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Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) files Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) , read online Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) , free Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) , free Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) , Broken (Dirty Secrets, #1) 177d7afb2 How Could I Love A Man Who Bought Me For His Own Sexual Purposes Hi My Name Is Aaliyah Steele But You Can Call Me Liyah That S What My Friends Call Me, I M Twenty Four Years Old With Over Due College Fees And An Eviction Notice My Bestfriend Ava Works Part Time At A Bar Which Holds A Monthly Auction Which Allows Billionaire S To Come And Choose A Sex Slave With Money Problems Similar To Mine Long Story Short I Sold Myself To The Devil And I Was Falling In Love With Him But We Re To Broken Souls With Dark Secrets And His Dark Secrets Will Cost Me My Life My Name S Drake Braxton And I Paid Million Dollars For A Woman Named Aaliyah Steele The First Time I Saw Her I Knew She Was Going To Be A Challenge But I M Tired Of Women Trowing Themselves At Me, They Make It Too Easy And I Needed A Challenge So I Bought Her She Was Just Suppose To Be Someone I Brought Home To My Mother So She Ll Stop Worrying About My Love Life And Trying To Set Me Up, And Of Course So I Could Have Sex With Her But She S Different, She Began To Unravel Me And The I Pushed Her Away, The She Begun Digging And Finding Out Things About What Did, How I Made My Money And That Could Get Her Killed I Know I Should Just Give Her The Money And Let Her Go So She Ll Be Safe, But She The Realist Thing I Have In My Life, The Only Thing That I Don T Have To Hide So I Ll Just Have To Figure Something Out

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    I really try not to leave negative ratings but this time I m making an exception The story line was good and that s the only thing that kept me reading There were simple grammatical and punctuation errors in practically every paragraph The use of an for and had me pulling my hair out In three different places the author used incorrect name for the characters Once in the restroom with the girls, then during a visit from Sean and then during a sex scene Drake called Aliyah a totally different name and not on purpose Honestly I feel that the author didn t even care enough to read their own work to do basic editing I don t see myself ever reading another book by this author if they can t even take the time to spell things correctly I really tried to enjoy the story because I think it could be a good book, but not until the author at least let some friends edit before publishing So sad I had to leave negative feedback

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    Out of this genre this is the worst book I ve ever read The editing is from horrible to non existant Then again with this type of book I hung on until 50% through the book before I gave up because there had been NO SEX at all What

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    Funny, cuteI like this book it s was so good and funny but the grammar was horrible omg I can t believe the writer didn t spell check or grammar check but it was a good book and i love drake he is the best alpha male to me and Aaliyah is so funny with her smart mouth she takes no shit from him I recommend this book of you can look pass the bad grammar

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    some editing issues, but I really liked the premise of this book and loved the characters The heroine is smart, funny and a wicked sense of humor Drake, our very rich and good looking rich dude is just as engaging I hope that its not a long wait for the remaining books in series

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway on February 12, 2016 The distributor has been contacted several times but as of August 14 2018 I still have not received the book.

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    3.5 stars I enjoyed it and will be reading the next book.

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    It was a really good book, totally worth reading 121 pages

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    I strongly suggest potential readers download the sample before paying money for this book If you can overlook the lack of editing, full credit to you, I couldn t.

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