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Eyewitness to Titanic summary Eyewitness to Titanic , series Eyewitness to Titanic , book Eyewitness to Titanic , pdf Eyewitness to Titanic , Eyewitness to Titanic 7b4ec78fce View The Story Of The Doomed Ship Titanic Through The Eyes Of Those Who Knew It Best Builders, Crew Members, Passengers, And Explorers Who Discovered The Wreck Each Have Their Own Perspectives Feel The Pride Of Builders As They Put The Final Touches On The Grand Staircase And The Deep Sadness Of Survivors Who Left Loved Ones Behind It S The Story Of The Titanic Like You Have Never Heard It BeforeFor Ages Includes Primary Sources, Including Quotes From Those Who Survived Titanic S Sinking And Primary Source Images Common Core Link Packed With Infographics, Including Tables, Charts, Bulleted List, And Graphs Explores The Titanic From The Different Perspectives And Insights Of Those Involved With The Ship The Builders, Crew Members, Passengers, And Those Who Searched For The Ship All Had Different Experiences

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    To start this review off I ve read a lot of books about the RMS Titanic and have personally learned much about its history So going into this particular book, I wasn t exactly sure how Eyewitness to Titanic could be much different, but I have to say it is UNIQUE in its own way, and I truly enjoyed it.Here s the deal This books offers tidbits of information on everything there is to know about the ill fated ship, RMS Titanic How does this differ from other non fiction Titanic titles on the market Most other books may center on only one of the topics touched in Eyewitness For example, one book may focus only on the history behind the ship, while another book may tell about the passengers lives, the crew, or Dr Ballard s discovery of the shipwreck I know this, because I ve personally read all those individual types of books But instead of reading 4 different books to get the overall facts about Titanic READ THIS ONE FIRST It s an excellent starting place, and it makes for light reading material Or try it out even if you are already familiar with the Titanic, because it might bring out a few impressive points you hadn t heard of yet as it did for me Eyewitness to Titanic is perfect for both children and adults It covers the most basic information you need to know, and serves it to you in an easy to read manner You won t drown in a sea of words in this book AKA, plenty of pictures and visual content After reading it, if you have an inquisitive mind like my own you ll want to graduate into the bigger, in depth books to find out the details behind your favorite part of the story Perhaps you ll be drawn to the building process, the iceberg, the aftermath of the tragedy, or the hunt for the wreck decades later Regardless, it s all in there, ready for you to explore.What I love All 162 pages feature good information and fascinating facts There are dozens of photos and illustrations to really set the scene and help the reader dive into the Titanic and her history In addition, there are plenty of charts, lists, short quotes, quick facts and other types of content to keep one interested Not only will you learn about the history of the ship, the architecture, and building process, you ll also have a chance to meet passengers aboard the ship and come in contact with the personal side of the disaster too.Keep in mind, April is always an excellent month to read a book on the Titanic to commemorate the anniversary, since the tragedy happened on April 14 15 2015 marks the 103rd anniversary since the fatal disaster.The bottom line This is the perfect starter guide for a person with an interest in learning about The Unsinkable Ship, or as a refresher course for someone who already has been studying the Titanic Since the book is packed with so many morsels of history, it s worth an occasional perusal after the initial reading too.

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    Description View the story of the doomed ship Titanic through the eyes of those who knew it best Builders, crew members, passengers, and explorers who discovered the wreck each have their own perspectives Feel the pride of builders as they put the final touches on the grand staircase and the deep sadness of survivors who left loved ones behind It s the story of the Titanic like you have never heard it before.For ages 10 13 Includes primary sources, including quotes from those who survived Titanic s sinking and primary source images Common Core link Packed with infographics, including tables, charts, bulleted list, and graphs Explores the Titanic from the different perspectives and insights of those involved with the ship the builders, crew members, passengers, and those who searched for the ship all had different experiences less Review The photos and information in Eye Witness to Titanic were a great resource for factual information about the Titanic My 4th grade son spent a few months learning about, and reading various books about the Titanic and it s disasteriois end in his class at school The children were required to read a few different books, and hopefully, in the future this book can be used as a good source of information The information was presented in an easy to follow manner that leant greater understanding to the Titanic I recommend this book for children and adults who wish to become knowledgeable about what made the building and sinking of this ship and it s passengers so memorable I was given this book free of charge to provide an honest review of.

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    The infamous ship, the Titanic, is brought back to life through eyewitness accounts from people who were involved in building it, passengers and crew survivors of its sinking and those involved in the search for and discovery of the wreck As the blurb says, It s the story of the Titanic like you have never heard it before The book is well organised and tells the story of the ship is told from design to discovery in the depths of the ocean, with annotated photographs and illustrations to enhance the text and bring aspects to life It includes diagrams and lots of amazing facts and eye witness accounts concerning its construction, organisation, crew, life on board and the events which preceded the sinking of this now infamous vessel Information about the rescue of survivors, the heartbreak of losing loved ones and the bravery of those who gave their lives so others might live are all included The recent search for the remains of the ship and the team who succeeded in discovering it on September 1st, 1985 are also related, as are there the quandaries concerning whether the wreck should be undisturbed as a grave site or the remaining artefacts continue to be recovered and exhibited around the world.Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley too for letting me read this book in exchange for this, an honest review.

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    I received this as an e arc from Netgalley in return of an honest review Very nice illustartions The illustrator s has have really done a marvellous job with this one Well done.The book was very well researched with a lot of great facts The author has really done a great job getting his facts right BUT the reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because of it s title The title is Eyewitness to Titanic The book does not live up to that title Yes we heard about a few scenes from the survivors of Titanic But the book is mainly about thw ship itself, how it came to life, how it was run and so on I think I was on page 80 or something, before anything about an eyewitness experiences were mentioned Followed was about 40 pages half filled with new infomation about the ship and half filled with eyewitnesses Then the book ended with a long description of how Titanic was found about 60 70 years later So no I do not think it lives up to its title nor description.But otherwise it was a very great book Easy to read and it had a LOT of numbers for number freaks.

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    The Titanic has always fascinated me, I love the history and mystery that were behind it for so long This book contains some excellent photos, illustrations and descriptions of what life was like for those lucky, or unlucky enough to get a ticket to travel on what was billed to be the unsinkable ship, the largest built at that time and ultimately the most famous ship ever built We all know what happened in the end but the book vividly talks through not only the sinking and the lack of lifeboats, but through the crew members, their roles, the menus and what the passengers on board would have eaten It was such a tragic loss but I feel the book does do justice to those no longer with us, showing the delights that they would have seen before meeting their fateful end if they were unlucy enough not to make it about the rescue ship I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    A solid, factual introduction to the sinking of the great ship Chapters include Building Titanic Titanic s Crew Passengers of the Titanic and The Search for Titanic The emphasis is on an clinical presentation of facts, which means that the book doesn t strike a huge emotional chord Still, there s a lot of worthwhile stuff here There are lots of archival photographs of Titanic, which are simultaneously fascinating and spooky Charts and graphs give clear visual representation to some of the gruesome statistics, like the survival rates of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers Quotes from survivors are sprinkled throughout, which help the reader form some kind of emotional connection to the story The book s strongest points are that it s really visually interesting and includes a wide variety of information It s an excellent primer on the topic, and would be a great resource for school assignments, as well as a good choice for recreational reading.

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    NOTE I received this as an ARC for review from Netgalley An excellent beginner s book on Titanic for young readers, gorgeously illustrated, that will be of interest to older readers as well Plenty of diagrams and specs for budding rivet counters, including an incredible amount of detail about how the ship was created at Harland Wolff, crew member duties, passenger stories, and modern day attempts to discover the ship and salvage items I m a lifelong Titanic buff, and some of these illustrations made things clear for me that hadn t been from previous reading.

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    Wow This book is beautifully formatted with photos, drawings and diagrams and interesting facts about the Titanic and how it was built, how it sank, the passengers and the survivors There is also a chapter about how the wreckage was found along with photos I learned many interesting things about the Titanic from this book that I did not know before I think the book is great for school libraries, and I think that adults as well as children will find the book to be interesting and informative I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

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    I m a Titanic buff so when I saw this book I was curious to see what it held The book is replete with illustrations, photographs, maps and charts It resembles a museum exhibit Despite the fact that there are a lot of technical facts, this book is fun and easy to read There were quotes from secular sources as well as survivors It s perfect for young readers who don t like to read This book is great for Titanic fans of all ages.

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    I was pleased to obtain an advanced readers copy of Eyewitness to Titanic through Net Galley and Capstone Young Readers in exchange for a fair and honest review This is a wonderful fact filled book with color pictures, quotes from survivors and little known bits of information The target audience is middle grade readers but I feel this book will appeal to people of all ages who are interested in finding out information about this historical tragic event.

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