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Number One Fan chapter 1 Number One Fan , meaning Number One Fan , genre Number One Fan , book cover Number One Fan , flies Number One Fan , Number One Fan 6fc728c202c79 Fourteen Year Old Billy Davis Is Mystery And Suspense Writer Stephen Michaels S Number One Fan He S Read All Of His Books And Would Love Nothing Than To Meet Him When Billy Goes To The Library To Pick Up Stephen S Latest Novel, He Stumbles Upon Something That Will Change His Life Forever It S An Old Journal That Stephen Wrote As A Kid, Hidden In One Of The Bookshelves Billy Reads It, Discovering It Contains Journal Entries, Book Notes, And Never Before Published Short Stories Thinking It S His Best And Only Chance To Meet His Favorite Author, He Takes The Journal To Stephen, Who Lives In A Huge Mansion Just Outside Of Town Billy Knows That Stephen Values His Privacy, And Never Allows Visitors Into The House But When He Finds Out Billy Has His Old Journal, He Allows Him To Come Inside But Billy Realizes That Stephen Is Much Different Than He Expected, And That The Things That Happen In Stephen S Books Aren T All Fictional Terrible Events Take Place In The Mansion, And Billy Soon Finds Himself Forced To Fight For His Life

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    Billy is 14 and enjoys reading horror novels Stephen Michaels is his favorite writer and lives in the same town One day while at the library to pick up Stephen s latest book he finds an old journal written when Stephen was still in school Billy thinks if he goes to Michael s house to take him the journal he will get the opportunity to meet and talk with Stephen.This is a quick read and very good,

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    At the start you think you think, is he talking about Stephen King Then it changes to it must be Stephen King and finally, who cares about Stephen King, this story is good and I am not even a real horror fan.