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The Accidental Purpose summary pdf The Accidental Purpose , summary chapter 2 The Accidental Purpose , sparknotes The Accidental Purpose , The Accidental Purpose 102b4ed As We Live Our Lives, Many Things Can Happen Some Are Good And Some Not So Good Do You Ever Wonder Why Some Unexpected Or Tragic Event Happened To You Or Others You Love Was It Your Fault Was It Theirs Was It Just A Coincidence Or Bad Karma Or, Maybe, Was There Was Something Larger At Work Behind The Scenes That We Might Not Have Even Been Aware Of I Asked Myself These Very Questions Many, Many Times After My Near Death In An Auto Accident In January I Should Not Have Lived, And Yet I Did On That Horrific Night, Driving And Lost, My Car Spun Out Of Control, And My Car Flipped Into And Down A Foot Embankment Off Of An Old, Dark Farm Road In The Accident I Broke My Neck And One Of My Legs Today, I Am Still Unable To Remember Any Of The Details From The Moment I Dropped My Cell Phone, Spun Around And Around, And Flipped My Car, Until I Awoke Eleven Days Later In The Hospital The Accident Changed My Life As I Knew It Come Join Me As I Share My Story With You, As I Reveal How It All Unfolded So Rapidly I Will Discuss The Many Occasions When, Even While In The Hospital, I Should Have Left This Earth But, Something Kept Me Here Here, In These Pages, I Share With You Some Of The Most Private Parts Of My Story Some Are Frightening, And Many Can Only Best Be Explained As Miraculous Or Were They Miraculous Were My Survival And What Happened To Me And My Life In The Aftermath Just Good Luck After You Read The Accidental Purpose, I Want You To Draw Your Own Conclusions What Was The Reason For Such A Tragic Event, And Why Was I Kept Here Only You Can Decide For Yourself But, I Know My Own Conclusion I Cannot Wait To Hear What All Of You Think The Reason Is For Both My Accident And My Survival After Reading This Riveting Story Of Struggle And Continued Perseverance

  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • The Accidental Purpose
  • Gina Quarles
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9781618637895

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