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The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) chapter 1 The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) , meaning The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) , genre The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) , book cover The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) , flies The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) , The Bigger They Are (Mission X, #2) 03f76174579ce This Story Contains Sexually Explicit Content In The Form Of Really, Really Hot Man Sex And Is Intended For Adult Readers It May Contain Content That Is Disagreeable Or Distressing To Some Readers It Was Originally Published As A Free Read As Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love S Landscapes Event On GoodreadsWe Met Them In Mission X The Adorable, Bouncing Bottom Boy And His Big, Bad Daddy A Romance That Produces Such A Delicious Couple Is Bound To Be A Scorcher This Is Their StoryFor Years, Charlie Kept A Protective, But Professional, Watch Over Wren The Sweet, Surprisingly Unspoiled, Rich Kid Just Seemed To Stumble Unwittingly Into Trouble But One Day, Called To Retrieve A Very Drunk Wren From A College Party, Charlie Got Far Than He Bargained For When Wren A Suddenly Very Grown Up Wren Revealed His Surprising Crush And His Far Too Tempting BodyWren Lost His Best Friend, The Only Person He Truly Trusted, In One Stupid, Drunken Moment Of Weakness He Was Determined, Though He Knew He Hadn T Imagined Charlie S Physical Response When He D Been Pressed Against Him It Was Just A Matter Of Figuring Out How To Convince The Older, Bigger, Stronger Man Who Tripped Every Single One Of Wren S Triggers That He Could Be Everything Charlie NeededBut A Year Later, Wren Is Losing Faith, And He S Beginning To Spin Out Of Control Charlie Is Rapidly Losing Sight Of The Logical List Of Reasons He Should Stay Away Wren Is Exhibiting The Needy Kind Of Behavior That Demands Consequences The Dominant In Charlie Is Becoming Louder And Demanding By The Day A Collision Is Inevitable A Hot, Fiery Explosion That Will Shatter Everything On Impact But With A Little Help And A Lot Of Luck, Maybe Just Maybe They Ll Walk Away Whole Than They Ve Ever BeenNote This Is A Stand Alone Prequel To Mission X And, As Such, Mission X Does Not Need To Be Read First

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    4.25 true smexy glory stars I was forced to remove two of the images from the original review because the review was flagged by the GR bigoted censorship machine See below Some may complain that this story has too much sex Some But not me.How could Kim Alan do the prompt image justice without a smut fest throwing a party Wren is 21, a former teen actor, rich, and acting out because he can t have the one man he wants Charlie, his one time driver and bodyguard, who still works as head of security for Wren s family Charlie is older than Wren how much is not specified, but I imagined him around Wren s brother s age, so maybe 30 Charlie is a Dom, and Wren wants to be his sub so badly He wants his Daddy to hold him and make it all better Charlie has always wanted Wren, but isn t willing to cross the line from professional to personal When Wren goes a step too far, Charlie decides he must be punished gulp Prepare to be aroused VERY aroused This lovely kink fest includes Daddy baby kink, licking, sucking, bondage, group play, spanking, belt whipping, a cock cage, and view spoiler virgin ass hide spoiler

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    I WANT A DADDY Well, that s basically it WARNING May contain information that maybe is TOO MUCH TMI This was so hot that I was view spoiler fapping and edging myself through it hide spoiler

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    Wanted to read this for AGES Give or take a couple of ages and add months but same difference Normal is overrated Tags BDSM, spanking, discipline, Daddy kink, age difference, size difference, first time, multiple partners, multiple orgasms, rimming, cum playSee those tags up there This story has earned every single one of them HARD I m rating this all of the damn stars twirls around DADDY KINK wiggles I wanted this story since reading Mission X last year and boy did this one up the game KimAlan yes, I call her by one name , got smuttier and I appreciate sooooooooooooooooooooooo much stares at story tags again and smirks Charlie and Wren, bodyguard and spoiled rich kidalso a Daddy and his boy And that anaconda of a trouser snake C mon you ve seen that prompt pic It lingers on the brain j k there s nothing gentlemanly in this story twitches Wren, naughty twink that he is, keeps pushing the limits until his Daddy has to come claim and reign him in Kinky, delicious, boner worthy and smutty deliciousness Wren is just enough of a brat to make the story interesting and Charlie is possessive enough to make it workAnd as usual, there are awesome secondary characters I d love to know about Ace Joe with a third searchDevin I m not making hints or anything but I d love some writez on those guys And the sex in this story Look at the tags Seriously shudders Thank you to the author, the prompter 2 thumbs up and the team for this wonderful delight of smutty romance P.S KimAlan, I am not above begging for stories, please You need a prompt I can give good prompt Please .

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    Smexy Daddy kink featuring a bodyguard and his boy.This is HAWT Like YUM MY Loved the punishment and arbitration by Paul for Charlie That was wicked sweet with awesome bondage and voyeurism This pegs the fantasy meter so gotta let a few things slide view spoiler Wren if you can t remember what you did you aren t practicing safe sex And the virginity issue actually annoyed me since it reinforces all kinds of patriarchal things that set me off so you may not give a flying pig or love it Me, I get pissy hide spoiler

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    Written October 15, 2014 3.7 Stars Aahhh, sweet and smexy erotica Irresistibly tender romanticoddly enough.Daddy kinkMost days NOT my cup of tea I usually try to avoid romances with to much D s, BDSM, kink or rough sex club playing Then I just saw this one there in my iBook without a clue why or when I downloaded it and started to read A naughty good short unplanned break from another read This was fun, heartwarming and yummy hot A kinky gem for me Charlie has for years been this protective bodyguard driver babysitter watch over Wren, a young sweet, surprisingly unspoiled, rich kid A boy who now is an audult but still just seemes to stumble unwittingly into trouble Night, sex and drinking trouble A young man who wants a hard hand a savior.Charlie is in for the D s lifestyle but promised a long time ago, his friend Devin, also his boss and Wren s dear big brother, to not touch or even think about Wren in that way Then when this charming and beautiful boy s life is beginning to spin out of control doesn t big, tough Daddy s logical list of reasons to stay away works any longer Wren is exhibiting the needy kind of behavior that demands consequences The Dominant in Charlie is becoming louder and demanding by the day A collision is inevitable He loved being dwarfed by the massive bulk of a much larger man He loved being held down by someone who could crush him He loved it With the strangers, it was the added threat that contributed to the thrill But with Charlie, it was being protected and possessed and for some reason, knowing the amount of control and restraint that it took for a beast sized man to be gentle Wren sighed He was lost The Bigger They Are is an erotic 100 pages freebie novella from M M Romance Group s view spoiler Love s Landscapes 2014 click and download Inspired by a kinky photo and a story letter This is the man I love above all others I want him to be happy if not with me than with someone anyone else He doesn t believe he s worthy of love so he engages in reckless behaviors I want most of all for him to find peace so that he ll find that love hide spoiler

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    This was so damn hot

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    So, Jory and Sam Um, I mean, big bad bodyguard Dom Charlie and l il twinky submissive Richie Rich Wren Wren Really are the focus of this BDSM story, and it is chock full of the usual alpha male vs twink tropes Huge rippling muscles Check.Lots o blushing, wriggling and whimpering Check.Growling and snarling Check.Bratty behavior Check Possessive behavior Check.Giggling grown man Check A HUGE, view spoiler thick cock hide spoiler

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    Welp, it s official Portlandia has reached profound truth status.All this grizzly bear, Charlie, needed was his little bird, Wren All together now D awwwwwwww He relaxed completely, submitting to Charlie s unconscious bondage He sighed deeply, ecstatic and safe and content to hibernate in his bear trap I ve said it before, but I ll say it again Bears and twinks go together like PBJ.Wren is on the bratty side and yet another card carrying member of the anal V card club I m noticing a trend here. Little bird has a pretty fierce Daddy kink working for Charlie, too There s a lot to like about these two, but what I liked best was the way Charlie cared for Wren insisting they go slowly, withholding his own needs to ensure Wren didn t hurt himself in a frenzy and the showering growls Oh yeah The growling too Quite an enjoyable read and a great addition to the LL event I think I like this author, but will you please give me a Jay story and maybe Devin too Pretty please with sugar on top

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    4.5 starsGrowly possessive Dom cutie patootie view spoiler virgin hide spoiler

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    Free from the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes Event of 2014.Highly emotional D s story involving a young man and his driver, who becomes his Daddy as they finally figure it out and begin their life together, collar, lock and key included The writing is explicit, but also shows the emotional connection between the two main characters extremely well, and includes a scene that really showcases how strongly these two are connected.Very nicely done