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    DNF 48%A promising storyline, execution not that much, IMO of course Tortured hero, who was judged by everyone and their aunt Why WHAT S WRONG WITH BEING A PI AND CATCHING THE CHEATERS WTF is wrong with it The Peeper Like for real, folk Did the story take place mid of last century, when ppl thought cheating is ok and the one, who uncovers a cheating spouse, is a bad guy, coz it ruins ppl s lives I thought the act of cheating ruins lives and families and not the act of investigationI also had a feeling the author is not very fond of Germans I mean, the F hrer It s what they associate with a German man I d say f it Plus the hero was put in many situations, which made him look weak The guy, whom he caught screwing the wife of his client, attacked him, bit off a piece of his ear for real and he didn t even report him And the good buddy of hero advised him to let this case go, coz otherwise the company will be destroyed It wasn t apparently enough to blame the hero for his client s suicide but never his wife and his business partner , they even advised him to let it go, coz I investigated a bit, 6 books in the series and they still didn t reveal what happened to his wife.I m out.Another bummer, coz I was in the mood for a good thriller

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    FREE on today 3 1 2019 Blurb What would you give, how far would you go, to find a lost child and redeem your soul And will it ever be far enough Ten years ago, Linda Clayton s son Daniel disappeared The love and support of her husband Robbie was all that kept her sane until the day he ran away Makes you thankful you re not Linda Clayton.Wise cracking, street smart PI Evan Buckley thought his problems were bad enough When his latest case ends in disaster, he s at the end of his tether until fate throws him headlong into Linda Clayton s desperate world and a long dead investigation that everybody wants to stay that way.But Evan never does what everybody wants, and he vows to uncover the truth and in the process kick into touch the demons that come to torment him every night As the suspense ratchets up, he s caught in a desperate fight for his life with a stone cold killer who will go to any lengths to protect his secrets

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    BAD TO THE BONES is the first in the Evan Buckler series by James Harper but the second I ve read When I reviewed KENTUCKY VICE, which is actually the second book in the series, I noted I wasn t enad with the book but liked it well enough to read another If I had read BAD TO THE BONES first I might have had second thoughts continuing with the series.It s not as if there are major problems There are, however, numerous little things that distract the reader.In places, it seems as if the author is trying too hard to write in the style of Raymond Chandler but the wise cracks aren t really funny For example, the protagonist, Evan Buckley, refers to a cop as Detective Donut and bread rolls that looked like they were made from whole vegetarians There are careless mistakes, such as the description where a note looks as if it was one of the ones you see pinned up in public phone booths Only problem is the book is copyright 2017 and the story takes place in the present I haven t seen a phone booth in many years.Another example is one of continuity Buckley is beaten up very badly by a person he recognizes immediately yet a few pages later he is told, What s the point There are no witnesses you didn t see his face The only sex scene seems to be gratuitous There is no build up and, besides, the main character just had serious damage when his assailant kicked his balls and yet here is performing like a sexual athlete.To his credit, Harper does some nice things in this book, such as the line used when Buckley is drinking Then he ordered two of the only answer he could think of at the moment And this line that illuminates Buckley s character You re a man searching for your salvation Writing novels is a serious business It is very difficult to do well I can therefore accept one or a few mis steps When a story has too many distractions, however, one wonders if it is worth the time required to read it Fortunately, experience and a good editor can help an author avoid such errors.

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    I voluntarily reviewed ARC of this book Evan Buckley is a lonely private investigator who is tired of spying on cheating spouses to earn his money But the rent must be paid, so does another cheating job This time things don t turn out so good He gives the husband the evidence and finds out that the wife is cheating with the husband s business partner Together they get drunk Evan sends the husband home via a cab, then finds out he is found hanging in his garage Did he kill himself or was it murder Then the business partner comes and beats the crap out of Evan The police come to ask him some questions, and it is from the female detective that Evan gets a job that involves a missing child and spouse It is a cold case, but boy is it a doozy Evan could never for see the events that come due to his investigating of this cold case Can Evan give the grieving mother and wife the answers she is looking for This also brings memories of Evan s own wife disappearing 5 years earlier Will this help Evan face her being gone, or send him into a tailspin You will need to read the book to find out I can t wait for the next book Highly recommend this to anyone who loves a really good mystery

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    A little creepy but very good James Harper has just been added to my list of favorite authors I absolutely loved this book and can t wait to read Evan Buckley s wife disappeared one day and has never been seen or heard from again This is the premise for this series I believe He wants to find out what has happened to Sarah, his wife Ten years ago a young boy went missing on his way home from school Two weeks later his father also disappeared The boy s mother has been searching ever since because the police, after a tertiary investigation, stopped looking into it saying the father must have killed the boy then run away to avoid being caught If you like thrillers and mysteries this series is for you One thing I really liked about Evan Buckley is that he is just a regular guy Not an over the top super hero type who never gets hurt and beats up all the bad guys He doesn t carry a gun although I think he should I loved this book so much I m going now to read another one Smile

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    Evan Buckley was a journalist until his wife went missing five years ago Now he s a down and out private eye, getting by on seedy divorce cases When one goes wrong, he gets sucked into a cold case about a child that went missing ten years earlier But it may be a little hotter than he was expecting Bad to the Bones is an exciting entry into the genre It s a bit of a mixture between thriller and hard boiled mystery, with multiple fight scenes along with the sleuthing Fans of gritty or hard boiled mysteries are likely to enjoy this book Be warned that while it resolves the main mystery, it ends with the beginning of another, leading into the next book So if you have a preternatural aversion to cliffhangers or any loose threads, that may be a problem for you Otherwise, if you enjoy the genre, you re likely to find plenty to like in this book.

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    This novel is the first I ve read by this author The story is highly interesting but the primary attraction to me is the clever writing style reminiscent of Robert B Parker The action is violent that I usually read and it ends with a mild cliff hanger, which usually ruins a book for me This one, however, doesn t leave the reader hanging without resolution, it simply introduces a small detail near the end that is unexplained I enjoyed this writer s style and his character enough that I ve already downloaded the next book in the series I also have to acknowledge that the author needs a better editor one that can properly use plurals and possessives of proper names.

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    This is a great introduction to Evan and defines his reason for leaving his reporting job and branching out as a PI The plot as it was laid shows him going from a Divorce PI to one who is really providing a worthwhile service It was interesting to see how he handle the 1st situation and how with the help of his landlord and his new lady detective , he was able to solve a 10 tear old cold case.The book was well written and I look forward to reading of this series.I highly recommend this book and author.

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    This could have been a great read The plot was there, the characters weren t bad, but, when it came to a PI, Evan should really find a day job He has to be the worst PI I have ever read about If he keeps up like this, he should be dead within the next book or two I doubt anyone could take that kind of abuse and continue, inept as he is Additionally, ANYONE who had done to them what McIntyre did, would not simply shrug it off, but would find some way for retribution That s human nature.Anyway, I won t be reading any further books by this author.

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Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller, #1) download Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller, #1) , read online Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller, #1) , kindle ebook Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller, #1) , Cruel Comfort (Evan Buckley Thriller, #1) 25961688e283 Evan Buckley S Life Is Going To Hell In A Handcart His Wife Disappeared Five Years Ago, And, In His Job As A Small Time Private Investigator, He Spends His Days And Nights Poking Around In Life S Grubbier Corners After His Latest Case Goes Disastrously Wrong, He Finds Himself Thrown By Accident Into A Long Dead Investigation One That Everybody Wants To Stay That Way When Linda Clayton S Boy Disappeared Without Trace Ten Years Ago Shortly Followed By Her Husband Everyone Jumped To The Same Easy Conclusion The Husband Did It Unfortunately, No One Ever Showed Evan How To Do Easy, And He Vows To Uncover The Truth And In The Process Hopes To Find Some Relief From His Own Tormented Past As He Digs Deeper, He S Forced To Go Up Against Matt Faulkner, Ex Chief Of Police, To Find Out What He S Hiding And Who He S Protecting As The Suspense Ratchets Up, Evan Is Caught Up In A Desperate Fight For His Life As He Plunges Headlong Towards The Cruel Comfort That Awaits Them All