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Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) txt Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) , text ebook Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) , adobe reader Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) , chapter 2 Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) , Holiday Magic (Second Chance #1) 837523 How Would You React If You Found Your Fianc In Bed With One Of Your Bridesmaids Weeks Before Their Christmas Eve Wedding, Georgia Baxter Canceled Everything And Fled To New York, Immersing Herself In Her Jewelry Design Business Three Years Later, Unable To Move On, She Agrees To Come Home To Help Eleni What Her Twin Fails To Mention Is That Georgia S Help Will Include Working With The Man Who Broke Her Heart Mark Anderson Would Do Anything To Undo The Night Of His Bachelor Party When He Unwittingly Destroyed His Future With The Woman He Still Loves When He Learns That Georgia Is Returning To Manage Holiday Magic For The Winter Months, He Is Excited This May Be His Chance To Convince Her That It Was All A Big MistakeWill There Be Enough Magic In The Air This Season To Give Their Love A Second Chance

About the Author: Susanne Matthews

Susanne Matthews grew up as an avid reader of all types of books, but always with a penchant for happily ever after romances In her imagination, she travelled to foreign lands, past and present, and soared into the future Today, she has made her dreams come true A retired educator, she now gets to spend her time writing, so she can share her adventures with her readers She loves the ins and

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    This was a sweet little story and perfect to read right before Christmas The characters were likable and sympathetic As they went on their journey from heartbroken to loving again, you felt their pain and emotions and cheered for them to get together The story is steeped with holiday descriptions and certainly gets you in the holiday mood.

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    Another great story by Susanne Matthews I loved the interaction with twin sisters Georgia and Eleni The ending left me eager for the next book in the series Great romance to get you in the holiday spirit.

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    S Matthews Holiday Magic is, as the title hints, a story that will bring into your heart the unique magic of love The story of Georgia and Mark begins in a pre Christmas Philadelphia, among lovely decorations and artfully described settings, which make the feeling of magic even potent A story full of twists and turns, a story about love and chemistry, forgiveness and second chances, all wrapped up in the red bow of passion A wonderful read for any time of the year, but especially worth savouring in a cozy winter night, along with a mug of hot cocoa

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK This is one of those stories that made my heart hurt it is so full of emotion, and those emotions are portrayed so well by way of dialogue and interior monologues Susanne set the whole story up perfectly, and the way it progressed had my dying to know what happened next I literally was on the verge of tears several times.I enjoyed reading Georgia because she was very real She had her heart broken, and she reacted in exactly the way I, personally, would have if I had been put in her situation.Mark was perfect He loved Georgia so much before the heatbreak, and the way he lived his life after was just so endearing and so touching trying not to spoil anything.I was wondering where the story was going at first Georgia and Mark s love for each other seemed to be laid on a little thick all that was missing was the I wuv you, Schmoopie a la Seinfeld , but by the end of the first chapter, I buckled in for what I knew would be a REALLY great story And it was I cannot say enough how emotional this story was and how much I truly loved reading it I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Thought I would take a change on a Christmas read simply because I have always looked at those books in a bad light. but I was glad to be proven wrong with this one It was definitely a quick read, but was filled with all the right angst, heartache, drama and passion that is needed in these kinds of love stories to push the plot through view spoiler However, disappointing that it was all a misunderstanding. people are cruel hide spoiler

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    Enjoyed it A quick read about a second chance romance.

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    Storyline Plot Rating 1 of 5 plot is the overused the breakup was caused by the female s ASSumptions leading to incorrect conclusions, but she finally found out it was all a big misunderstanding premiseRomance Rating 3 of 5 boring set up for 3 4 of the book, with a sweet but rushed HEA wrap upHotness Rating 2 of 5 low chemistryHappily Ever After Rating 2 of 5 while they re together for now, I have doubts if their relationship will lastMy Overall Rating 2 of 5Previously, Georgia finds her groom to be Mark in bed but not doing anything sexual with her bridesmaid She is heartbroken, and she immediately cancels their wedding and leaves town the same day without speaking to anyone Over the next 3 years, she keeps in contact with her twin sister Eleni, but has no contact with Mark.I want to make this point crystal clear here is a woman who claims to have found true love with a great man who she plans to marry and spend her entire life with However, when a significant issue comes up between them she abandons him, cancels their wedding, and moves out of town but NEVER ONCE TALKS TO HIM OR EVEN HEARS HIS SIDE OF THE STORY.Georgia made a decision that the relationship was over between them However, instead of healing and moving forward, she agonizes over the past constantly how could he do this to me, etc Through all her agony, she never once considers that maybe there is another explanation for the situation besides a consensual fling between the two of them.As the story opens, Georgia had been thinking of returning to her hometown for awhile, but agrees to move home early to help her sister Eleni run the business that she co owns with Mark while her sister takes another job which will require her to be away from her business for the holiday season.During their interactions at the business, Mark is a total gentleman to Georgia He keeps it professional and tries hard not to make her uncomfortable He never pushes her to talk about their break up, despite his hurt feelings and desire to discuss the situation.Predictably, it finally comes out to Georgia that the situation wasn t what she believed and it was all her misunderstanding of the situation Georgia laments on the three years she wasted and plans to talk to Mark about it soon but there s work to be done, so the discussion about their future can wait until after work which says an awful lot about Georgia s priorities Then something dramatic occurs view spoiler Mark gets injured while they are snowed in at a work site and no medical help is available hide spoiler

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    My MusingsWhat a delightful romance between two people who loved,but through a mistake spend years apart Can they find their way back to each other Happy reading

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    This is a holiday book based on second chances It was a short but sweet read that I really enjoyed Georgia and Mark were set to get married on Christmas Eve three years ago After Mark s bachelor party, things didn t end as they should have When Georgia finds Mark naked in one of her bridesmaids bed, she s done After 3 years away living in New York, Georgia is ready to come home, thanks to her twin sister her time table is moved up a bit What Georgia doesn t expect is that she will be forced to work with her ex fiance Georgia has never gotten over Mark and his betrayal What she doesn t realize, is that not everything is always what it seems.Mark has never given up the hope that one day Georgia will come back home one day and give him another chance His feelings for her have never diminished and he would do anything to get her back into his life once again He is determined to find out what really happened the night of his bachelor party.This book takes us on their journey of re discovery Written as a multi pov The characters were so engaging and easy to become attached to I couldn t help but to fall in love with Mark Seeing his pov just made my heart melt It even gave me a heart twinge or two The dialogue between characters was entertaining and well developed and the descriptions to details were done nicely and easy to visualize All in all, a fantastic holiday read.Would I recommend this book Yes Would I read from this author Yes Can not wait to read, The Perfect Choice with Georgia s twin sister EleniSassy Beta Reading Reviewwww.facebook.com sassybetareading

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    Even though this story starts out with a promised Happily Ever After SHATTEREDby the soon to be bride walking in on her beloved naked in bed with another woman, I will call this a feel good romance novel.Georgia and Eleni are twins, who sometimes seem to be opposite sides of a coin.Eleni is the risktaker who likes to follow her whims Georgia is the settled and caitious twin.They have experienced heartbreak early in life with the loss of their parents in a tragic accident, followed later by the death of the grandmother who raised them When Eleni starts a business decorating for holidays and events and Georgia fulfills her passion of designing jewelry, life seems to be taking a better path for them Georgia is all set to marry the man of her dreams until the disaster that sends her running away for three years Nothing will tear apart the twins so when Eleni asks Georgia to come home and take over the Holiday Magic business so she can pursue another dream, Georgia can not say no, even if that throws her right back into memories and contact with her former fiance.As you can imagine, working together will create friction but it is a life and death situation that brings matters to a head And what is really going on with Eleni A feel good romance with a bit of a puzzle to think about.

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