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I Spy Pecan Pie chapter 1 I Spy Pecan Pie , meaning I Spy Pecan Pie , genre I Spy Pecan Pie , book cover I Spy Pecan Pie , flies I Spy Pecan Pie , I Spy Pecan Pie 722a8f1de5dbe Dear Author,See Him That S Justin He Hasn T Been Working Here Long And I Ve Been Too Shy To Approach Him So Far Since I Do All The Cooking Here On The Ranch I Only See Him At Mealtimes And I Ve Been Trying To Find Out What He Likes So That I Can Make It Especially For Him I Have Some Great Friends Here Who Are Surprisingly Encouraging And Open Minded They Ve Been Trying To Help Me Out Without Being Too Obvious Of Course, Which Of Course Means They Are Being Ridiculously Obvious They Mean Well, But I Might Be Better Off With Less HelpJustin Is Very Sweet And Always Polite, He Was Definitely Raised Well But I Have A Feeling He S Been On His Own For A Long Time, Too Long I Don T Know His Story, But His Eyes Just Look So Sad Sometimes And It Breaks My Heart I Think He Might Be Interested, But I Know Sometimes I Can Seem Intimidating I Ve Always Been Taller And Bigger Than Most Of The Other Guys Here And Being That I M Also The Cook, Most People Don T Know Really Know What To Make Of Me It Kind Of Keeps Me From Approaching Guys I M Attracted To And I Don T Want To Make The Same Mistake With Justin It S Not Like A Get A Lot Of Chances To Meet Many Available Men And Justin Is Someone Special, I Just Really Don T Want To Screw This UpWe Ve Been Dancing Around The Attraction For A While Now At Least In My Own Mind And I Ve Been Working Up My Courage To See If Justin Wants To Spend Some Time With Me Away From The Ranch I Finally Have A Whole Date Speech Planned And I Head Out The Back Door, Around The Barn And What Do I See Justin In All His Wet And Soapy Glory Needless To Say, I Forgot My SpeechCan You Help Me With What Happens Next I Need Your Words To Help Me Work Up My Courage Through Some Clumsily Romantic Moments That May Not Always Work Out, But Where I Have The Best Of Intentions One Of My Biggest Weaknesses Is Justin S Voice, His Husky Southern Drawl Does Me In Every Time He Opens His MouthPhoto Description A Lean And Muscular Man With Dark Hair And Tattoos On His Chest And Shoulders Stands In A Large Bucket He Is Naked And Soaping Himself All Over, Paying Particular Attention To His CrotchThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love S Landscapes Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short Story This Story May Contain Sexually Explicit Content And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers The M M Romance Group Strongly Recommends That Each Reader Review The General Information Section Before Each Story For Story Tags As Well As For Content Warnings

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    Sorry Slip of the tongue Yeah, I know exactly where you d like to slip your tongue, Mac said, grabbing the spare dish towel out of my hands I m not gonna lieI no like pecan pie But I really like Anna s I Spy Pecan Pie I do support pie howeveryou put a slice of Chess pie aka crack pie in front of me you will end up a finger short.Sorrysorry, getting little distracted with this pie talk Hmm, wonder what I m having for dessert today Anyway I Spy Pecan Pie The author did an excellent job sticking to the prompt and delivering a story the prompter can enjoy It was light, funny, cowboy fun and great banter especially from the friends I enjoyed the secondary characters as much as the main characters in this story DDuke s 6 4 like why aren t you reading the story already man I love the big guys , ripped due to a interesting injury, shy and cooks like a dream If Duke exists, please send him to my house Thanks He s lusting after the new ranch hand, Justin who is just hard to get a vibe from Is he gay Is he homophobic Would he top like a stallion Questions that the author answers Most deliciously Nothing heavy, nothing kinky, pure romance on a ranch in Texas between a southern boy from Alabama and a Texan mechanic cook Plus a work bench that has seen some fun times P

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    3.5 starsCOWBOYS and PIE, y all Sparkly little story with calloused edges featuring a ranch hand and ranch cook mooning over each other and letting the burn build, baby Also includes sexy frotting on a work bench and a mama who will slap you silly if you swear in her kitchen Nothing wrong with this story at all it was just over in the blink of an eye, and I never felt like I got to know either MC very well.

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    HOLY SHIT THAT PICTURE.I wanna cowboy up and ride And I don t even know what that means Update Enjoying the show he asked, raising an eyebrow and slowly soaping his cock again A sensuous slide up and down, up and down.I panicked and quickly slipped back around the barn, out of sight Fuck I couldn t believe I had been so obvious He probably thought I was a complete pervert I sighed and hit my head against the barn with a clunk How was I going to get out of this one A DUDE He s the one soaping his PEEN If anyone s a perv here, it s him.B I would have the exact same reaction Run, hide, freak out cause it s SO EMBARRASSING.

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    THIS IS MY PROMPT AND I M SO EXCIIIIIIIITEDok now buzzoffigottaread a little bits later AND I m done AND I loved it See all these stars That s me throwing them at the story that Anna Birmingham wrote for my prompt.It was sweet, sexy, funny and Duke and Justin were just like I pictured them Duke s cluelessness was so endearing and I loved when Justin went all Alpha Stallion in the bar They were a perfect fit for each other and I would love to read about them And the subtle shout out to my KINGS Awwwwww, yeah Anna done did her research on my brain It really felt like my story and I can t even begin to describe how flattering that feels Thank you Anna squeezes Duke and Justin

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    N awww so cute I was smiling the whole time while reading this, because I was enjoying myself so much I loved Duke s voice but felt that this story could ve been much longer If fleshed out, it could be one of the better cowboy m m stories out there Oh well, what we got was sweet as pie and fun, so I m definitely not complaining Kudos to the author I m giving this one 3.5 oooey gooey stars Edit now I m craving pecan pie Can someone UPS me some

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    AwwI loved this story Wonderful characters, great dialogueso sweet, and so funny ETA prompt pic

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    3.5 Stars There was a smexy cowboy, a smexier grease monkey, and baking as foreplay, y all This story was totally adorable and 100% up my alley Given the length of the story, I was impressed by the fact that both MCs popped off the pages full of cuteness and insecurities and lust It also had a nice arc to it no unnecessary conflict or angst, just the typical bumps in the road that come with those early, awkward days when you re first getting to know someone Twas a lovely story Plus Soap bubbles I want to come back as Justin s soap bubbles in another life As always, my thanks to the author for participating in the Love s Landscapes event even when it was slightly against your will and for all of the behind the scenes work that editors, beta readers, and the MM Group Mods put into making this FREE event a massive success What a great way to find new to me authors like Birmingham.

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    Hot ranch men served with a side of pie Yum.Uncomplicated, footloose love story between Duke, the ranch cook and mechanic and Justin, the new hand How Duke ever managed to be the wallflower is a bit of a mystery But there s cute good natured ribbing and humor when he s smitten Their romance is as sweet as the desserts First LL prophesy There will be an uptick in pie production this week.

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    I Spy Pecan Pie was, just as the title suggests, a very sweet story It offered quite a few laughs, was light, adorable and delicious.Duke works on a ranch as a cook and mechanic on the side He s shy and clueless towards Justin, the new ranch hand He doesn t know what to make of the new guy, but when he decides to approach him, sparks fly A lot of sparks That work bench in the garage has seen some action Just sayin I loved their chemistry It s a shame the story was so short and I wish I could ve watched Justin top Duke Oh, and the secondary characters were also great.Prompt photo NSFW view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Sweet as pie Thanks so much to the author for this cute little freebie