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The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166) pdf The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166), ebook The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166), epub The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166), doc The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166), e-pub The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166), The Count's Vendetta (Harlequin Presents, No 1166) 1c9c45fadc6 There Was A Price To Pay For Her Freedom When Her Brother Gambled Away Her Inheritance, Jemma Was Left Entirely In Count Vittorio De Vasari Di Montevecchio S Power And He Was A Man Bent On Revenge Three Years Earlier Jemma Had Fallen It Love With The Devastatingly Attractive Count, But That Was Before His Favorite Cousin Defied Him By Marrying Jemma S Brother The Count Made It Plain He Found Her Family S Morals And Standards Unacceptable Now He Demanded Jemma Come To Italy And Work For Him To Repay Her Brother S Debts Or Face The Consequences

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    Re The Count s Vendetta just from the cover alone, we should realize that this book is going to be on the extreme side of the forced romance Unfortunately it is compounded by a woman who says no but means yes and an obsessive H who can t seem to let her go even though he thinks she is the Tart of Babylon, and is intent on punishing her for the death of his true love, his cousin.The story starts with the funeral of the h s brother and his wife They crashed in a pricey sports car and died The H shows up and the h hates him Three years earlier he and the brother s wife stayed at the h s home for a summer visit The h s father ran an Italian property business until he died and the H was supposed to be giving the brother lesson s on how to run it The brother fell in love with the H s cousin possible future wife and the h fell for the H She was pretty flirty and the H was not adverse to the odd romp.Then the H finds out about the brother and his cousin and drags the cousin off He returns in the middle of the brother s big party and the h is trying to fight off a rapist party attender The H makes all sorts of snide comments about tarts and things and the h is pretty much in shock from the attack and the H s sudden appearance Eventually the brother and the cousin elope and they live in the h s family home, spending wildly and the brother has a gambling problem The h is at university tho six years seems a really long time and the brother s wife is always sad and mopey The h thinks it is because her family cut her off We find out later that it was because the brother was a snail slime slurping carbuncle and gambled and cheated all the time, which the h positively denies until she is finally hit full in the face with it by the H s brother The H appears at the funeral and reveals that he owns everything and that the h will have to come to Italy and work for him and that she is a tart, so he is not interested in her wiles Tho he won t mind getting a leg over after a suitable mourning period has passed The h doesn t want to go, but the H says that her brother took all of her money her dad left her an account for school and things, and her brother got heavily in gambling so the H paid all his debts and he will put the h in jail for them if she doesn t pay the money back The h decides she has to do it, but really she is just TSTL and she fails her exams We get to Italy and the h has to stay with the H and there is plenty of tart shaming, forced punishing kisses and the h truly is a no means yes kinda girl She is practically two people with her seduction attempts one minute and her ice princess act the next She finally accepts that the dead brother was really no good, he gambled away everything, and cheated on his wife The H is plenty threatening and mean and bullying and incredibly jealous and accuses the h of all kinds of things until finally they have the forced seduction and wind up in bed and declare true love forever I ran out of patience pretty early in this one, the H was jerk and his assumptions were just plain ludicrous in light of all the spying and background maneuvering he had going on The h was an idiot and by far the biggest wall banging moment was when the H realizes the h is a virgin at the end of the book and then berates her for not running after him and explaining the situation where he found her getting attacked in her bedroom Like every woman who has just been saved from an attacker is going to trot off in scanty clothing to fling themselves at the feet of a man who just called them a promiscuous tart The h wasn t much better with her on again and off again seduction tactics and her H rejection and then sulking when he wouldn t kiss her If the H was in love with the dead cousin isn t really resolved either and tho there were some attempts at humor with rampaging donkeys and the h, this book was a mishmash of dangling plot lines, unpalatable main characters and I was glad to get out of HPlandia at the end of this one.

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    Abomination.That s why I hate to read books which are not reviewed on Goodreads you never know what sh t you re going into I will not make a full review, but I will just warn whoever wants to read this don t if you re sensible to certain things.There s an attempted rape by another man, in which the heroine don t even try to save herself.Because she s TSTL She s insulted and molested by the hero through the whole book and she never try to defense herself or talk back to him, or even give him a freaking slap because he deserve it every time he speaks or acts like a raper No She don t do anything Oh, yes, trigger warning here because in the end the hero rapes her The author tries to pass that act as consensual but it is NOT Sure as hell I will not read anything else from this author Plus the fact that she stereotyped all Italians is bad as hell.

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