, now stood on a precipice carved out of lies and doubt, utter sadness and sudden understanding of what had become of an envied couple, of two lovers who at one time had needed each other to survive. I m not going to go into too much detail about what happens in this novella for it would be a shame to ruin such a fantastic book, however I will go into the characters and my overall feelings on the book Arianna Oh Arianna, how I feel for you You were so young and carefree In love with a man that you honestly believed was your forever I loved Arianna She had a level of strength in her that I can only hope to one day have myself She was a true fighter, one that I was rooting for the entire time With tears falling from her wide opened eyes, she reached up, her love making it impossible for her to keep from providing comfort to the man who at that moment had torn her heart, her entire world, apart He was lost to something she didn t know, a poison that had somehow weaved itself around him, forming a cage of conspiracy and deceit, enslaving him to a lifestyle that would drive a brilliant mind mad Joseph Oh how I hate you Joseph Carmichael My level of hatred towards you knows no bounds How could a man that I originally felt pity and sympathy towards, quickly turn into a man that I was cursing to hell 30 minutes later Joseph was such an intruding character to read about You have a man that deeply loves his wife and wants to give her the world Yet somewhere along the way the darkness that he immersed himself in consumed his love for anything but his greed and power.And while I hate him, I also realize his story is a true tragedy in the sense that for a man who was a genius he lacked real common sense I do believe that he loved Arianna in the beginning It wasn t a good or healthy love, but I believe in his own twisted way that when they first married he did truly love her It s just a real tragedy He was a good man One who envisioned the life of a successful businessman a wife, a child and a sprawling mansion so large, most could not help but envy the lifestyle achieved by such a handsome, charismatic and intelligent person He was a genius He deserved his youthful accomplishments But like every sorrowful tale, that achievement became a poison one that allowed darkness to seep inside to imbed itself so far within his soul that reality twisted and insanity followed. Connor I had to I had to include Connor in this review I know he wasn t the main character or even the most important, but there was something that drew me to him from the very beginning I would love a novel from his POV of this book I loved him 100000 times than I ever loved Joseph Underneath all his darkness, he was good man An honorable one I just fell for him completely Fell for this man that we only got glimpses of, but who had a tragic past and upbringing and whom I just wanted to immerse myself in LOVED HIM I never had much of anything growing up, just bad luck and people who could care less about me It wasn t until I started fighting that I held any value for someone And a woman like you, one who exudes beauty in everything she does the way you walk, your music, the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh you were never the type I had any chance of finding I know that if hell exists on Earth, we are trapped within it, but I m amazed every day that somehow, within these walls that close in around us, and under the roof of a madman, you still find the ability to exude that beauty, a light that is strong enough to pierce the ever encroaching darkness, one that banishes the hollow and empty feelings of loss that come with living inside of a waking nightmare Joseph Fallen will stick with me for years to come It has easily earned itself a place on my favorites list While not being categorized as a romance, I felt that the love between view spoiler Arianna and Connor hide spoiler

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    4 solid stars It was a great read, I enjoyed it a lot I wasn t expecting to like Joseph, and hated myself for the fact that I did, knowing what he did in Madeleine Abducted, yikes But it was very heard to hate him at the beginning, because there was a time in his life when he was a decent man I love when books surprise me I finally got to meet The Mom Loved her I understood why her son fell in love with Madeleine, those two were very alike They have same interests and very similar personalities, even fell in love with men that were very similar But that worried me a little, because it often seemed like they were one and the same person, just a little too alike for my liking I m yet to see if this author can created different characters From the description of a third book it sounds like the heroine should be very different from these two, I m hoping that she will be So I won t take away any points for that.The reason I m taking away one star is because Joseph s transition from good to bad felt a little bit rushed That particular part needed to be exploited .I also took away half of a star because of the writing It wasn t bad, not at all, I actually liked it, it had this poetic ring to it With that being said, it felt a little outdated and wasn t contemporary enough for a story that was sett in modern times I think I ve mentioned that in my review for Madeleine Abducted, too, that there were a lot of times when it felt like I was reading a historical novel I think M S Willis should try writing historical novels too, I have a feeling she would be great at it All and all, the story was captivating, I enjoyed it a lot and I can t wait to read the next book Finally I got to buy my copy of the e book Thanks to M.S Willis for putting up with my nagging, and publishing the book on Smashwords, too.For those of you, AMZ users, outside US, here is a little info price it varies from country to country Smashword and BN price FYI, authors don t get any extra pay if you buy their books on for a higher price

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    This story has taken my ability to think Shit My brain feels like mush and my mental healthwellHow I feelAnd what I might needHonestly I don t even know where to begin This story starts off with a young couple deeply in love with a bright future ahead of them Arianna is innocent, pure, naive Joseph is driven, wanting give her the best of everything His ambition and obsession is his downfall Love turns to hatred, hope turns to resentment Soon the lust for power consumes Joseph, and he relishes in violence and depravity This is DARK Like SERIOUSLY DARK I have no other words I need alcohol view spoiler Oh Conner, my heart weeps for you I hope you were waiting for Arianna on the other side hide spoiler

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    He truly was a beautiful man, but inside him was nothing than poison, death, hatred and rage M.S Willis outdid herself This book left me speechless, repulsed, angry, but overall satisfied.In the beginning we revisit the early stages of Arianna and Joseph s marriage I will call this time The Blissful Years. During The Blissful Years, Joseph promises Arianna that he will do everything to make her happy, and provide her with all things within his power See, therein lies the problem Power this is the thing that Joseph craves the most This is what he longs for, and his quest for power changes him from a man to a monster He was drunk on power, but he still craved Joseph s decline happens slowly throughout the years I loved that the author did not rush the story, but allowed it to build with each action becoming questionable, and each word become hurtful than the last In the second half of the book we have what I would refer to as The Decline. Joseph is a shell of his former self, gone is the loving and doting husband, and in his place is a cruel, evil, manipulating devil Joseph becomes the incarnation of evil as he builds The Estate and secures power He is rich, he is feared and lives untouched from the outside world in his Estate of horrors The acts that occur behind the closed doors of The Estate are the things nightmares are made of There is one scene so intense, and I was so shocked that I accidentally spit out the soda I was drinking on my puppy Suffice it to say, I have to do alot of groveling with doggie treats During The Decline we witness not only the breakdown in Joseph s character but the eradication of his marriage to Arianna His name is Joseph Carmichael and when he first started The Estate, he not only created Hell He ruled it Living as a prisoner in her own home, Arianna is lonely and sickened by the changes that have taken place around her, especially the differences in her once loving husband This poor girl is made to suffer so much at the hands of Joseph Please do not believe with me stating all this I am giving away the story There is in fact much that takes place in his book that I have avoided mentioning This is a dark tale of insanity and how one man s quest for power takes him down a path that he is unable to come away from This is not a story filled with flowers, sunshine or good, cheerful things Its heartbreaking, disturbing and at times repulsive I would recommend reading this before reading Book one because it provides much needed background, and answers questions about some of what takes place in the first book This book also allows to you grasp how Joseph truly came to be the beast he is in Book one Highly recommended for those who enjoy dark, intense, soul crushing reads view spoiler Life wasn t fair The fairy tales and stories she d been told as a child were nothing than fantasy, a dream that could never be true hide spoiler

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    Kirsten finished and im realy behind im not shere im feeling this even though ill defenetly finish, 4 intence stars well this was defenetly scary Kirsten sorry i was so slow in our BR the begining draged to me but as soon as Joseph got crazy and Connor got in the picture i was hooked we should do Hope Restrained too This book is very depressing just a warning all likiable charecters die horibly and the Anti hero Villain goes from over the top ambicius man who still has his morals and is able to feel and love to a sadistic psycopath who is ready to sucrifice everything for his sick fasanations ,and thoes who read Madelein Abducted know how it ended for him so no HEA or even HFN here surprisingly i enjoyed this book though im not shere enjoy is the right word i liked the love Arianna and Connor shered comforting each other in the depraved darkness , i guessed that Aaron was Connors son because of the way Joseph treated him in MA , also reading this book makes me glad the way Emory met his end in MA even i only wished Aaron knew what part Emory and Joseph played in Ariannas disapearence, after reading abought Xanders past , im curius abought Hope Restrained dispite Josephs efforts he didnt turn the way he wanted and neither did Aaron

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    4 Roller coaster Stars Joseph Carmichael has created a home for his wife.a wife that will give him a child and a wife that will never leaveThis home is called The Estate It starts wellIn love, Joseph adores his beautiful wife AriannaShe is always by his side as he climbs his way to the top..She wants for nothing..as he showers her with everything everything is for her She just wants one thing.for him to be the same person he was when they married..The money he makes the powerful he becomes the powerful he becomesthe he changesNow Arianna is trapped within the four walls..The Estate is no longer the home she thought it was Slowly she witnesses Joseph change..sometimes made worse by drugs. Never knowing what he will do next My thoughtsThis is a dark and gritty story of one man s descend into a madness Page by page we watch him change.I felt for Arianna..to watch the man you loveleave you was terrifying..but heartbreaking at the same time Joseph character was brilliantly written by M.S Willis..it left me with all sorts of feelings Then it was just Yep. no Disney HEA here folks.Can t wait for Xander s story up next