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The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru chapter 1 The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru , meaning The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru , genre The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru , book cover The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru , flies The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru , The Emperor of China, the Mute Canary & the Executioner of Peru 06319170af7eb This Volume Collects Three Savage Plays From The Man Andre Breton Designated As One Of The Only True Dadas Alongside Tristan Tzara And Francis Picabia The Emperor Of China , The Mute Canary And The Executioner Of Peru The First Two Have Long Been Acknowledged As Highpoints In The Dada Movement S Contribution To The Theater, But In Their Brutal Depictions Of Violent Sexuality And Nightmarish Tyranny, And Their Casts Of Manipulative Bureaucrats, Murderous Henchmen, Insane Dictators, Lascivious Virgins, Ubuesque Cuckolds And Nonsense Spewing Enigmas, These Plays Also Echo The Work Of Such Other Dissident Surrealists Of The Era As Georges Bataille And Andre Masson These Unsettling Theatrical Works Were Significant Anticipations Of Antonin Artaud S Theater Of Cruelty And The Theater Of The Absurd Of The SGeorges Ribemont Dessaignes Was A French Writer And Artist, And One Of The Fiercest Adherents Of The Paris Dada Movement, Acting As The Group S Secretary, And For Which He Authored Some Of Its Most Vitriolic Texts Disenchanted With The Surrealist Movement That Followed, Ribemont Dessaignes Allied Himself Instead With Such Other Surrealist Dissidents As Rene Daumal And The Grand Jeu Throughout His Long Life, Ribemont Dessaignes Authored A Sizable Oeuvre Of Novels, Plays, Poetry, Essays And Memoirs, None Of Which Has To Date Been Translated Into English

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    World War 1 has produced a lot of dead soldiers and civilians it also produced great art movements such as DADA Here we have a classic set of plays by the poet Georges Ribemont Dessaignes, that pretty much describes the horror of that early century Looking back, one has to consider these plays and other works by the DADA movement as honest reflections of a world gone mad All deal with sexuality, but with the power structure of love, than its romantic sense Also the power of families, governments, and any institution One, it s a stance against the world that turned sour, but of course it is like spitting in the wind Nevertheless this collection is helped out by a very good translation by Christopher Butterfield, as well as its perfect book and text design Such a handsome beautiful book to hold for one s hands.

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    Georges Ribemont Dessaignes was an active and vital participant in the Dada movement as the book copy notes, he was one of three individuals Breton designated as a true Dadaist He eventually passed through the surrealist movement, was dissatisfied, and joined up with Ren Daumal and the Grand Jeu Which is a pretty wordy way of day that this dude is legit, and has an impressive resume.Unfortunately, this appears to be it as far as works available in translation As always, a major tip of the cap to Wakefield Press and their excellent efforts at getting this sort of stuff available in English and or in print.These three plays are described as high points of the Dada movement s contribution to theater at least the first two of the collection are, chronologically the third would have been written after the surrealist manifesto and they are quite good the first which the collection is named after is incredible, the second is slight and disposable notable mostly because Breton and Soupault played rolls in its premiere and the third is quite good, but not quite as good as the first but they really only had moments that truly struck me as belonging to the Dada movement.Truthfully, the two major plays here the first and third reminded me a great deal of the early plays of Bertolt Brecht It s basically impossible they would have been familiar with each other Ribemont Dessaignes first play was written two years before Brecht would write Baal, and even then The Emperor of China would not published until 1921 or performed until 1926 but the styles are similar, and the voice sounds much like Brecht s.Brecht is a badass, so that s a good thing.The three plays here are funny, cynical, savage in their satirization of power and its excesses, mindless in their cruelty they look forward nicely to Artaud s eventual contributions , and shocking in their depravity They basically serve as an appropriate response from a generation reeling from the mindless cruelty of WWI, and are an important part of the French literary scene around the turn of the 1920 s He sleeps.He s in a deep sleep, as if he were drunk.He s drunk Oh to forget the violent encounters of the last battle.There s no greater protection than drunkenness that opens,but as it pleases, the deepest doors And once inside he ll be safe.Alone at last because he s not aware of it.And as for me, I would like,I would like to take his sword, the sword hanging at his sideAnd plunge it into his belly.Eternal drunkenness.I could oh, oh How soft his flesh must be.Orchestrating someone s death must be strangely pleasurable.Especially if the one who s still alive is dear to you.Blood flows, love flies.And love lies here, frozen, for as long as I live.Decisive moment.Ruptured balance Heads roll.And then what Pleasure is short lived, and what s dead is truly dead.Anyway, the sword is too heavy to swing.But if it could be lifted, how quick and heavy it would come down Unstoppable fall Flaccid halt.No, no Temptation No.No.

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    One of my favorite editions from the Wakefield Press, this series of dadaist plays explore power and relationships through absurdity and violence that is dark , thought provoking, and frequently hilarious As the introduction suggests, the plays were likely inspired to a degree by Alfred Jarry s Pere Ubu though there is no comparison these are much better The short introduction is informative and fascinating Ribemont Dessaignes is one of those multi talented artists that seemed to have been everywhere in pre WWI era Europe not unlike 70s 80s NYC a painter who composed music and wrote dada ist and surrealist plays and literature As a musician he even created a pocket roulette wheel that helped him compose music using chance operations well before later composers were incorporating similar techniques Some of my favorite passages The emperor in the first story decides to commit suicide and gives his royal stamp to his ministers in order to become powerful as a disembodied idea than he ever could in life Here I am, close to becoming virtual Onane But to possess as a clock possesses time in a wound up spring, or in weight s slow acquiescence Thick golden heart, liquid world, then steam rises as if from a volcano, the breath from my mouth Verdict To possess or be possessed Shame is in the indecision Verdict ponders the swinging head of Onane See the open eyes, portholes in an unlit lantern Never again will those dull globes reflect the image you could never be sure was your own Riquet in any case we can be certain of one thing, that outside of oneself there is nothing Action, then, becomes a convenience All I have to do is move one eye or the other, or tilt my head to the right or the left to move the heavens It s mechanical government I am the archiepiscope of the whole world Love to the Public Prosecutor Fair and unfair are indistinguishable Everything a judge says is fair If he s unfair he s not a judge Anyway, judges are idiots And you re not a judge Public Prosecutor of Love He was my secretary Now he s Mr Victor s typist Love I write the law Minister of Justice What s he say Love Excuse me, sir, something is only definitive if it s been typed by a machine A man isn t dead until I ve written Dead, even if gravity has already pulled his head into the bran basket Excuse me again, your honor There s nothing you can do Alcaline Farewell little doggies of the starry night Victor on the eyes of executed innocents, which are used in a photographic machine lenses which re establish the mystery and knowledge of god.

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    and speaking of the scorched earth of Dada see previous review , here are three Dada plays which point the way to Artuad s Theatre of Cruelty The Emperor of China 1916 , The Mute Canary 1920 and The Executioner of Peru 1926.

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    A fine set of plays, much of the language has not aged well, and both the executioner and the emperor overstay their welcome in terms of length, but are interesting experiments in full length Dada theatre The language is lovely, very poetic, similar to Tzara and Ball.