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Love in a Small Town quotes Love in a Small Town, litcharts Love in a Small Town, symbolism Love in a Small Town, summary shmoop Love in a Small Town, Love in a Small Town 31347786 Mollie And Tommie Lee Have Been Married For Twenty Five Years They Grew Up In Valentine, Oklahoma, And Were Sweethearts From The Get Go But Something Is Missing In Their Marriage, And Mollie Can T Bear To Stay Where She Doesn T Feel Loved Tommy Lee Is Confused And Hurt And Angry When She Leaves For The Refuge Of Aunt Hestie S Empty Cottage, But He Has Complaints Of His Own In Her Unique Voice, Curtiss Ann Matlock Uncovers The Heart Of Their Story Their Passion And Promise, Their Hopes And Dreams Women S Fiction Contemporary Romance By Curtiss Ann Matlock Originally Published By Avon

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    As the story unfolds, your heart breaks for Molly and Tommy Lee of what their marriage has turned into a quietdistant.void.Molly however is done settling for whatever she is getting Tommy works most the time, he sleeps in his chair, Molly is in a marriage by herself.There is a LOT of backstory, they got married because Molly got pregnantthey have always been in love and sadly take each other for granted SPOILERHowever it is uncovered during this separation that the good guy, cheated on his young wife while on the road at 21 in that one uncovering you no longer think he is a good guy and the fact that Molly never discovers this fact is worse I do not care if it once he broke his vows and I think that is part of the reason he hides from herhe has been hiding this secret for their entire marriage I think the author wanted us to know he never did it againof course he didn t he was a coward and Molly calling after he slept with some nasty racepit whore..he fled home after he and his bf decided it was his sin and to not tell Molly That one scene made me never forgive Tommy Lee as after that discovery you see his behavior differently scenes that before you felt sorry for him you do not any.Tommy Lee also had a whore on his side everynight as he went to the roadhouse every night to shoot pool and he thought about cheating AGAIN with a nasty piece of fluff from the bar who was contantly on his tail the only reason I think he wanted Molly back was because his BF and I think the second betrayer their friend Sam who has always been the third in their groupis in love with Molly and once Tommy Lee starts acting singleSam uses it to go after her I do think Tommy Lee loved her but only in as he loved his race shirts and his garage they were a part of him and comfortable Tommy purposely hid in the garage, downstairs he never spent time with herhe never had time as soon as she left though he could find hours and hours to hang at the bar.I never forgave Tommy Lee especially after his betrayal his judging Mollys mom , I wanted too but I think he thought he ruined his life being married to Molly as all he ever wanted was to run away and be alone He was even jealous of the attention his children got from Molluso in the end I think he was a lousy husband and a half ass father and I wish Molly would have taken Sam up on his offer and at the very least slept with himafter all she had never been with anyone other than Tommy Lee eitherbut she had character and she loved him so cheating was only a thoughtnever to be acted upon whereas Tommy was gutless in his betrayal , his marriage and being a man

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    After twenty five years of marriage, Molly knows that she should feel closer to her husband, Tommy Lee They ve shared years together than apart, after all, and gone through all the heartaches and trials that are a part of every life But somehow along the way, Molly has lost her connection to her husband and, feeling as though he no longer needs or wants her, she flees to the tiny Aunt Hestie cottage behind her mother s home There, in the circle of her sisters, Mollie begins to discover exactly who she is and to learn what she wants from life She can t help but wish, though, that Tommy Lee would call her back into his home and his heart Has their love truly died Is Molly destined to follow in her mother s divorce strewn path Or can Tommy Lee and Molly learn how, once again, to hold on to each other for dear life, grasping with all the passion and promise that knit them together before Curtiss Ann Matlock spins a sweet, homey tale set in her small town of Valentine, Oklahoma Though the majority of the primary characters from the other Valentine books are missing here, what is still present is the warmth and heart that infuses all of her novels With her characteristic blend of light humor and Southern charm, Matlock weaves a beautiful story of love after long years of marriage love that has been beaten down by life but that will, eventually, emerge stronger and beautiful for its scars Matlock s portrayal of the connection between the Collier sisters adds an interesting dimension to the book, clearly illustrating the power of the sister bond and its meaning in life All in all, a wonderful book and worth so much than the low pricetag on Kindle

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    Molly leaves because she can t take living separate lives with her husband of 25 years It is what happens after the children are grown and living their lives, and two people find themselves on their own for the first time in their married life I liked the Collier women They were all a bit different, off beat with Mama Collier leading the way.It was quite interesting to see Molly and Tommy Lee disintegrate without each other and slowly try to find out whether the marriage would survive The author took her time exploring how difficult it was for Molly to figure out what she wanted from Tommy, and for Tommy to figure out whether Molly was worth fighting for or not I liked the exploration, the time it took for actions to unfold.Rennie s story took a surprising twist and became of interest Two friends fight over a woman A stalker and the Collier women There was a lot going on, yet everything seemed to flow seamlessly until the end There were so many characters that I felt was worth investing in another book to explore their outcome Then it seemed a bit rushed to include many other endings, which I wish could have been told in another book to give them sufficient time to be told That is my only complaint.The couple that seemed to have it all together didn t The lack of communication, the drifting of the relationship, the awkwardness, and the attempts to get back together and refusal to settle for less made this a really good read I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review This is my honest review of a story that I had not heard of and am so glad that I got the opportunity to read it.

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    I first discovered Curtiss Ann Matlock when I came across her Silhouette Special Edition books Love Finds Yancey Cordell, Last of the Good Guys and Summertime I immediately fell in love with Matlock s down to earth characters and warm writing style that makes the reader feel as if she s part of the story and not just an outsider looking in on the action Love in a Small Town is another Matlock winner that takes place in Valentine, Oklahoma The story is about a couple whose marriage is in a rut Molly and Tommy Lee are no longer sure of what they want out of life or even if the love they feel for each other is enough to make them happy any The story of how they find their way back to each and recapture the magic they once felt in each other s arms is filled with wit, humor, tears and lots of emotional sigh worthy moments If you haven t read a book by Curtiss Ann Matlock, you ll be hooked on this author after reading Love in a Small Town.

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    I think most marriages hit the rough spot where one spouse feels like the other spouse doesn t appreciate them any Mollie hits that rough spot and after several months of trying, moves out to her aunt s old house for the unmarried females Tommy Lee can t believe she has left him and his pride causes him to not make an effort Then Tommy Lee s best friend, Sam, has always been in love with Mollie He makes his move but Mollie still loves Tommy Lee Finally both Mollie and Tommy get back together.

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    a sweet, funny read with characters that feel real Molly and Tommy Lee could be you next door neighbors

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    New to meI thought I had read all the Valentine books but stumbled over this one while looking for something else I enjoyed the story Matlock s unique voice is already evident in this early work The characters were multi faceted, torn, confused and sometimes bitter but also like able and caring The setting was comfortable, almost prosaic yet there was an almost magical quality throughout, especially in Aunt Hannah s cabin I enjoyed this, the first book in the Valentine series, and would recommend it to anyone.

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    Visit Valentine, you will be glad you did.Curries Ann knows about the differences between men and women What women need and that most men haven t a clue is illuminated in a touching love story As a wife of 56 years, Curries Ann reminded me of the tragedies and triumphs within my own love story.

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    So boring and so slow

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    If you are at all familiar with the work of this author, then you know that she writes at the deepest level of human emotion Her characters do not have to be rich or famous to make you like them, and that is exactly what I loved about this novel This book is about people who are easy to relate to, because they are so much like the rest of us If you have been or are currently married, then you will find yourself nodding in agreement with the situations in this book All marriages have trouble at some point, and Curtiss Ann Matlock brought this fact to attention in Love in a Small Town, without using the basic formula of shocking event causes split I loved that the chapters were headed with song titles and that the main character seemed to pluck the thoughts right out of my head as I was reading This author has a rare talent for being able to find her way inside the hearts and minds of her readers Molly, the main character is such a sweet person and you can t help but feel the same things she does as you read along I wanted so much to fix things for her Another reason I loved this book was the way the author made the rest of the family and friends truly important to the story Rather than feeling like there are other names in the book just because the author realised they couldn t successfully pull off a book with just one or two characters, the author really managed to give me a sense that these people were integral to the story Each of them have their own charms and quirks and make you laugh, or cry, or relate to them in some way Above all, this is a beautiful love story about aging, changing, life and marital family relationships and what it means to make a promise of forever I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful read any time of the year This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author All opinions are my own.

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