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    RIP, ME CARING ABOUT KOSTYA August 2014 April 2018Kimberly, Victoria, Heather, and all the other ladies who kept the dream alive, I salute you It s been a ride.3 4 18 Check out this update 9 9 15 Publishing of Kostya put on hold indefinitely What re you gonna do OH MY GOD THIS NEEDS TO BE RELEASED SOON OR I M GOING TO DIE ROXIE I MADE TEASERS AND EVERYTHING I VE TEASED MYSELF RIGHT INTO A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN PLEASE GIVE US KOSTYA I m so excited for this one I m betting this will be the BEST of the Russian Protectors

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    I have never, never used the GR star system to indicate my lack of interest in reading a future book before I have also never rated a book that is yet unreleased But I m making an exception for Kostya, because I am so utterly annoyed and offended by how Rivera has handled this release.Today is September 6th, 2015 This book is now almost a year late This is a book that was totally done, guys and which was ready to pre order, guys , and which I pre ordered twice I have yet to get it and if I may make a confession, I think now that the book was never done or ready In fact, I suspect that the whole lost ALL your pre orders, guys They re just gone was a big old lie This book still isn t ready, is my guess, and I m done giving Rivera the benefit of the doubt.Yes, she s had health problems Yes, she s had personal problems Yes, she s had professional problems If she were a responsible, mature person, she d have been smart and brave enough to say that she was sorry to break yet another promise to the people who pay her bills by buying her books, but she had to break another promise If she were really taking care of herself, she d have taken time off, as much as she needed, and been open about that I for one would have respected that honesty, and I d have waited for as long as it took I d have had her back, no question about that.Instead, she kept setting release dates and then failing to honour them Worse, every single time that she s done this, she s DISAPPEARED on the day in question Look at Kostya it was to be released on Friday 2 days ago and in that time, she s said nothing No reassurance that yes, the book has been published and it s in the publishing cycle, and she ll let us know when it goes live No apologies, no explanations, no word from her assistant, no clue what the hell is happening It s worth noting, though, that SOMEONE is deleting posts on her FB author s page so someone with information and authority is around, and simply choosing to not engage.For all these reasons, Rivera has lost a fan If I could indicate my interest in reading this book, it would actually be zero Sadly, GR doesn t have this option, so 1 star it is.Take care, Ms Rivera I wish you luck in regaining your damaged reputation You have a serious uphill battle, I can assure you BTW, my views here extend to Alexei, as well Another book that I rate a one star read in terms of interest.

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    Alright what the fuck Just what the fuck.This was the one book I was looking forward to in this series Well, I was interested in Nikolai too, but then Vivian got pregnant and I Noped out of that super fast Kostya is hella fascinating he s a cleaner, he owns strip clubs and is an International Man of Mystery I want to know everything about him.First, this book was supposed to come out the last week of August, and it didn t Then it was supposed to have been out by last friday, which did not happen There s been radio silence from the author until today And now, according to a post on the author s website, she s decided to pull Kostya from the release schedule completely The author claims that the book has been completed and ready to go for weeks, yet it doesn t feel right Which, okay, bullshit You ve had ample time to inform your readers of this Say, after the first missed deadline, for example Or even after the second Hell, you could have told us during the last weekend of DEAD SILENCE that you gave us instead This is just such a shitty way to treat your readers and fans Although after these shenanigans, I have removed myself from both of those titles Sure, she doesn t want to put out a sub par book But, hey, you could have not gotten my goddamn hopes up in the first place Boom, problem solved If this is supposed to be her job, she should start treating it like one, mY GOD So NOW, she s going to re write the goddamn book AGAIN and basically shove this book down to the very bottom of her To Do list But, of course, all THOSE books are completed and just waiting to be released Which raises the question, why aren t there release dates for those books

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    Excited to read this.

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    On Feb 2 2016 there were 58 5 reviews for a book that HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED These reviews were put up months ago, so don t tell me they had an arc The author was obviously not in a place to publish, at that time This is the PROBLEM WITH GOODREADS RATINGS I call bu% it on those ratings and the fangirls that posted them

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    so this book was supposed to hit the shelves over 2 years ago WTF HAPPENED I really want to read Kostya I m completely pissed I ve been waiting so long and still can t read this book

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    So I reckon that this book will be out 2016 although said otherwise Go on I dare you to prove me wrong.

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    Let me start by saying I too was irritated in the beginning when Ms.Rivera pulled Kostya because she wasn t pleased with her product However, she is the writer and I understand she wanted to keep true to the character Especially Kostya Not soon after Ms Rivera put out Alexi book 8 in the series, which of course I read because I love the series, reading the book was a confusing mess though because so much of it had references to past events that obviously were in Kostya So book 8 wasn t all that good either, yet she still released it Than Ms Rivera goes on to release Zel , while we her paying fans wait patiently for a book I m not sure is ever going to be released Well Ms Rivera I m done.

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    I have had enough of this about to release game I have always loved Roxie Rivera s writing Till date I have waited patiently for this book and never commented on her delays in release or that she completely disappears during the release day Lots of people have lots of personal problems and I accepted hers whatever it was But this time she went too far She didn t need to get her reader s hopes up only to dash them It doesn t matter whatever the reason is, genuine or otherwise Roxie could have declared the news that the book is released when it is finally live especially when there has already been too many non release dates gone by She has lost my respect Still I wish her all the best in life and hope that she realises the meaning of promises and commitments.

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    any day now Dreams big Pre order still says it should be out tomorrow 12 31 16 we shall see.

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