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Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) pdf Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) , ebook Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) , epub Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) , doc Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) , e-pub Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) , Mistaken Assassin (Overcoming Evil #1) 5a6880db78e Marilu Hutchins Wakes Up One Morning Realizing The Man Next To Her Is Not Her Husband That Awareness Is The Beginning To Ten Year S Of Memories Returning One Of Which Leads Her To Believe She Is A Paid Assassin As She Struggles With The Realization Of Who She Is And What She Was, She Begins A Search For Her Daughter Things Are Complicated When She Runs Into Brad Morrison, The Undercover Agent Who Is The Brother To The Man Marilu Had Been Hired To Kill Together, The Two Go On The Run To Prove That All Is Not As It Seems And Marilu Is Nothing Than A Mistaken Assassin Can She Let Go Of Her Fear And Uncertainty To Let God S Will Prevail

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    Finding a clean romantic suspense novel is a treat in and of itself Ms Hickey delivers a fast paced book with enough twists in the plot to keep the reader entertained There are a few spots were the editing could be improved tense shifts are the most problematic Also there are places in the plot where it feels like the author relied too heavily on coincidence, for example when Marilu stumbles across Brad at the beginning of the book, the amnesia that has kept Marilu docile for ten years, and Marilu s mild mannered husband who turns abusive when her memory starts to return These clich d moments reduce the credibility of the story, but are not enough to derail Mistaken Assassin A point in its favor, Marilu and Brad s romance is allowed to simmer throughout the story without boiling over Additionally, the relationship between Marilu and Jason, Marilu and her daughter, and Marilu and her profession brings the struggle of living a life of faith to the forefront, which Christian readers will appreciate Overall, Mistaken Assassin is a story worth reading.

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    Great, suspenseful story Just the thought of the story line alone of finding out you aren t who are and waking up next someone you don t know is what got me reading and couldn t stop Loved the fact that Mari changed her way of thinking once she learned about how God s love can fix everything she made a wonderful decision to give up all she learned and live a pick it fence live you need to read this book to find out what happened trust me you won t regret it and thanks to the author for a great story Looking forward to reading ..

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    Gripping suspense A young lady with amnesia and handsome twin brothers what s not to love And a budding romance while running, hiding, and fighting bad guys Mari, who had lived ten years as Stacy, must protect her daughters and parents even if she has to sacrifice her life A great ending.

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    Fast moving.This book was fast paced with a lot of suspense It was a great book and I look forward to reading books from this author.

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    CaptivatingIntriguing story keeping the reader engaged and loathing to put the book down Recommended for all suspense and thrill seeking readers.

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    MISTAKEN ASSASSIN Good clean book suspense and romance abound I did have a problem with the FBI Brad house sitting at the house Marilu had just broken into, but other than that it was a very good read.

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    Snagged this for a dollar from a sale a while back decided to start reading it last night while out of town It grabbed me from the first chapter kept me reading feverishly as I needed to know what happened REALLY enjoyed this fast paced thriller

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    Great book Marilu wakes up to find she remembers her past Suffering from amnesia for the last 10 years, she remembers that 10 years ago she was paid assassin and failed to kill her mark, killing her husband and putting her life in danger.

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    This was a fast paced book I read it in less than a day A lot of twist and turns I enjoyed it but I felt it ended without answering key questions For example who Jennas father was never was addressed nor where the flood of memories I gave it five though because I did enjoy it a lot.

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    WoderfulThis is a fantastic Christian Romantic Suspense, full of action I absolutely loved this story and I cannot wait to read the next books in this series I would give it than 5 stars if I could.

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