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    I don t write reviews for books I just don t I can t I m mean, I m picky, I usually hate everything, and so its for the best if I just don t say anything about the book.But I couldn t not say anything about this book Lets just start with I fell in love with Bria Quinlan as a writer when I read Secret Girlfriend I bawled through the whole book Straight up, tears running down my face, wiping the snot away bawled My husband laughed at most of the time.I eagerly started the next book because I had to have More Amy, Luke, Rachel, and Chris I needed warm Parker family fuzzies, Amy find family Just .I got a whole lot of that in Secret Life Secret Life is not about Amy any, which is great Because Amy was super sweet, but kind of dumb I loved her for who she was, but she was a silly girl.Secret Life is about Rachel and what she s hiding from everyone, which is a whole mess of problems Problems she doesn t want to talk about, problems she doesn t want anyone else to know about.I ve never felt understood than the moment I read the scene in Rachel s bedroom when she s having her latest and greatest meltdown Bria took all of my emotions as a teenager and made them into a person A person I could look at and watch and see I was diagnosed with two things when I was very young Chronic Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder.In Junior High it was bad Speaking wasn t an option outside certain social circles High school was worse Those Emmy worthy performances Rachel was talking about yeah, I have a few of those I m than kind of proud of And the safe clothes Dear lord, I still have safe clothes Along with Rachel s obsession with lipgloss For me it wasn t lip gloss, I just wore as many necklaces as my mother would let me out of the house with.But nothing hit closer to home than the meltdown Everything in Secret Life puts into perspective what its like living with something like this day to day It encourages getting help and treatment It does not glorify the issues Rachel deals with, but it doesn t villainize her either Its a perfect balance of what actually happens in situations such as these.Secret Life is a beautiful work of art created by Bria Quinlan and really, everyone should read it.

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    4.5 stars LOVED this one It was so NOT what I was expecting I mean, I m not sure what I was expecting I knew it would be Rachel s story, but holy hell did I not know anything about her And I totally thought Jared was going to be the counterpart WRONG Rachel surprised me right from the start of this book I have never had any experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, other than having vaguely heard about it and made aware that it exists So I really loved getting to know Rachel and seeing what she went through on a daily basis in her life while struggling with BDD And not just her, but her family and eventually her friends too So many people deal with so much stuff, and I thought this was a well executed look at a teen struggling with a unique problem while trying to survive her teens So much of what she was going through could be somewhat relatable for anyone who s dealt with an anxiety issue or depression from not wanting to be on medication, to balancing a therapist and all that that entails.So on the general book goodness front, the characters were divine I did not expect Chris I didn t outright hate him from book 1, but I was skeptical and than a little bit leery of letting him in He ended up being his own great big surprise There was just so much there, and I thought all the issues that he was involved with were dealt with really well too with respect and realism Who knew that 2 such broken people would be so perfect for each other Who knew that my heart could break for the man whore And then there s Ben I seriously LOVED the friendship that developed there It was almost my favourite part of the whole book Seriously What a surprise side plot PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me the next RVHS book will be Ben s.and from Ben s perspective PLEASE.Oh, and while I m begging, this book really needs a followup happiness novella for Rach and Chris Seriously NEEDS Just point me to the thing I need to do to get that in my greedy hands and I am there ps the loss of half a star was that either I was not all there while I was reading or the occasional sentence didn t make sense to me Don t know which it was, but I had the very rare moment where I had to reread something and I still couldn t figure out what it was saying It was rare, but there I just rhymed.

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    This was so different form the first book about Amy, there was a lack of depth to that one, this one you felt like you were in deep water with no way out before the 3rd chapter was over This YA book dealt with very heavy deep issues Disorders of the mind that ranged from seeing yourself incorrectly to using people and abuse I liked the way the author handled these tough issues and bought the book to a good place The only thing I had an issue with was some of the writing, it was a little choppy and inconsistent This is a book that talks about sex and has a couple make out scenes they were relevant to the story This is older teen PG 13 feel.

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    I can t lie I was really skeptical about Chris being the main guy in the story since I really didn t like him in the first book, but I changed my mind when I saw how much he was trying to fix himself, and Rachelle is dealing with her own problems too, I admit I did like her with Jared and their relationship was a lot smoother but Chris wasn t that bad either The ending wasn t satisfactory for me, I needed closure with those characters I hope we get another book about Ben and his mysterious girl I would love to see that

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    Review posted on we just take a moment Just one moment to bask in the freaking awesomeness that was this book The unexpected depth, the smarts, the everything that this was Wow I m in shock Not the same shock that I wrote about a couple of days ago when things were happening in a book that I didn t understand I m in shock because this was so good Not only was this so good but it was freaking quality I want to cry with how happy I am FINALLY Finally an author doesn t treat me like I m dumb Finally an authour freaking lets you into the character s mind so you can feel their emotions and think their thoughts along with them And actually understand why they feel the way they feel instead of just being told to understand them FINALLY somebody has stopped manufacturing drama to carry a book along Finally we don t get the hot girl miraculously fixing a man whore Finally I don t get told how broken somebody is but actually shown We get to live broken with them But in an oh so real, and not at all patronising, manipulative way Yes we get this We get depth and layers and realness We get characters that view spoiler realise they are no good for each other and actually STEP AWAY AND FREAKING HEAL ON THEIR OWN BEFORE COMING TOGETHER hide spoiler

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    I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVEEEEEEEE THIS BOOK I JUST CAN T I LL JUST GET ALL SMILEY AND MY HEART WOULD LIKE BURST BECAUSE OF THE JUMBLED EMOTIONS I FEEL FOR THIS BOOK But really though This book is just phenomenal, flawless It s so beautifully written No over the top happenings and such I just loved the characters vulnerability I loved how their relationship wasn t abrupt I loved how they grew throughout the book I loved how they conquered their fears and such I just loved how Rachel and Chris turned out That there was no pressure and whatsoever I loved Rachel s wit and oh Chris, swoon worthy since book 1 but less asshole y I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK SERIOUSLY I FINISHED THIS FOR LIKE 3 HOURS THIS BOOK IS JUST SO AMAZING I CAN T COMPREHEND I STILL CAN T SORT OUT MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS FOR THIS BOOK SO THIS IS IT.

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    I never saw this story coming after reading the first book in the series, Secret Girlfriend We barely got to know Rachel in book 1 and we didn t always see the best sides of Chris But I loved how the author paired these two together I loved that they were both broken but trying to change I love that after reaching rock bottom, they did what was necessary to heal before moving forward.I l be honest that it took me a little bit to get into this story because it wasn t what I was expecting, but I ended up loving it as much as I did the first one As the narrator, Rachel really grew on me and I absolutely loved Chris in this story Can t wait for the next one

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    Loved this book Self perception never seems to line up with how other people see you, especially in High School Sometimes you have to learn to trust what others see in you and other times reject it because you know you can be a better person I ended up laughing through my tears at this RVHS 2 and can t wait until 3 is out If you haven t read this or RVHS 1 SECRET GIRLFRIEND, run grab em Bria Quinlan s WRECKLESS deals with different characters, but the same hard hitting topics that manage to lift your spirits and give you hope at the same time.

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    Better than the first one I loved Rachel Rachel is view spoiler diagnosed with BDD hide spoiler

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    4.4I m really really hoping that the next book in this series is about Ben I already love him _ I m guessing his secret love is

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