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    Review copyMy expectations were not that high for this anthology Although, I love horror, in all it s many forms, I ve never been that big a fan of the military story Well, I needn t have worried at all SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror delivers Every story killed pun intended.Sixteen tales of terror from the battlefield wherever that battlefield may be Just about every war over the last millennium, and beyond, is covered in this collection.SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror features great stories from established names like Jonathan Maberry with a Joe Ledger novella , Weston Ochse, and James A Moore with a story featuring his characters Jonathan Crowley and Lucas Slate.You ll also find some writers you may not have read before, but don t let that keep you away Some of the best stories are from authors I wasn t familiar with Christine Morgan s Little Johnny Jump Up is one of those stand out tales A ghost story set on the battlefield during the Civil War Brian W Taylor has a very cool story called Covert Genesis, about a C 17 brought out of the sky by a bright blue flash, and what the survivors face is simply terrifying Lawson s never been the most sociable guy to begin with Throw in alien worms who take over people s brains and you can respect his crankiness The Shrine, by David W Amendola has German soldiers unearthing something that should be been left lone.Between the covers of SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror are rescue missions, fighting giant alien spiders, Japanese vampires, undersea lovecraftian horrors, enemies from the far future, bigfoot, and the undead in the form of monkeys, tigers, elephants and thousands of Indians.There is so much goodness in SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror that a sequel with four novellas of military horror will be forthcoming with stories from Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Joseph Nassise, and James A Moore.SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror is available now in hardback, paperback, and ebook through .com from Cohesion Press.Highly recommended.

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    I won t rate this, as I am the publisher, but damn, there are some great stories in here.

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    Good book of short stories The Greig Beck story was my personal favorite, like all of his work I also liked the Jonathan Maberry, Joe Ledger adventure and will be finding his other books Also enjoyed Blackwater by Neal Litherland, Cold War Gothic by Weston Ochse, A Time of Blood by Kirsten Cross and Blank White Page by James Moore.

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    Little Johnny Jump Up by Christine Morgan4 stars FantasyExcellent beginning for this collection, featuring a canon unit during the US Civil War This is a terrific ghost story that zips right along The only thing that keeps it from being a 5 star story is that it was pretty much on rails without surprises The writing is excellent, however.Covert Genesis by Brian W Taylor3 stars FantasyThis is a decent first encounter story, but it doesn t provide any answers or a real ending The open endedness of it doesn t bother me as much, but it just feels weird for weirdness sake.Bug Hunt by Jonathan Maberry5 stars Science FictionThis is a Joe Ledger story, where Ledger and his team from the Department of Military Sciences are tasked to recover a very bad weapon from some Russian mercenaries in the Pacific Northwest Then things get crazy when they all encounter giant spiders from outer space As with his other books I ve read, this is a solid adventure story with a couple neat wrinkles It s not dissimilar to the movie Predator without being derivative.Special Operations Interview PTO 14 by Wayland Smith3 stars FantasyThis is in the form of a transcript of an OSS interview of a US Marine during WWII in the Pacific He witnessed a Japanese soldier battling a big blue demon It s an okay story.Cold War Gothic by Weston Ochse4 stars FantasySet in 1969 San Francisco, this one is about an undercover government bureau that specializes in occult creepies In this instance it s vampire geishas So that was fun.Making Waves by Curtis C Chen5 stars FantasyA WWII story set aboard the submarine USS Bowfin This is a world where magic is an everyday thing, as it begins with a spell to allow a specialist to teleport aboard I quite liked how Chen integrated magic into the world, as well as how he makes you think this will involve Godzilla like kaiju but pivots instead view spoiler It s actually Cthulhu esque Elder Gods hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer I received a courtesy copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review I went into SNAFU with high expectations and wasn t disappointed I am a huge fan of all things Maberry and had been following the release date of this book since he first announced his participation I never miss a chance to spend time with Joe Ledger and Echo Team, and the short outing included in this anthology Bug Hunt was another stellar breakout That said, the other authors both big names in miltary horror and the new recruits did a great job of bringing the heat from page to page There were stories that spanned from pre history to the future, but a majority took place in post Civil War era theaters, be the World Wars 1 and 2, Vietnam, or the near modern ops of Maberry s Echo Team I found Weston Ochse s Cold War Gothic, Jeff Hewitt s A Tide of Flesh, Neal Litherland s Blackwater, and Walyand Smith s Special Operations Interview PTO 14 stood near the summit with Maberry s tale, yet all the stories were worth the time to read Some stories had a little world building required to pay out the story, and even the ones that weren t necessarily my favorites were still an enjoyable ride.I d like to see collections in this same vein from editors Geoff Brown and Amanda J Spedding The stories were eclectic in settings, brisk in the action presented, interspersed with the build up of dread I went in hoping for from page 1.I ll be looking forward to a SNAFU 2 or Catch 666 or whatever another volume of these tales would be called Based on this volume, it d be a day 1 purchase Buy this one with confidence of money well spent.

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    SNAFU is one of those special anthologies, where every story fits the mould Each work has its own special hook or pull that keeps you reading and then wanting to read the next.The only story without a direct focus on the military was the last, Blank White Page Songs in the Key of White by James A Moore That said, it fit well into the anthology and is an amazing, haunting tale.Overall, I would rate this as one of the best horror anthologies I have ever read, easily worthy of my 5 star review I await the next edition with barely contained anticipation, as well as the recently announced SNAFU Heroes.

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    Cohesion Press has launched the primer anthology series for Military Horror Science Fiction The first book in the series was SNAFU, An Anthology of Military Horror The book was a major success bringing stories from the best writers in the Horror Action Adventure realm, including Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Greig Beck, and James A Moore, as well as emerging writers who draw the reader in and hold suspense like the big writers I enjoyed every story contained in this book, and quite frankly was pleasantly surprised at the mix of stories and the quality of writing including the emerging writers that showed a lot of talent The stories encompass an excellent blend of Military Horror and Science Fiction At 446 pages of packed adventure, this book is well worth the purchase.

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    Great fun Absolute stand out reads for me were those belonging to Christine Morgan, Westone Ochse loved this one and Greig Beck.

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    The fear of the unknown is what horror as a genre has always chosen to exploit and this anthology takes those fears and puts it down in a military landscape In other words, it unleashes these horrors onto men and women trained for war.These are the stories and what I made out of them Blackwater A spec ops team faces off against monsters from the sea Not a very cohesive story although it does have a few moments 2 stars Little Johnny Jump Up The civil war era and a benevolent little ghost This is no horror story but one where the ghost eases out the horrors for the characters 3 stars Covert Genesis Here again it is spec ops but the monsters they face are rather unique and different from all the others in this anthology A little high on the gore factor coupled with fast paced action 3 stars Bug Hunt I am not familiar with this character Joe Ledger so was not used to his staccato sentences and gung ho attitude Although making a guess about this character would be rather premature, I did feel that he is yet another stereotype of the American GI that the media would have us believe The story was an interesting one but it did lack cohesion at quite a few places Some things did not sit too right and that affected the enjoyment factor 2 stars Special Operations Interview PTO 14 A US marine on patrol in a Japanese island stumbles on a scene straight out of Japanese mythology Here again there isn t much of horror and comparably it is a bland story 2 stars Cold War Gothic Reminiscent of Mike Mignola s B.P.R.D placed in a cold war setting The Americans cross swords with the Russians and the weapons they use are all supernatural in nature An interesting addition into the mix was the box man, a character worth remembering Quite an atmospheric tale 3 and half stars Making Waves I knew there was a Ctulhu impostor in here somewhere and here it was WWII, submarine warfare, magic, Americans, Elder Gods and general mayhem Interesting twist to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki scenarios 3 stars The Fossil One of the longest stories in the collection and worth it The future coming back to haunt and terrify us was a new one for me The story moves swiftly and the buildup is quite brilliant 4 stars A Tide of Flesh Starts right in the thick of action and stops when it wanes The premise is very interesting with the British soldiers facing off the Indian undead The execution however lacks the charm 2 stars Death at 900 meters Set in present day Iraq with Marine snipers on a routine smash and grab mission encountering vampires No surprises, no plot twists and just your regular vampire tale 2 stars Holding The Line The smallest story in the collection and one without too much of a conclusion It is all over before you get into the thick of things High on gore For the interested, it is the National Guard v s Sasquatches 2 stars Thela Hun Gingeet The favorite landscape of all military writers the American debacle in Vietnam An American team on an intel gathering mission goes deep into the jungles and gets caught up in a Taoist temple that fries their neural circuits The imagery is psychedelic and lavishes us with stunning visuals My contention however is with the fact that the story never explains what all the noise is all about Everything is left hanging by the threads 3 and a half stars for the visuals 2 stars for the story The Shrine WWII again with the German Panzer division and the SS trying to pull out something from the foundations of an old church What comes out of the pit is a homage to a monster of the Lovecraftian genre The buildup in this story is pretty solid and the characters are pretty well sketched 4 stars Ptearing All Before Us I have always wondered what a Thunderbird in the Indian myths could be all about This story offers a wild guess at that and builds a story around a group of soldiers out hunting Indians in the wilderness More than horror, this is a tale of greed and avarice I quite liked it Here too, gore is rather high 3 stars Blank White Page Two gentlemen, a certain Mr Slate and Mr.Crowley ride into the town of Silver Springs in the days of the wild west They remind you of the horsemen of the apocalypse for one rides a pale horse and the other man is well he really is something to behold In they ride and all hell breaks loose no pun intended The storytelling moves at breakneck speed and it really is a brilliant piece of work amalgamating Mexican standoff s, supernatural incursions and good old firefights This certainly is my pick as the best in the anthology The only thing to note is that this is the only tale which is not directly set in a military backdrop 5 stars.This is one of those rare anthologies where none of the stories are bad They all either fall into the category of good or strictly average Worth a read Recommended.

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    Military horror.The term brings to mind a number of images and story ideas Geoff Brown and Amanda J Spedding have brought together a varied mix of stories that cross a number of different genres and types of military units From single investigator to entire military units, SNAFU was an interesting anthology idea and it came together wonderfully.As there are a large number of stories in this anthology, I will be talking about those that stood out for me Little Johnny Jump Up by Christine Morgan was a light story about a ghost and a cannon When compared to the rest of the stories in this anthology, this one felt the least horror orientated Rather, it was of a jovial story, even when faced with the horrors of warfare Still, Morgan created a nice batch of characters and a storyline that was unique amongst the rest in this collection.Covert Genesis by Brian W Taylor read like a video game like Left 4 Dead rather than a horror story With its groupings of named enemies Ironhide, Technophiles, etc the level of horror within this story was completely removed rather than enhanced The characters were very one dimensional and only helped to give the story its video game feeling Sadly, this story could have been so much if Taylor had left the monsters as unknown creatures.Bug Hunt A Joe Ledger Adventure by Jonathan Maberry was an excellent read and actually had me hunting out Maberry s other works The protagonist was engaging and interesting with a personality that was infectious even during combat Making the spiders than what they were was a nice touch that upped the horror aspect of the story A really fun read along the lines of traditional military adventure novels.Cold War Gothic by Weston Ochse was a story I couldn t figure out how I felt about it Some parts of it, such as the Box Man and his ability to eat spiders, was unique and fascinating to read about The Russian was another interesting character that brought a lot to the story and helped to up the level of mysticism within the story However, all of these elements couldn t hold my interest to the sheer size of this story Making Waves by Curtis C Chen was a wonderful Lovecraftian story that had me wondering long after the end of the tale if the Hatcher was morally a good person or not It actually got bad enough that I was actually angry at Hatcher for some of the things she did War often has blurred morality lines, and Chen captures this perfectly here She also does the mythos element with skill and talent A very enjoyable story.Holding The Line by Eric S Brown was nothing than a giant battle scene Very little character development, no explanation as to why the Sasquatch Apocalypse was happening, and virtually no plot, this story was a sad disappointment I wish there had been to this tale with its unique monsters and concept, but as it stands, there is just nothing to it.Ptering All Before Us by Steve Ruthenbeck had an interesting premise, but it was quickly lost to heavy, blunt foreshadowing and an unrealistic dinosaur view spoiler With the constant mentioning of Thunderbirds, the reader quickly figures out what the monster is that is snatching up the riders And then when it actually shows up, its behavior is completely unrealistic Even the largest of the flying dinosaurs, the Quetzalcoatlus, killed its prey by stalking much in the way as a stork Due to the nature of their wing membranes, all of the flying dinosaurs were unable to pick up prey with their hind quarters like modern birds of prey hide spoiler

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