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    Before I go all ranty and piss everyone off, I will say the first part of this book is really good.Plum is overweight That pretty much defines this girls life She keeps telling herself that her real life will begin as soon as she has weight loss surgery and becomes thin Of course, that s bullshit But it s what society has taught Plum to feel about herself.She works from her computer for a teen fashion magazine, giving advice to young girls who write the editor of the magazine Dear Kitty, Dear Kitty handles some of a girls life issues that are pretty hard subjects Plum handles them in a way that made me love her character.at first.You get the past life that made Plum who she is from growing up in a house that a famous actress had lived at Plum felt she was always on display to the tourist sneaking pictures and her try at the weight loss clinic The weight loss guru who started the program lost weight after having a child and it s one of those that supplies you gross food so that you never have to step foot in a grocery store Weight loss guru s daughter steps in and shuts down the franchise and poor Plum is crushed Fast forward to where she is now, working the Dear Kitty advice column and hiding from real life.Then I don t know what the fuck happened to the second part of this book At feminist militia group named Jennifer pulls Plum into it s clutches Okay, so here s where I piss people off These feminists really went over the top for me I get that women should not be fat shamed, women should not be abused because they were asking for it , the porn industry..well I hate that shit so I m not going there.This book only shows the hate part Woman power is fine I get that I m a woman But honestly people it can be carried too far There is men being executed in the book and everyone feels fine with it Men get fat shamed too What about that bag of tricks Not mentioned here though The book turned Plum s character into a hateful bitch I mean at first she was so like able and then she went there I don t get it Why not turn her into someone smart that showed that all people have rights I hated it HATED it I would have one starred this shit storm if not for that awesome beginning Oh, for the trolls that will probably come because of course the masses love this book Guess what I m an asshole It s my opinion Go write your own review.

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    It is jarring to me how many reviews of this book state that people liked the storyline about Plum when she was starving herself, hiding and ashamed of her weight, waiting for the day that she would one day be thin, but that once the book delved into some deep feminist terrorism territory, with the main character finally being able to lash out against the society that made her ashamed of who she was in the first place, Plum is then considered unlikable I think the point of this book may flown waaaaaayyyy over their heads I, for one, relished in this no holds barred takedown of the beauty industry and rape culture.

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    This is not the book you think it is This is not a book about a fat girl This is not a book about dieting This is a book about societal change This is a manifesto that should be read by every feminist, no matter their gender This is a book that must be discussed DIETLAND is disturbing It s supposed to be and it s brilliant.

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    Earlier this year a company called Protein World launched this advert in the London Undergroundand over 50,000 women signed a petition calling for it to be banned for body shaming and it was banned The posters were defaced with many rude words Other protestors offered alternative versions of beautyWell, seeing as to how this is the Planet Earth and not the Planet Disney, you won t be surprised to learn that sales of Protein World s Weight Loss Collection products took off like a rocket after all the bad publicity But that s by the bye So, you don t have to look far to find examples of the female body as a political and psychological battleground This book is all about that It s Fat is a Feminist Issue crossed with Fight Club Our author says this is pretty much a riff on Fight Club in her acknowledgements It s the story of Plum, a 300 pound woman who has spent her life wishing she was normal sized She s gone through all the diets, nothing has worked, and finally she decides to go for the stomach stapling surgery But before that happens she gets involved with a bunch of feminists, and then while we re following the detailed account of Plum s consciousness raising, a brand new terrorist group hits the headlines it s called Jennifer and this part of the novel is a fantasy of feminist revenge, whereby porn barons and rapists are abducted, murdered and dumped in the desert Oh, and their female aiders and abetters are killed too It s all than a little cartoony, but that was fine by me I love a bit of revenge.Along the way, we have accounts of Plum shoplifting from stores called V S yes, like that She says many rude things about V S Well, I guess Sarai Walker was advised that if she actually said Victoria s Secret she may get a writ I didn t have a problem with this being an explicitly political and not very realistic wish fulfilment fantasy The problem with this novel was that it just didn t go far enough To explain why will involve spoilers view spoiler The lovely kind feminists enable Plum to accept her own body and to reject the stomach stapling This is all conducted as if Plum has never heard of any feminist writers ever, by the way No mention of Susie Orbach or Naomi Wolf gosh darn it, this book is specifically about The Beauty Myth so it s like writing about a worker s strike in the 1930s and never mentioning communism So the fat woman accepts that fat she is and fat she ll be and she s finally okay with that But there s a but Why did she want to become thin in the first place To avoid the endless rounds of daily humiliations, and to well, you know, if it s not too much to ask, meet someone and experience love Yeah, love Why not Plum finally sees that the problem is not her s but the hateful world s, i.e the hateful men who mock her and hate her just for being fat She realises that the hateful men hate many women probably most for one reason or another The only ones they don t hate are 18 year old sex zombies So just because Plum is now okay with her body doesn t of course mean that the rest of the world will behave any differently the taunts and rudeness will still be there The lack of relationships will still be there So really, the idea of happy heterosexual love has to be ditched along with the stomach stapling Sarai Walker in this novel appears to be suggesting that expecting happy hetero love from modern American men seems to be a like a mental version of foot binding But she needs to come out and say it We seem to be left with the resolutely 300 pound Plum striding about Manhattan in a perpetual fury at the way all the normal sized women behave Is Dietland saying that normal heterosexual relationships are just a psychological snakepit best to be avoided by any sane woman If so, is the alternative living in some cosy commune with your sisters, which is the alternative presented here If that is what Dietland is telling us, it s inadequate hide spoiler

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    An overweight, ridiculed and insecure woman types away on her laptop at a cafe, writing advice to readers of a girl s magazine, before she notices that a punky type in bright tights and combat boots is watching and following her Will this obese woman, whose short life has been defined by calories and diets, be pulled into some kind of underground, feminist commune, and what will she do and learn The first few chapters pulled me in, especially after I read that this was considered a feminist novel by an author versed in that tradition It planted me into a place I hardly ever explored the mind of an obese woman It exposed a few anti feminist notions of mine that I didn t know I had I was often dubious about efforts to get obese women to love their bodies, because wasn t that encouraging unhealthy lifestyles It was ok for me to accept my own, however, even though it was kept skinny partly through coffee and cigarettes I also thought if women claimed that diet and exercise weren t working, they were probably just making excuses A few weeks ago, I was surprised to discover a woman on youtube who could twist herself into difficult yoga positions because she d been practicing with discipline for years However, she was still overweight So it s true that you never stop learning, and this book pushed me towards realising that not all obese women are unhealthy And even if they are, they ve still got the right to love their bodies and they should I love when a book comes along to make me reevaluate my worldview This one did that, and it was also light enough to still be enjoyable and entertaining Then about halfway through, it lost a bit of the suspense and tension that had pulled me in I felt the author revealed a bit too much too soon Several new characters were introduced too quickly and weren t explored enough to give them depth Some of the scenarios seemed a bit too unbelievable and concocted, and the book didn t quite live up to the promise that I saw in its opening Still, not bad for a debut novel and a good read that s both entertaining and thought provoking More reviews on my blog.

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    Yeah that s right five mother effing stars This book spoke to me for the obvious reason but I loved it beyond that The two story lines worked so nicely together, and all of it made me think about what was happening between the lines of the book even when I wasn t reading Time to buy some colorful tights

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    This book captured the glorious feminist spirit I wanted The Power to have but did not In Dietland we follow 300 pound Plum Kettle, a fat woman who does her best to go unnoticed All her life, people have judged, excluded, and harassed her because of her weight So while she works her day job answering fan mail for a teen girls magazine, she waits for the day of her weight loss surgery, so she can finally begin her new and improved life as a thin person Plum s plans get sidetracked, though, when she falls into an underground community of women who value empowerment and supporting one another These women encourage Plum to confront her past and her beliefs about her weight At the same time, a lethal guerrilla group called Jennifer has started to terrorize men who have mistreated women This group s actions soon collide with Plum s life in shocking ways.I loved Plum s character growth throughout Dietland As someone who had an eating disorder several years ago, I understand the difficult and oftentimes agonizing process of learning to love your body Thus, I really appreciated Sarai Walker s portrayal of Plum and how she starts out so entrenched in diet culture and self loathing Walker shows how all throughout her life, Plum received scorn because of how she looked, how she dared to take up space in a society teaches women to shrink themselves so how could she cherish her body in such a fatphobic society Yet, she learns to treat herself with kindness and to fight for what she believes in with the help of the Calliope House, a group of women who live life on their own terms and support one another while fighting the patriarchy I cheered for the Calliope House throughout the book, as it symbolized the empowerment and healing that can come from a feminist collective This group of women contained so much compassion and hope and filled a void in Plum s life.Given the strength and generosity of the women in the Calliope House, including Plum, I feel obligated to address the issue of unlikability As Plum learns to love her body, she also learns to recognize all the awful ways that men and society objectify and hurt women Plum gets angry And as Audre Lorde writes in The Uses of Anger Women Responding to Racism , anger is a valid and necessary reaction to oppression I feel grateful that Walker writes anger as a healthful, motivating force that emboldens Plum and the women in the Calliope House to assert themselves and create a better world for girls and women To be blunt if you find Plum off putting or unlikable or if you preferred her meek, self hating side from the novel s beginning, you may want to examine what society has taught you about acceptable women s behavior, as well as tone policing in general I also adored the inclusion of the Jennifer guerrilla group On a stylistic level, these chapters added suspense and tension that intertwined well with Plum s plot which focused on her self discovery More so, they raised thought provoking and important questions about sexism, rape culture, and using violence within activism Walker clearly has a background in women s studies and I liked how so many of her characters do too as she incorporates intelligent, fiery scenes that address violence against women, the ways corporations profit from women s bodies, and Another blunt point if your immediate reaction is to judge the book for how it displays women hurting men who have hurt them, I would encourage you to think about how society normalizes violence against women so that we rarely question it, yet many of us feel shocked when women act up to defend themselves or prevent harm Overall, a fantastic novel that integrates the punchiness of Fight Club with the feminism of Margaret Atwood s novels The themes in Dietland reminded me of Hunger by Roxane Gay and Appetites by Caroline Knapp, two nonfiction books close to my heart As you can discern from its low star rating, this is a controversial story people have very mixed reactions to It is often uncomfortable, uncouth, and relentless in its take down of fatphobia and rape culture which is precisely why I give it five stars.

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    Dietland by Sarai Walker was one of my favorite novels I read last year This book is tasty, wicked, bizarre, disturbing, and highly entertaining The protagonist of Dietland is a 300 pound woman named Alicia Plum Kettle Plum has lived a life of extreme self hatred and loneliness She doesn t have many friends, she s never been in a serious, romantic relationship, and her job is anything but glamorous She also has clinical depression Plum has always struggled with her weight since she was a kid She believes she will achieve true happiness if she undergoes gastric bypass surgery While waiting for her upcoming surgery, Plum keeps running into a very strange and colorfully dressed woman Is this woman deliberately following Plum, or is it just her imagination What makes this novel so crazy and unique is the unexpected plot twist There s an all female terrorist group called Jennifer of all things wrecking havoc and sweet revenge upon sexually abusive men This book is extremely difficult to review because it s basically a story within a story Plum s journey of self acceptance is completely separate from the Jennifer storyline Towards the middle of the book, everything starts to blend weave together and that s when the plot really comes alive This book deals with some heavy topics such as eating disorders, fat shaming, sexual violence, pornography, guerilla warfare, and misconceptions about body image sexual attractiveness in the media Keep in mind, this book is a satire It s definitely not meant to be taken seriously But you ll definitely need to have an open mind while reading Dietland It s a brutally honest account of how beauty in America and around the world is a powerful tool and also emotionally crippling to the female psyche Don t let the glossy cover of this book fool you it s a killer Plum Kettle for President

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    I completely disagree with all the reviews in which readers hated the second half of the book OMG, the Jennifer activities terrorist group IS the point Also disagree that the characters are unlikable I was rooting for the women in Calliope House all the way How can you not love Sana If the book had simply addressed Plum and the fat issues, it would have been a much comfortable book The subversion lies in the domestic terrorism being aimed at men, instead of at women which is routine That s what makes it uncomfortable and, I would guess, why some readers hated it This is definitely not a book for everybody But I loved it.

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    Once in a decade, a novel comes along with the potential to alter our perception of reality, to change how we see ourselves and to reveal new possibilities in how we can live lives of joy and freedom For many readers, Sarai Walker s debut novel Dietland may be just that.I am someone who rates reading right up there with breathing, eating, and loving, and who begins and ends her day with a book in her hand But for me, the experience of reading Dietland has been something altogether new and different Dietland begins with Alicia Plum, a fat woman whose life revolves around her efforts to become her true, thin Alicia, self Plum s plans are abruptly derailed when a mysterious girl named Leeta writes the word DIETLAND on Plum s palm What happens next to Plum is life changing, and nothing that she or the reader could expect I read Dietland with very little knowledge of the plot other than what I ve shared above, and I would recommend that anyone interested read it at least at first in that same, fresh, way.What I will say for now is that I ve struggled my whole life with the realization that I don t fit, and don t want to try to fit, in a culture which tells me to be smaller Dietland is the first book to convincingly show me a way in which a life of freedom might be possible I know I will read Dietland many times in the future, and hope I have the opportunity to talk about it with other readers Dietland is a book that is for all women, but it is also a book that is intensely personal It is very funny, very smart, and utterly absorbing It contains scenes of graphic violence, but left me feeling comforted and energized Read Dietland as a love letter to all women, and to yourself I received an advanced review edition of Dietland from the publisher through NetGalley.

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Dietland download Dietland, read online Dietland, kindle ebook Dietland, Dietland 3c31d6f40bcb The Diet Revolution Is Here And It S Armed Plum Kettle Does Her Best Not To Be Noticed, Because When You Re Fat, To Be Noticed Is To Be Judged Or Mocked Or Worse With Her Job Answering Fan Mail For A Popular Teen Girls Magazine, She Is Biding Her Time Until Her Weight Loss Surgery Only Then Can Her True Life As A Thin Person Finally Begin Then, When A Mysterious Woman Starts Following Her, Plum Finds Herself Falling Down A Rabbit Hole And Into An Underground Community Of Women Who Live Life On Their Own Terms There Plum Agrees To A Series Of Challenges That Force Her To Deal With Her Past, Her Doubts, And The Real Costs Of Becoming Beautiful At The Same Time, A Dangerous Guerrilla Group Called Jennifer Begins To Terrorize A World That Mistreats Women, And As Plum Grapples With Her Personal Struggles, She Becomes Entangled In A Sinister Plot The Consequences Are Explosive Dietland Is A Bold, Original, And Funny Debut Novel That Takes On The Beauty Industry, Gender Inequality, And Our Weight Loss Obsession From The Inside Out, And With Fists Flying