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Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) pdf Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) , ebook Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) , epub Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) , doc Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) , e-pub Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) , Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves, #3) fa3cd1a8d63 In This Last Installment In The Breaking In Waves Series, Paul Takes The Helm And Tells The Story Of How He And Iris Move In Together Two Decades Of A Bachelor S Lifestyle Are Not Easy To Merge Into A Life Together, And Paul Goes On A Journey Of Embracing Iris In His Seaside World Without Holding Back And Without Fear Saltwater Skin Is A Words Erotic Novella, Covering Adult Themes And Bdsm It Is The Third Installment In The Breaking In Waves Trilogy

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    This series by Laila Blake is one of my favorite ones ever featuring D s In the third book and conclusion to the series, we get Paul s side of things as he sheds his bachelor tendencies and makes room for Iris in his life and in his home This book was a journey One that began with the first book read in order please you will thank me later and one that I could keep reading until the end of time It is bitter It is sweet It is full of the magic that binds two people together in times of hardship and joy Laila writes characters the way they should be written They breathe right off the page and if you sit very still, you ll hear the call of the waves and feel the sand beneath your feet.5 5

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    I received an ARC in exchange for a reviewThis review is in multiple parts 1 I first encountered Laila Blake when I reviewed Driftwood Deeds, the first book in the Breaking in Waves series, in a group we share I knew then that I had found a truly great writer, not the mention a skilled author of erotic fiction So I approached this book with high expectations, which were well met.2 It took for two full days to read this book because I felt compelled to go back and re read Driftwood Deeds and Trading Tides I strongly recommend any reader of this book do the same Why Because it is a trip worth taking, fully immersing yourself in the world of Paul and Iris.3 By way of plot, we are at least 9 months after the events of Trading Tides and a year or since Driftwood Deeds What fascinates me with this entire series overall, but with this story in particular, is that time is a relevant character to the story At numerous points in the story, either Paul or Iris mentions the passage of time, and at others, Iris lack of knowledge about the passage of time factors into the story Ms Blake s use of this conceit is unique within the genre, and I feel it deserves mention With Paul and Iris occupying the same space now, their relationship changes and we are witness to the final test as they take things to a new level.4 Buy this book Buy the entire series Take a weekend, engage yourself in this relationship Taste the salt air and feel the sand under your feet.

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    3.5 stars.

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    Saltwater Skin, the third and final installment of the Breaking in Waves series, by Laila Blake, was sent to me for an honest review Thank you, Laila, for the gift of providing an outstanding novella to read and review Your ability to create complex characters amazes me Excuse my effusiveness, but I am mesmerized and enchanted by your writing talent The finale was stellar The third installment of this series ends the long distance relationship Iris leaves her job and moves to Paul s home in the quaint fishing village The obstacle of long distance is removed, and the assimilation of their separate lives is front and center.Saltwater Skin differs from the first two novellas in that it is written in Paul s point of view, rather than Iris Allowing the reader into Paul s mind is soul satisfying and provides a sense of completion Through the first two novellas, Iris love for Paul is evident in the third installment, the reader glimpses Paul s insecurities, needs and, eventually, his realization of his deep love for Iris I am enthralled by Iris and Paul s relationship and their deep connection Ms Blake created a poignant love story with richly layered characters Becoming immersed into this couple s lives was than gratifying.

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    This last book tied up all the loose ends, which is really important to me, but also added a softness to their relationship and our relationship as reader and story obviously i can t stop gushing about the book and yes i was pretty invested in the characters but for an author to write something so moving that i wept with joy instead of pain is simply remarkable and i am really thankful i was given the chance to read this Laila Blake has not only gone above and beyond in giving you a glimpse into a bdsm relationship but she wrote something that was equally sexy and sweet.Out of the Series this was by far my FAVORITE book I seriously enjoyed that it was mostly from Pauls point of view For some reason when Paul says something i stop and take note of what it is and i pay super close attention so i dont miss it hes not even a living breathing person yet he commands my attention like none other sighs i know i said it already but i am sad to see these two go 5 stars and 3 cheers for Laila Blake and her magnificent work of art Original post

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    In this final installment we experience Paul and Iris s journey from Paul s viewpoint He expresses his doubts and concerns as a Dominant always trying to be true to what he and Iris have built and never pushing her too far when she won t acknowledge her own limits They are living together now and Iris is working on finding her new career Paul has to adapt to a new world after living alone for so long as he makes room for Iris while also embracing a new future that he never expected to happen for him Once again beautifully told allowing you to truly experience this very personal and intimate relationship fully from start to finish I enjoyed just being a part of Iris and Paul s world for this short time and feeling like I would know them if I met them on the street.

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    Iris and Paul are finally back together after being separated for a year She has moved into his place by the sea I so loved that this part of their story was told by Paul He is over the moon in love with Iris and we get to experience that as well as his insecurities about their age difference and his getting used to sharing living space with someone again I so enjoyed their love story through his eyes and all the emotions that she brings out in him Their story is lovely.I give Saltwater Skin 5 hearts

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    I didn t actually read this book because the first 2 were rather dull, but I agreed to add reviews to each book and the full trilogy.

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    review pending

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