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Defect pdf Defect, ebook Defect, epub Defect, doc Defect, e-pub Defect, Defect 324e25fd2bd Locked In The Mental Ward On Her Th Birthday, Eve Sterling Doesn T Think Things Can Get Any Worse They Can After Failing The Mindscan Procedure That Predicts Future Crime, She S Deemed A Defect And Subjected To Endless Psychological And Physical Testing As The Government Tries To Determine What S Different About Her The One Bright Spot Is Military Guard, Will He S Gentle With Her When No One S Watching And Suppresses A Smile Whenever She Defies Their Challenges Will S Lessons Begin To Dance Dangerously Close To Knowledge She Shouldn T Possess, Like What S Beyond The Fenced Compound Though It S Forbidden And Will Would Be Killed On The Spot If They Re Discovered, They Steal Away Moments Together With Her Very Life On The Line, Eve Has To Decide If She Can Trust The Guard She S Falling ForDefect, A Young Adult Romance That Takes Place In The Near Future It Is A Survivalist Love Story

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