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    This book so far is wonderful Not confusing one bit It makes me feel like it s my own life Because of the things going on in this book Amazingg READ fo sho

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    The book BEGGING FOR CHANGE, by Sharon G Flake is about a fourteen year old girl named Raspberry Raspberry is a girl who was living a normal life with her mom and dad, until the day that her parents separated When her mom and dad separated from each other, Raspberry stayed living with her mother, while her father lived in the streets There was a time when Raspberry and her mom were living in the streets and begged for change, but then finally her mom worked two jobs and got them out of trouble They rented a house from a nice man who had always helped out Raspberry s mother There were two days that Raspberry s dad came in and stole money off of her, and then took advantage of her Raspberry was in love with a boy name Sato, and she had 3 best friends Ja nae, Zora an Mai Raspberry had stolen money out of Zora s purse and their friendship became hatred Zora didn t want her dad going out with Raspberry s mom, but at the end they finally forgave each other and Raspberry finally knew how Zora felt when she lost her trust At the end, Raspberry also forgave her father because after all, he was her father and they loved each other.I can connect this book to the world because there a lot of people that don t have both their parents Raspberry can connect to the girls in the world that live with one parent, while the other is suffering I can also connect this book to people that steal but then regret stealing right at the next second I would give this book 5 stars because I really love the author, Sharon G flake Also because these books are based on true stories that can be connected to almost anything.

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    I thought this book was really compelling I haven t seen a lot of books for younger kids that deal with serious topics like this With that said, even with the serious issues, I didn t feel like Flake was heavy handed or trying to hard to teach lessons The neighborhood descriptions and the characterizations felt real This kind of fiction is good to have around for a couple of reasons first, there is an entire group of kids who will find that this book opens their mind to an alternate reality Second, for a lot of kids, they ll see some of their own life here living in poverty, dealing with being biracial, having a single parent, and or dealing with budding interest in the opposite sex.

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    Sharon G Flake was one of the authors that i used to love reading books from Her, Walter Dean Myers and Sharon M Draper were probably my three favorite authors back in Junior High and in the beginning of my high school years What i liked about all these authors was that they all wrote about a common theme, which was teen life and the issues that average teenagers have to go through I have read lots of other Sharon G Flake books such as Money Hungry and The Skin I m In.This one is called Begging For Change I thought that this was very emotional, to me it seemed like this situation that Raspberry main character was going through wasn t really typical but then as i was reading this book, this seemed real and real She is a struggling teen with a father that left her and mother that is facing issues of her own With all the bad things happening in her life she starts to make bad decisions and causes to take bad actions.This is one of those books where you really feel bad for the character in the book I felt many times in the book where i just wanted to go in the book and help her For example as I m reading something in the book, i tend to make up what s going to happen next just so I m satisfied good book and i would it to anyone.

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    The book Begging for Change by Sharon Flake is very interesting book that is different from other books I have read The main character Raspberry have a tough life that teaches her security is all about money With money she can do whatever she wants and nobody can hurt her and that is what she got out of her best friend Zora When her mother Mrs Hill got hit by a terrible neighbor Shiketa, her drug addicted father make his way back into the house Raspberry have live a harsh life with her mother all because of her drug father and now he is back into the house, all he did is keep stealing everything from her own daughter The tough life of Raspberry had make me think of how fortunate I am to have a loving family and a caring parents because all this are really important for teenager Home and family is what supports a person and if a person doesn t have this, they are not full, they did not live a truely happy life comparing to those who have it Although some people might not agree with what I say, but that is what I think is most important to a person because that is what taught them how to love others.

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    Begging for Change is an elegant book of overcoming the most arduous situations and moving away from them Flake has captured through life of 1 teen and made it into everyday life for everyone In Begging for Change, Raspberry Hill is a 14 year old girl who refuses to be homeless any because her mom was brutally abused and is in the hospital So in order for her not to be homeless, she will steal from anyone Including her best friend, Zora See but Karma kicks in and Raspberry s crack fiend father steals all her money to buy crack But in the end everyone keeps hope alive and makes it through and out of their wretched lives into a new destination Some people may think there is no way out in this world, especially if you live in a poor neighborhood But this book reassures you that there is a second chance in this world and you can live through it successfully.

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    Raspberry is a girl living in modern day first world poverty in the projects, where violence is normal and neighbors go further than just complaining I liked this book somewhat the plot has a one in a hundred chance of actually happening to someone or maybe I m just too sheltered _ , but it s good enough for a book that has to show all the issues the author wants to cover in a limited amount of pages The title is very appropriate, showing how much the character desires and is looking for change in her crappy life And, while struggling with poor living conditions and never having enough money, Raspberry also goes through normal issues of growing up wanting a partner of the opposite sex This book is a good summary of a whole bundle of issues.

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    i learn for this book not to steal stuff that s not yours its about a girl her mom gets in the hospital by getting hit by one of her friends she stills from her friend that was money so her dad breaks in her house still her money the daughter helps her dad not get in jail so he gets hit in head by an officer so he stays with her daughter steals her money so the man and her mom and her move away so they don t have to get in bad relationships.

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    This was a very interesting Although I didn t completely understand what was going on all the time, I am still glad that I decided to read this book I think this book is a big deal to our world because its important to our world because there are people out there who are not in a very stable living environment such as us For example, they weren t very safe on there street because Shiketa and marcel they also weren t very safe with Rasberry s father knowing where they lived I very much enjoyed this book and I am glad that I choose to read it.

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