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A Banquet of Consequences txt A Banquet of Consequences , text ebook A Banquet of Consequences , adobe reader A Banquet of Consequences , chapter 2 A Banquet of Consequences , A Banquet of Consequences e175f3 Inspector Lynley Investigates The London End Of An Ever Darkly Disturbing Case, With Barbara Havers And Winston Nkata Looking Behind The Peaceful Fa Ade Of Country Life To Discover A Twisted World Of Desire And DeceitThe Suicide Of William Goldacre Is Devastating To Those Left Behind But What Was The Cause Of His Tragedy And How Far Might The Consequences Reach Is There A Link Between The Young Man S Leap From A Dorset Cliff And A Horrific Poisoning In Cambridge Following Various Career Threatening Misdemeanours, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers Is Desperate To Redeem Herself So When A Past Encounter With Bestselling Feminist Writer Clare Abbott And Her Pushy Personal Assistant Caroline Goldacre Gives Her A Connection To The Cambridge Murder, Barbara Begs DI Thomas Lynley To Let Her Pursue The CrimeFull Of Shocks, Intensity And Suspense From First Page To Last, A Banquet Of Consequences Reveals Both Lynley And Havers Under Pressure, And Author Elizabeth George Writing At The Very Height Of Her Exceptional Powers

About the Author: Elizabeth George

See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series

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    As I closed this lengthy 573 pages new book in the Lynley Havers series and I breathed a sigh of relief Oh my goodness, I think Elizabeth George is back on track This was actually a good installment in the series After George killed off Lynley s wife and unborn child on their own doorstep, the series went amok She followed that incident with a book that was truly, in my opinion, horrible What Came Before Her and then issued four very mediocre novels with Lynley and Havers behaving very uncharacteristically I had really about given up but thought that I ll give it one try I am glad I did This book goes back to the tried and true formula of being about an actual crime Clare Abbott, a renowned feminist writer, is found dead in her hotel suite while on a speaking tour At first it is thought to be a heart attack but after further investigation it turns out she was poisoned Attention turns to her assistant, Caroline Goldacre, and she is quite a piece of work Clare has one of the most dysfunctional families around One son commits suicide and her employer builds a monument for him What is the relationship between these two women Havers is still walking a thin line with her boss, Isabelle Ardery, who desperately wants her gone With the real threat of transfer hanging over her head, Havers must walk a very disciplined line and that is so hard for her Dorthea Harriman, the department secretary, tries to befriend her and this is hysterical Harriman is such a fashion plate and Havers is, well, not Harriman tries to take her shopping and then they try speed dating which is funny It s Havers taste in clothes that brings her in touch with Claire Abbott, the murder victim Lynley meanwhile is continuing his relationship with Daidre, the zoo veterinarian I think this thread is still a troubling part of the book It just doesn t fit and I find the relationship awkward It is just so unlikely I don t know why George keeps trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole No matter how many times you pound that peg, you just can t make it work It doesn t work Stop it I have a lot of time invested in this series I have read all the books as they come out They require an investment of time as they are all over 550 pages I have stuck to it through the very rough times when it appeared George had lost control of the series I am glad it s back on track with a very readable book The plot was interesting The characters were interesting Havers was back in form Now if she could only stop trying to force the Lynley relationship, things would be great Even so, I can recommend this book to all those readers who have stuck with George It is possible to read this as a stand alone and enjoy it but for long standing fans, it is a breath of fresh air.

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    Elizabeth George is on my short list of must read mystery writers Each book is huge, and the equivalent of comfort food I read a bunch of them all in a row a few years ago at a time when I needed something diverting, consuming but not too serious Since then, every few years a new one comes out and I sink right back into the world of Linley and Havers There have been ups and downs in the series some misses and some high points A Banquet of Consequences is no.19 in the series I was lucky to get an advance copy, and despite the horrible formatting of the copy I got I once again sank right into the story As usual, the story is told from the point of view of a few people involved in the mystery as well as Linley and Havers It s a device that works well, because in each book George takes you into the world of the victims and suspects which allows her to keep her books fairly diverse, and she also has a talent for creating good characters and complex human relations In this case, George definitely creates an interesting cast of characters, including a feminist author, her editor, her assistant, and the assistant s family the assistant s creepy borderline personality is particularly well done The relationships between these characters are well done especially between the author and her assistant As with George s last book, Havers is primarily in charge of this investigation, and that alone is a good recommendation for the book because she is a great character I will say no about the story If you re familiar with Elizabeth George, this is a good addition to the series If you re not familiar with her books, it s a good series if you like your mysteries to be long, not too gritty, and focused on human relations than police procedure You could read this one as a stand alone, but I suspect the experience is much richer if you re already familiar with the series Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.

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    I ve long been a fan of the Lynley mysteries Literary crime fiction at it s best, with A Banquet of Consequences Ms George has hit top form once .I ll be honest and say since the series game changing event that occured in With No one As Witness I felt that the author lost her way a little whilst the ensuing novels were still good it lost a little something for me but in A Banquet of Consequences that little hiccup seems to have been shaken off and she is back to doing what she does best Delivering a tour de force of a crime story with our favourite characters heading back into normal territory and being those we love to read about.Havers is toeing the line Lynley finds he doesn t really like this after all There are some great humerous moments to be had around that and their interactions with Dorothea a character who I d like to see get a good deal page time and at last I felt that both Lynley and Havers were regaining lost ground.Plus the trademark construction is back at its finest where the crime in question is explored from many angles, giving us a picture of all those caught up in it, from the before during and after What this author does incredibly well are people From all walks of life, those who end up on the radar of Lynley and Havers are always fascinating whatever their background In this case we have an author, a publicist, a mother who has lost a child to suicide and those that surround them the sheer intricacies of all the interpersonal relationships make for some great reading and it is utterly compelling throughout.As an entirety this series is simply stunning in its complexity, gorgeous prose, character building and addictive reading quality Despite the odd downturn, where I believe it s possible Ms George was grieving as much as her characters were, I would still highly recommend every novel that features Inspector Lynley and co.You can read any one as a standalone but I would recommend reading in order as far as possible if only to see the developing friendship between Lynley and Havers a dynamic duo if ever there was one.I loved it.

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    3.5 stars In this 19th book in the series, Inspector Lynley and his team investigate the death of a feminist author The book can be read as a standalone, but knowing the characters makes it entertaining Will Goldacre is a troubled young man who s afflicted with a deformed ear and a condition that seems to resemble Tourette s Syndrome he sometimes vocalizes curse words and inappropriate phrases After a break up and attempted reconciliation with his girlfriend Lily, Will commits suicide by jumping off a cliff This devastates Will s family, especially his mother Caroline Goldacre.Caroline copes with her grief in part by working as an assistant to well known feminist author Clare Abbott When Clare dies suddenly during a book tour, the police take an interest DS Barbara Havers of Scotland Yard, on the outs with the Detective Superintendent because she causes trouble and doesn t follow orders, desperately wants the case So hoping Barbara can redeem herself her mentor, DI Thomas Lynley arranges for Barbara to work the case with DS Winston Nkata.Since Caroline Goldacre was in the adjoining hotel room when Clare died she comes under intense scrutiny It turns out Caroline s quite a character She s a liar a manipulator an interfering mother a horrible mother in law an indifferent wife, a jealous friend and so on Then when Clare s editor Rory whom Caroline disliked is attacked, things start to look very suspicious indeed This is a traditional detective book, with Barbara, Winston, and Lynley questioning witnesses, getting search warrants, collecting evidence, putting together clues, etc.in an attempt to uncover the murderer There are a large array of additional characters in the story, including Caroline s cheating husband Alistair and his lover Caroline s son Charlie and his estranged wife India Scotland Yard secretary Dorothea Harriman who s determined to find tomboyish Barbara Havers a boyfriend this is pretty hilarious Lynley s lady friend Dairdre, a zoo veterinarian psychological assistance dog Arlo who s cute and sweet and .I enjoyed the first two thirds of the tale, which moved along at a brisk pace Then the action seemed to slow down and the book became a bit of a slog Some additional problems I had with the story an unnecessarily long and detailed description of women being beaten and raped and one being murdered too many uncomfortable scenes of Lynley pursuing Dairdre with whom he seems to have minimal chemistry excessive information about Caroline s unfaithful husband and his paramour ditto India and her new boyfriend Also, certain aspects of Caroline s behavior were over the top and not credible to me and the book s conclusion wasn t 100% satisfying.Still, I did like the detective investigative parts of the book and got a kick out of the friendship banter between Barbara and Winston Barbara even cooked Winnie a meal, which was quite entertaining All in all, an okay addition to the series.You can follow my reviews at

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    If you want to continue your relationship with Barbara Havers, do yourself a favor and skip to page 567, read it and walk away quickly take your Converse and run , then wait another two years Lynley has apparently been abducted and replaced by a paper doll cutout that resembles very little of the man we came to know It says it s Lynley, it drives a car like Lynley but it ain t Lynley Actually all the men the few there are in this man hating diatribe seem to have been created from the same pathetic piece of translucent scrap paper that won t stand up by itself.Barbara deserves better than to be the bookend that holds up an agenda driven work that reads like a freshmen Women s Studies class paper Gosh, I deserve better.

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    An Assured Novelist of Precarious SituationsI recently took a look at the latest Maisie Dobbs mystery by Jacqueline Winspear, whose novels I quite enjoyed at the beginning until I realized that they had settled into a tiresome rut I felt rather the same about Elizabeth George s British mysteries, though I read a good many of them before giving up But here s the difference I returned to Winspear only to discover that she had become still annoying I return to George to find an author who has done nothing but improve, and in particular has eliminated most of the factors that turned me off in the first place.In short, she has gone far to turn herself from a genre writer into a true novelist Or, to put it another way, she still emulates the classics of English crime fiction no small feat for an American , but she has now switched masters In the beginning, her model seems to have been Dorothy L Sayers Thomas Lynley, her blue blooded Scotland Yard detective, seemed an obvious take off of Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey, but the trope felt out of place in the modern era As she matured, however, she seemed to be channeling the great P D James, especially the magnificent books of her prime such as Devices and Desires, whose expanded length serves less to complicate the mystery than to do proper justice to all the characters as three dimensional beings I had been watching George do the same as she reached her own prime But this new one is something different a book where the first suspicious death does not occur for 150 pages but where those 150 pages have got you as completely hooked as though it were a straight novel Indeed, George could even have omitted the mystery altogether, and I would still have been satisfied.About that mystery, I think I should say as little as possible, but I do want to mention a few things about the structure Classic mysteries in the Agatha Christie mode begin by introducing us to a number of people who are connected in some way one of the interesting games at this point is to guess who is going to be the victim generally some unpleasant person whom many people would have motives to kill I can imagine that most readers would have such a candidate here too, but Elizabeth George does not play the obvious cards both the first and second victims are quite unexpected, and the motives are far from clear Then there is the situation in the middle of an investigation where you begin to have an obvious suspect, but start looking at peripheral possibilities instead, since the obvious just seems too obvious George plays games with that too Finally, the police case is closed with fifty pages of the book still to go, but George is not spinning her wheels not only does she make full use of her long epilogue as a novelist tying up the many human stories, she has another trick or two up her sleeve as a detective writer as well.The cover labels the book as A Lynley Novel But really, DI Thomas Lynley AKA the Earl of Asherton is hardly the main focus here That distinction goes to his subordinate or rather insubordinate , the proletarian, ill kempt, loud mouthed Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, whom I have always found by far the interesting character But Barbara is in a precarious situation right now DS Isabelle Ardery, Lynley s superior, has had enough of her rule breaking, and is poised to exile her to the grey North at the slightest infraction Lynley himself, who seems younger and less assured in this novel than I ever remember him, also finds himself walking on eggshells with DS Ardery his previous patrician ease has all but disappeared.Precarious situations seem to be the theme of the entire novel There are at least three marriages or partnerships on their last legs, and a corresponding number of fledgling relationships that could die or prosper as the result of a single move including Lynley s own as he seeks to find a new anchorage after the death of his wife And the mystery at the core of the entire case turns out to be a relationship between two women so precarious that nobody can work out what holds it together at all But George is a deft juggler, and somehow she manages to keep the whole array of plates spinning in the air, with the aid of frequent jump cuts between various places, times, and points of view So good is she at exploring the edges of or less normal psychology, that it is almost a pity that, before the end, she needs to delve into some sexual behavior that ranges from the mildly perverse to the outright monstrous George has become such a good writer by now that she could hold an audience through her observation of human behavior alone someday, I would like to see her trust to that.

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    I used to absolutely love these books and although I was a little disappointed in the last one I pre ordered this one Sadly I think that, for me, they have had their day Tommy Lynley seems like a bit part player in this rather slow and tedious tale and though I have not been gripped as I have in the past and at times tried to think of other things to do rather than read which is very unusual for me In fairness the plot is clever with a couple of misdirections and one or two of the characters are interesting but the main one is rather tedious and seems to spend much of her time simply screeching obscenities Some of the englishisms become repetitive, there is for example another term for ladies undergarments other than knickers which is in itself a little old fashioned For me Ms George has tried a little too hard to come into the post 50 shades world but with her really rather precise and slightly old fashioned style it doesn t work that well for this reader It is a shame and I really did want to like this but it would be dishonest to pretend that I am still a Tommy Lynley fan Thank you for all the pleasure Ms George but I think it is time for me to move on now.

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    Terrible, boring, and gross I can t even believe I finished it Why does everyone seem to like this book

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    Swedish review Oanade konsekvenser r den f rsta Thomas Lynley och Barbara Havers boken jag har l st p flera r, men det k nns inte alls som om jag har missat n got trots att jag tminstone inte har l st de senaste 10 b ckerna om inte fler Jag m ste erk nna att jag var lite tveksam till boken innan jag b rjade Men s r den ver 600 sidor l ng och av erfarenhet vet jag att f r att lyckats f l sarna att inte tr ttna m ste ber ttelsen hela v gen ha ett flyt och tursamt nog hade boken det Dock, m ste jag erk nna trots att den inte p n got s tt var tr kig s saknade jag n got med ber ttelsen, trots den intressanta storyn s k nde jag att jag aldrig riktigt f ngslades av ber ttelsen.Barbara Havers har tydligen beg tt grova klavertramp i ett tidigare fall och polischefen, Isabelle Ardery, hotar med att f rflytta Havers om hon p n got s tt g r n got verilat och det p verkar ber ttelsen d hon m ste bete sig exemplariskt Men, hon har Lynely p sin sida som en r ddande riddare som f rs ker f deras chef att f rst att Havers m ste f vara Havers, f r det r d hon r som b st som polis Men Ardery r inte den l ttaste att vertala, trots att hon och Lynely en g ng i tiden tydligen var v ldigt, v ldigt n ra varandra.Fallet med den m rdade f rfattaren Clare Abbott r intressant ven om det k ndes som om det tog en l ng tid innan allting kom ig ng, under de f rsta 250 sidorna h nde det inte s mycket f rutom att Abbotts personliga assistents son tog livet av sig Men sedan efter mordet p Clare Abbott s kom ber ttelsen ig ng och trots avsaknaden av sp nning s r boken nd mycket v lskriven och intressant att l sa.Efter att ha l st Oanade konsekvenser r jag r v ldigt sugen p att l sa om de b ckerna som jag har l st och sedan ta itu med de som jag har missat F r se bara n r jag f r tid till detTack till Norstedts f r recensionsexemplaret English review This is the first Thomas Lynley and Barbara Haver book I have read in years However, it did not feel like I have missed that much despite that I haven t read over 10 books probably I was a bit doubtful towards the book before I started to read it It s over 600 pages long and I know as a reader that the author really needs to be able to write a story that keeps the reader interested all the way and a 600 page book is tricky Fortunately, the book manages to keep my interest all the way through However, I must admit that I felt that something was lacking with the story It was interesting to read, but I never felt totally engrossed with the story But, I enjoyed reading about Lynley and Havers again.Barbara Haver has apparently done something wrong in a previous case and Isabelle Ardery, the police chief is threatening to have her transferred if she does anything wrong again And, that means that Havers have to behave and that s hard for her but quite fun to read about Fortunately, she has Lynley on her side like a knight in shining armor and he is trying through the book to make Ardery understand that Havers need to be Havers to work, but Ardery isn t easy to convince, despite that Lynley and she once upon a time actually were pretty close.The case with the murdered author Clare Abbott was interesting, but it felt like forever for the story to get started Not much happened during the first 250 pages of the book except that Abbott s personal assistant s son killed himself But the story got interesting after the murder of Clare Abbott And, despite the fact that the book lacked any real thrilling moments was the book well written and I enjoyed reading it.I feel that now after reading A Banquet of Consequences do I want to read again the first book in the series and then read the ones that I have missed I just need to find some time for thatThanks Norstedts for the review copy

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    almost 600 pages of the world s worst mother world s worst mother in law, Lynley Brooding Over Helen And Realizing He Is Running Out of Time to Produce an Heir, and The Great Barbara Havers Makeover I only finished it to find out if Barbara managed to avoid being turned into a fashion plate and acquire manners I wanted to wash my eyeballs with bleach after reading the icky parts.

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